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CinemaBlend reports Fox has given a release date for the new Fantastic Four reboot. It will hit early, March 6th, 2015, likely attempting to get a jump on Avengers 2 and the Justice league movie.

I will say this… this new Fantastic Four doesn’t have a very high bar to be held against considering the last outing… and the one before that which never actually made it onto the screen.

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Mark Millar has spoken up about his role in the new Fox/Marvel movies. Apparently he’s got a three to four year plan. He also wants to see a world where you watch a Marvel comic based movie and they all feel like the same universe.

I’m a bit wary of this.

I suppose not knowing if this is three or four years is typical as he’s got a lot of future scheduling to get around and the studios can be crazy.

But it’s the “all in a same universe” that has me worried. The X-Men movies do not share the same tone as the Avengers films. The Fantastic Four is much closer to the style of the Avengers, that would work, but the X-Men is more akin to Batman than Captain America. Perhaps he meant it a general thing and not all that literal?

The Bleeding Cool article also pointed out that Millar didn’t have a lot of input on The Wolverine, so how that fits into the grand scheme is yet to be figured out, though it could be related to the supposed Jean Grey cameo.

It’s going to be a very interesting next few years…

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