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That is exactly the question io9 has asked and seems there is a lot of rumor going around. This could be pretty cool. Viggo is a great actor but he didn’t seem to stand out like he should have after the LOTR series. Perhaps taking on a character that is very much unlike Aragon, yet is just as large as life, he can show himself to be the virsatile actor that he is. Here’s hoping!

EDIT: Nope, he won’t, sux!

Added bonus, Jamie Alexander kicking butt! And other images from Thor 2.

Jamie Alexander from Thor 2

I wonder if she has the urge to say “I’m on a horse!”….

Read Full Post » has new images from Thor 2 posted. I liked Thor though it’s towards the bottom of my list regarding the Phase One movies.  Though I did fall in love with Loki… hehehehe

Set from Thor 2

Is it just me or do these look like yurts?

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