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The Wolverine title card

The Wolverine has finally given us some trailers.

US Domestic:


What have we learned from these trailers?

Logan has been living in Canada (likely) and basically bumming around, feeling a bit lost and empty after the events of X3. Yukio then finds him on behalf of ‘her employer’, Shingen Yashida, who is dying and wants to thank Logan for saving his life long time ago during the war.

Shingen - The Wolverine

Now, in the comics, none of this happened. For one, Shingen was a bad guy who did not approve of Logan and Mariko at all… so this ‘life debt’ just came out of nowhere and is almost the opposite of the comics dynamic of the relationship between them. Now, Shingen does tell Logan he can make him mortal (cause Logan obviously suffers from Highlander-syndrome) and that could actually be Shingen being evil. Instead of it being ‘a mercy’ it could be “I’m gonna steal your healing factor to save myself and I’m okay with whatever happens to you”.

The Wolverine

Shingen does die (or pretends to) and the funeral is attacked by ninjas and Mariko is taken. However, Logan apparently gets dosed with the ‘cure’ anyway (Which, yeah, didn’t we see this in X3?) as he’s not healing properly. It’s a safe bet he didn’t know he was dosed because he acts very “what is happening to me” in the trailer. The question is, did Shingen do it or Viper on her own or on Shingen’s behalf? This would be more like the comics where Shingen has Logan poisoned.

Viper - The Wolverine

Speaking of Viper, she’s apparently a head scientist for Shingen which means no HYDRA. She also seems to be playing around with hallucinogens because she appears to trick Wolverine Mystique-like in the Domestic trailer and then she starts to literally shed her skin. I’m thinking hallucinogen makes he look all snakey like or they made her a mutant who actually sheds her skin. She is getting all the face time, villain wise, in these trailers.

There are some very big fight scenes and the one that I thought was ‘on a plane’ is actually an elevated train and looks pretty cool the way they use the momentum and jump above road signs and stuff. There is also another very Kung Fu looking fight with ninja’s coming out of the woodwork in a snowy village setting. Yukio also gets her share of action in the trailer as well. So far no complaints in the action department, it does look really good.

What we don’t see?

Mariko - The Wolverine

For one, there is very little attention paid to the love story between Logan and Mariko. The International trailer doesn’t give even a hint of it while the Domestic only has a few split seconds and almost no specific reference to it at all. Mariko was one of Logan’s greatest loves, he actually cried when she called off their wedding. I can understand that they don’t want to make the whole trailer look like a romance movie but almost ignoring this important plot point… not sure if that was a wise move. Maybe we’ll see that in a second trailer. Or… maybe they don’t hook up in the movie? I have said she seemed a little young for the role… and Logan is an anti-hero… hhmmmm…

Silver Samurai - The Wolverine

In a flip from above, the Domestic trailer has absolutely no Silver Samurai while the International only has a small glimpse. They really are keeping a tight lid on this character and I have to wonder why. Is there a twist they are trying to hide? (In the comics, Silver Samurai is the half-sister of Mariko.) Doesn’t quite make sense to me, maybe they think it would be too much for a trailer? Make it look too campy or comicbooky as they are really going for a Ronin look in the trailers?

My personal opinion?

The style is about what I was expecting, very on par with previous X-Men and Marvel super-hero movies only a little more on the darker side. It actually doesn’t look as ‘dark’ as I was thinking it could be but I’m not going to complain there. The fact that Shingen’s relationship with Logan is changed and the lack of Mariko and Silver Samurai does have me a tad worried, but above all, I’m still about the same I was before the trailer. I do want to see this film, it has the potential to be so awesome!

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Review: Deadpool #6

Deadpool #6Finally we finish out the Dead Presidents arc and while Washington goes down with a little less effort than I would expect… the pop culture references in this particular issue are quite something. Almost every single page had one and they actually worked with the story rather than being forced in.

There was also reference again to Dr Strange and Wade’s ‘problem’ which I want to hear more of… and who was the girl who saw him in the afterlife? Death herself? Someone he knows? Jean Grey being silly? I like that the author shows that there is more to this than some gross jokes and hopefully we’ll really get down to business with Deadpool as a character in later issues.

As for what happened to Preston… I did predict that the Necromancer would do something… but have to admit, didn’t expect him to store Preston’s conscious in Wade. Wade, of course, got a little sentimental during the fight with Washington about losing Preston which was good to see. There wasn’t quite the perfect balance of ‘caring Deadpool’ and ‘whatevers Deadpool’ that we have come to know but it was played up quite nicely.

Overall this arc has been hit and miss of mostly just really gross Dead President and ye old Pop Culture clash jokes. While it’s been fun, again, I want to see the story get a bit more serious and delve into Deadpool more. Let’s see what the next issue brings…

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It’s going to be a big week for Wolverine, the trailer for the film is set to debut with G.I. Joe 2 this friday, with an advance of the trailer to appear Wednesday.

So here is some of the new stuff we got today and what it all means.

BleedingCool – The Wolverine “Tweaser” Footage Released On Vine By Director James Mangold – It’s a bit pointless to do a screen cap run down of this as the full trailer is just around the corner. From what I can see though, we have Wolvie fighting a samurai who may or may not be the Silver Samurai as there is no costume on the guy, so could be a lackey. We do get a glimpse of the Silver Samurai but they really are being less than generous with showing him. We also see the funeral get ninja’d by some… ninjas. Wolvie is also held by Viper (which we see in the stills below). A lot of shirtless Hugh Jackman.  Some kind of fight on a plane or helicopter. Most of this we already knew… the rest is hard to figure out without more context. So, yeah, don’t know a whole heck of a lot here other than a confirmed cameo which I talk about farther down. Expect a more detailed analysis from me once we get the full trailer.

ComicBookMovie – THE WOLVERINE Director Talks  Death, Pain, Toxin And Anime
Mariko (Tao Okamoto) is Logan’s primary love interest in the film.  Mangold provided a little background about where we find  Mariko at the start of the film, “At the time this movie opens, there’s a  kind of gangland war going on between law enforcement and the Yakuza, and  there’s been a lot of kidnappings and extortion.  So she’s someone who’s under threat.” – I don’t know this story as well as I’d like… but I always thought of Mariko as someone who could take care of herself? If not through force than through cunning. Hopefully we’ll see some of that here rather than this being boiled down to a tropey ‘hero saves the princess’ storyline.

ComicBookMovie – THE WOLVERINE trailer rated by BBFC – The BBC has rated the Wolverine trailer as 15 which overlaps the US’s PG-13 and R. Trailers tend to get cut down so that they can play on more screens because you don’t want to put a rated R trailer on a rated PG-13 film. Now, there is a lot of over lapping as the US and the UK do not always see eye to eye on what is acceptable, but the fact that the trailer for Wolverine is rated 15, even if this is an International cut that we won’t get except via YouTube, means that Wolverine is going to be a very violent film and unlike all the other X-Men films before. Somehow I doubt it will get an R rating here in the US as they’ll want to keep open a wider audience for the film, but now it seems likely they are going to push the limits of the PG-13 rating. The question is, does this bode well or bad for Wolverine? Well, Wolverine is an inherently violent character and samurai films aren’t exactly light on the violence either… so it really comes down to the way it’s done… though I’m sure a lot of fan boys are very happy to hear that Wolvie won’t be pussy-footing around.

ComicBookMovie – Sneak Peek At THE WOLVERINE  Confirms Famke Janssen Cameo – I thought about listing this as a spoiler but then realized that they put it right out in the sneak of the trailer so they aren’t exactly hiding it. This, added with the fact that it’s all glowey in the image which usually denotes some kind of memory/flashback, means to me that it’s just that, a flashback. This was one of the two possibilities that we had for Jean returning. So, unfortunately this means Jean doesn’t show up at the end in a ‘I’m not dead, you need to go and change the future, blah blah blah’ which would have been a great tie into First Class (if Wolvie is the time traveler). Now, this doesn’t mean that both can’t happen, a memory flashback in the first of the film to remind the audience where Wolvie is in his life and then boom, Jean shows up again at the end and it’s a massive WTF moment that will leave people in anticipation of Days of Future Past.

ComicBookMovie – 20th Century Fox Puts New  International Poster For THE WOLVERINE Into Motion

Entertainment Weekly – ‘The Wolverine’: 8 New Photos!

Most of the shots we get of Logan has him either in this black suit (from a funeral) or in the tank (see below). The funeral is likely early on in the movie as this will bring Logan and Mariko together, but they are holding back on showing us some of the later stuff, especially with the Silver Samurai.

You can already see that Wolvie and Yukio do not seem to like each other. And now that I think about it, could the tank be what’s under his shirt? Like maybe Logan doesn’t get a chance to change? That would make this a rather face paced “happens over a short period of time” kind of film.

Viper is originally a HYDRA villain and it’s unknown at this time just how much, if any, HYDRA is involved or even exists in the X-Men universe. We haven’t see any HYDRA symbols or badges so she could just be a bad guy who goes by Viper. And seeing as she has been showed off and the Silver Samurai hasn’t… makes me wonder just how big a role she actually has… not that it’s bigger, but that they don’t mind spoiling scenes with her. Or maybe they just want to entice the male audience…

Yukio isn’t messing around it appears… I do like the way they have her here, a much more modern version of the character… but like Mariko, she seems too young for her role. We’ll just have to see how she plays it.

ComicBookMovie – THE WOLVERINE: Hugh Jackman  Unleashes His Rage In 2 New Posters – Yeah, they should have kept the Japanese style and not gone for a Darth Vader NNNnnooooo!!! moment… and the ninja poster looks like a really bad fan poster photo manip… eek! Fox’s horrible movie posters strikes again!

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CW's ArrowArrow: A Study In Hypocrisy.

Seriously, I kinda lost count as to the how and why Oliver kills people… I mean, four episodes ago Oliver killed all of Vanch’s underlings without batting an eye but like “No, you can’t kill Vanch cause that would be vengeance not justice!” Erm… huh? What about the underlings? I’m so confused…

As for Huntress, I admit not being up on the Green Arrow or Birds of Prey mythos… but I’ve been told she’s not a bad guy. Is this some kind of Xena stuff where she starts out bad and eventually is made good? Maybe she forsakes the horrible goth-wannabe wardrobe and starts kicking it old school? Perhaps that’s for season two…

Okay, so the River Song meeting Dresden moment wasn’t as epic as I had hopped… in fact… did Alex Kingston forget to act? Seriously, what was going on there?! What was she going for, the anti-River Song?

Oh, and Oliver loses another girlfriend… I’m totally rolling my eyes… his love life is really annoying. There are too many other relationship things going on right now with other people that something has to give and I think Olivier’s should be it. Yes, he’s the lead character, but we need to see him characterize through being Arrow… his relationships with his family and friends… not though his girlfriends. Ugh.

Speaking of relationships… Thea was getting it on with Red Arrow… so ‘Speedy’ was making out with ‘Speedy’… I understand them wanting to skip the Robin-esque background of the original Speedy but calling his sister Speedy instead and then having her hook with him… creepy… and what was up with that knife fight? He just decides to randomly do a really bad interpretation of Spider-Man? What can I say, it was awkward.

Now, when this show started, the flashbacks at least tried to tie into what was going on in present time. However, now the flashbacks is just like a mini-series running alongside Arrow as its own thing. That kinda makes it better now… as much as it’s annoying that they are wasting time they could be using to flesh out the characters, the flashbacks actually now have a purpose and a drive independent of the present story. This shows promise.

But I’m still confused…

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CinemaBlend – Will X-Men: Days Of Future Past Bring Back The Hellfire Club? – It makes sense that they wouldn’t be back in DOFP because a) they don’t have anything to do with the original plot line and b) the first movie wasn’t really about the Club, they weren’t really the villian either, Shaw was, the Club was just what he happened to be doing at the time, though ultimately, it was about Magneto becoming the villian… so yeah… not surprised and not worried.

ComicBookMovie – James McAvoy Lauds X-MEN: DAYS  OF FUTURE PAST Script; “Different, New and Unexpected” – “Then also, getting to team up with Sir Patrick. I don’t know if I get to work  with Sir Ian, but it should be a real exciting time I think.” – that seems to indicate that the two Xaviers will meet unlike McAvoy previously said before he actually read the script…

ComicBookMovie – Bryan Singer Talks X-MEN 3 And  X-MEN: DOFP; “Ellen Page Was Something I Liked…” – “There are parts of X-Men 3… it isn’t what I would have done, but parts of it, I  liked. Ellen Page was something I liked in X-Men 3 and I’m bringing her to Days  of Future Past. Certain things are different. There was a lot going on in it and  I wasn’t so happy with so many people dying, but then there were some really  sweet moments with that kid, the cure kid.” – I put my faith in you Bryan, don’t let me down!

ComicBookMovie – Oscar Winning Visual Effects  Team Joins X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

ComicBookMovie – Mark Millar Teases Big  Announcement From Fox; Confirms He Has Now Spoken To Bryan Singer – I really don’t care what he has to ‘announce’.

ComicBookMovie – Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee And  James Mangold Discuss THE WOLVERINE –  “But I do want the movie to have an intensity. I don’t want it to feel just  like a CG fest. I think so much of what’s badass about Wolverine is his  physicality: the sweat, blood, passion and anger.”

CinemaBlend – Wolverine Hi-Res Stills Have Blood Dripping From The Mutant’s Claws

ComicBookMovie – Details For Online Premiere Of  THE WOLVERINE Teaser Trailer; Sneak Peak Coming Next Tuesday

CinemaBlend – Wolverine Set Photos Introduce Logan And His Key Ladies – still not sure what to make of Mariko, she just seems a little young for Logan, even if going by Hugh Jackman’s age (and not Wolvies) but we’ll see just how the relationship goes and how the actress plays it and if the chemistry is there

ComicBookMovie – Ben Kingsley Remarks On  Approaching ‘The Mandarin’ For IRON MAN 3 And What To Expect

CinemaBlend – New Footage Revealed In Iron Man 3 TV Spot

ComicBookMovie – VIDEO: Marvel’s THE AVENGERS – POWER RANGERS Style

CinemaBlend – Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Reveals The Ravencroft Institute For The Criminally Insane

CinemaBlend – Shailene Woodley Is Already Done Shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 2

CinemaBlend – Hasidic Jew Community Enraged Over Amazing Spider-Man 2 Shooting Schedule – so nothing against Spidey himself, just the dates they decided to film…

CinemaBlend – Guardians Of The Galaxy Casts WWE’s Dave Bautista For Drax The Destroyer

CinemaBlend – The Avengers 2: What We Know So Far

CinemaBlend – Terrence Howard Left Iron Man 2 Because They Would Only Pay Him $1 Million

CinemaBlend – Joss Whedon Discusses Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Campaign As It Relates To A Firefly Follow-Up – I knew that was going to have a ripple effect… Firefly isn’t the only fandom that has jumped on this.

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Bryan Singer tweeted today a look at his casting board for Days of Future Past. So, what does it tell us?

DOFP Casting Board

From left to right, top to bottom, we have the following:

  • Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique
  • James McAvoy – young Xavier
  • Michael Fassbender – young Magneto
  • James Stewart – old Xavier
  • Ian McKellen – old Xavier
  • Nicholas Hoult – young Beast
  • Peter Dinkledge – unknown villian
  • empty space
  • Halle Berry – Storm
  • Ellen Page – Shadowcat
  • Shawn Ashmore – Iceman
  • Omar Sy – unknown
  • Anna Paquin – Rogue
  • space
  • Daniel Cudemore – Colossus
  • space
  • Fan Bingbing – reported to be playing Blink
  • space
  • Booboo Stewart – unknown

So, now that we know who is up there, what does their position on the board mean? It’s unlikely that Singer just picked them out at random (though he could have just moved them around to mess with us). His tweet does mention all the awards this group has won but with Halle Berry, the first African American to win the Best Actress Oscar, dangling off to the side, I doubt that has anything to do with how they are placed.

Notice Hugh Jackman is first and before the original cast members. This again feeds into my opinion that Wolverine will be the time traveler, tying to the two timelines together. That would be a pole position role and worthy of being first. Though I am listening if anyone has a better idea.

Next is Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. She’s the first of the ‘main three’ and, at a guess, I would think Singer put her there because he couldn’t resist putting the Xavier’s and Magneto’s together (it’s something I would do). It could also be because she just won Best Actress at the Oscars and he did comment about ‘award winners’ (thought I doubt that as it doesn’t seem to have effected the rest of the layout).

McAvoy and Fassbender are next as part of the ‘big three’ with their older counterparts. Stewart and McKellen are going to have a big role in this film, even if it’s just a small scene, because it’s going to be the crux of the film. It stands to reason that they, of all of the previous cast,  would be put up there with their counterparts (that or, again, Singer couldn’t resist putting them together).

Nicholas Hoult comes next which makes sense as he’s Beast and part of the original First Class cast coming back and should have a fairly big role.

Peter Dinklage is the first ‘new’ cast member and he takes a prime position because he’s reported to be the major villain of DOFP. It makes sense that he would be next to the other major roles.

Then we have a space… was this deliberate or is Bryan leaving room for someone who hasn’t been confirmed? Either another villain (to go with Peter) or a former cast member who hasn’t been confirmed as coming back yet, like Cyclops or Jean? Or, such as the case with those two, he took the picture down because that would be a major spoiler?

Here is where it starts to get a little less sure…

Halle Berry is next as Storm, a role that didn’t get a lot of love in the previous films and didn’t have any kind of major sub-plot, not like Jean, or Iceman/Rogue. She could be first simply out of seniority… or maybe Storm will finally get her due? Though if it’s little more than a cameo, it could be that this casting board is a side heavy layout (see thoughts below).

Ellen Page is next and Shadowcat was the time traveler in the original comic storyline. Somehow I doubt if she was that important to the plot in the movie that Singer would put her all the way over there on the end.

Shawn Ashmore as Iceman starts the next row and I have to really wonder if this layout could be side heavy. Mostly because he’s right next to Omar Sy, an actor Bryan specifically told us was added to the film, which hints at Omar having a big role. It makes me wonder if there might be some resolution to the Iceman/Rogue storyline that was prominent in the films and that’s why he’s in a more prominent position next to Omar and under Hugh.

Omar Sy, whose role is still unknown to us, though personally I think he’s Bishop, is on the bottom, but again, I think this is a side heavy layout. Singer specifically welcomed Omar Sy, something he didn’t do with three other people on this board, so it stands to reason that this character has a fairly large role. Bishop would make the most sense as he was the time traveler in the 90s cartoon version of Days of Future Past, but at this time he’s still listed as unknown.

Anna Paquin is next and I want to note that the ROMY in me loves that Omar is between her and Iceman… could this mean what I think it means? The couple is split up? Alas, no Cajun in sight… but again, from what I listed above I do wonder if Rogue/Iceman’s story isn’t going to get a decent treatment/resolution in this story. Though, with a new kid and her own tv show, Anna could be on the bottom towards the end of the line simply cause she can’t spare much time… which completely ruins my thoughts about Omar and this being a side heavy layout.

Again, another space, and then we have Daniel Cudmore who played Colossus in the movies. Seeing as there is a space between two former cast members, could that be a holding spot for another past actor yet to be confirmed (or pulled for spoilers)? Then another space which could mean anything…

Fan Bingbing is the first of the two new unknowns and will be playing Blink apparently. One of Blink’s ancestors, of all people, was Apocalypse. Could this hint at an ‘Age of Apocalypse’ future that they are trying to avoid? Unfortunately there isn’t a lot in her background to go on, plus Singer never announced her like Peter and Omar, and she’s dangling off in the ether over there. Perhaps she’s just a cameo/side character who has a speaking part?

Another space and then we get the lonely Booboo Stewart whose claim to fame is Twilight… yeah, no idea what this guy is playing though he does have ‘walking around with a shirt on’ as a skill-set. And again, he’s a not a very well known actor and is way over there, so probably not a big role.

Well, that’s my thoughts on what this means… until shooting starts in April and we start getting set photos and leaked info, well, it is a guessing game… but a fun game!

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Uncanny X-Men #3Yes, a Kangaroo themed Australian Superhero is just plain lazy.

I’ll give the Avengers props in this one. They did “Assemble” but at least tried to talk to Scott and not shoot first (well, Hawkeye would have if someone had let him). Unfortunately, when you have two sides who both think the other is responsible… you’re going to have some major differences of opinions. I want to believe both of them are right… to a point… and the only people I really want to empathize with are the new mutants who are just kinda there. They came into being a mutant, and all the baggage that comes with that, at probably the worst time possible… so it’s easy to see how they would fall under Scott’s direction.

The analogues for racism and sexism are pretty blatant and typical but at least not over done.

Magneto is still a strange one. He admits to having been a ‘traitor’ but says it’s all part of his plan. Mags is a pretty cunning genius and it’s nice to see that he’s actually being cunning… and a genius… but is he trustworthy? Only time will tell.

As for Illyana… she’s nutz… but it’s a fun crazy. She keeps this up and maybe she can intern for Harley Quinn…

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Wolverine and the X-Men #26So, Wolverine is the teacher Jean Grey’s deserves… Dog Logan is the teacher Jean Grey’s needs?

To be honest, I stopped paying attention.

WatX is normally a rather fun comic, or at least intense in some way, however, this issue is pretty much just all of Dog Logan’s backstory to let the reader know who this guy is… and it’s dull. Not only is it way too much background dump, but it’s as cliché and tropey as they come. I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for or at least empathize with Dog but there isn’t anything to grab hold of. It’s literally ‘the sob story you’ve heard a thousand times over’.

As for Dog’s motivations? I’m not real sure I care.

Well, all hell has broken loose thanks to Dog and we’ll see how that is dealt with in the next issue… which will hopefully be a lot more interesting. Personally, I can’t wait to see Dog and Quire meet… that should be… interesting…

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X-Men Legacy #7Best use of the word “sproing”… ever… of all time…

Well, last we saw Legion, sorry, David Haller, (he does make a case for not being called Legion any more though personally I think he should embrace it) he was walking away from Xavier’s in nothing but sweat pants. Now he’s found Marty McFly’s jacket and a Hat of Holding +3… seriously… how did he keep his hair in that thing?!?

Since he doesn’t believe in the X-Men, he’s taken matters into his own hands by being pro-active and neutralizing threats before they become serious threats. This also coincides with the Luca storyline in that he goes after the people who corrupted Luca first. It’s a devilish little plot and soon Abigail Brand and S.W.O.R.D. get in on the act to hilarious effect. Seriously, this issue had me laughing out loud. It was very much a departure from previous issues.

The sub-plot is Ruth has been mentally following David there is a mushy moment when their attempt to infiltrate The Church of the Happy Host is likened to a date. I’m still not sure what I think of them as a couple but they kinda grew on me in this issue.

Going back to the change in style and tone in #7… it really is that much different but still in the vein of the previous comics. It’s like having a breather or cool-down after a marathon and really helps with the pacing of the overall story as this is, essentially, a filler comic. If only the artist hadn’t changed to one who draws David like… well… he’s just weird, okay… then this could have been an A++ issue. It will just have to settle for an A.

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ComicBookMovie – Alan Cumming Hasn’t Been Asked To Return For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – I said McAvoy was probably mistaken. Though at least at this point Singer hasn’t said there will be no Kurt, it’s just that Alan hasn’t been approached at all… so far…

ComicBookMovie – X-MEN DOFP: Halle Berry Talks  “Storm” on The Tonight Show

ComicBookMovie – James McAvoy Talks X-MEN: DAYS  OF FUTURE PAST, Says Charles Xavier’s Journey Will Be ‘Dark’ – “I think it’s going to be quite a dark journey compared to the caddish, almost  playboy character that we turned him into in the first movie.” – I didn’t care for his portrayel of Xavier in First Class anyway…

ComicBookMovie – Marc Webb Reveals Gwen Stacy  Still Works At Oscorp In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

Newsarama – Marvel Comics’ FULL June 2013 Solicitations

CinemaBlend – Superman And Lois Lane Stand Majestically For Total Film’s Man Of Steel Cover

CinemaBlend – Justice League Movie: What We Know So Far

ComicBookMovie – THOR: THE DARK WORLD Prelude  Comic Book Series Confirmed For June

ComicBookMovie – Tom Hiddleston On Christopher  Eccleston’s ‘Malekith’ Portrayal In THOR: THE DARK WORLD

ComicBookMovie – Stephanie Szostak’s Role In IRON  MAN 3 Seemingly Confirmed

ComicBookMovie – New 2014 MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE  Show Announced
Under the recently signed multi-year agreement, family-owned and operated Feld  Entertainment will produce live Marvel touring events in the US and  internationally. Launching in July 2014, a new production of Marvel  character-based stories will be coupled with state-of-the-art special effects,  pyrotechnics, aerial displays, martial arts and countless other show elements to  bring audiences into the Marvel Universe. The production will embark on an  85-city North American tour before heading around the globe.

CinemaBlend – Kick-Ass 2 Red-Band Trailer: Meet The Motherf***er

ComicBookMovie – Six New Official KICK-ASS 2 Stills

io9 – DiY Batarangs are the greatest homebrew weapon ever

CinemaBlend – Veronica Mars Movie Campaign Breaks $1 Million And A Kickstarter Record – not comic book related, but definitely worth noting as the future of some of the smaller films that fans want to see, such as individual comic book characters or indie comics, could perhaps finally have an avenue to show that they have an audience.

ComicBookMovie – FAN MADE: THOR’s Jaimie  Alexander As WONDER WOMAN

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