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Review: Magneto #4

Magneto #4Yes, okay, we get it, Magneto is ruthless in his pursuit of killing those who would kill mutants first.

We kinda already knew that…

Unless something is going to come out of the name of the mutant he discovered, this issue was pretty much an excuse to see Magneto going around and killing people. Near-wholesale slaughter really. I guess it sets the tone of Magneto being the villain who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty… it’s a colorful exposition of his character those who don’t know him that well…

but it’s freaking Magneto… not knowing he’s a megalomaniac metal bending mutant with a ‘kill them before they kill us’ attitude is like not knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman… seriously.

I suppose I’m just really bugged by the inclusion of John Allerdyce in the list of names at the end. From the context, I take it that this list has been around for awhile and that name could have been added at any time. But Pyro is St. John Allerdyce, not John Allerdyce. And he died actually trying to do the right thing for once… so… yeah… I’m kinda confused.

And a little queasy… probably should have noted that this title was rated “Parental Advisory”.

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Review: Magneto #3

Magneto #3People suck.

From the government types who punish the homeless, to the group of people who believe segregation is a good thing, humans are a piece of work. But then so too are mutants. Erik gets the message that segregation doesn’t work and isn’t the solution (a lesson he learned the hard way), but he’s still fuzzy on the idea of “wholesale slaughter others before they can wholesale slaughter you” possibly not being the best solution… to anything.

Bunn is doing a good job of keeping Magneto sympathetic as well as playing him as pretty bad ass. You do not want to go against this guy because he literally has no fucks left to give.

Right now Magneto is directed at the right enemy, though I’d say his actions are far too extreme. He’s the quintessential anti-villain and the ultimate villain. I’m very much interested to see where things go next… what paths he’s going to be taking.

Will Magneto somehow be even more redeemed as he has been before, or will perhaps he continue his march towards straight up villain?

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Review: Magneto #2

Magneto #2Magneto has issues.

PTSD, megalomania, a general lack of fucks to give… he’s the ultimate villain in that you want to be sympathetic to his cause but he’s still a murdering bastard.

Here we get some of the sympathetic side of him as we’re told a story showing what it was like for him as a Jew in Germany during the holocaust. Bunn doesn’t sugarcoat anything, it was pretty bad. It’s hard not to want to feel for Max (thank goodness Bunn remembered his name was Max!).

But does it excuse Magneto’s more extreme measures? That’s an existential question that I think Bunn is trying to ask and possibly answer.

At least Magneto recognizes he’s turned into a kind of monster, but how far will that realization get him?

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Review: Magneto #1

Magento #1To say that Magneto has issues… is a less-than-mild understatement.

Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Was he right? Was he wrong? Has he changed? Was he always the same? A lot of his development over the years has been back-in-forth between the two extremes. He’s the ultimate sympathetic villain.

Does his past and core beliefs forgive all that he has done? That depends on the person reading his story and how much is too much for them.

Magneto is Draconian at its best… and worse.

And in keeping with his forever teetering on the brink, Magneto is both lost and with purpose in this new series. Xavier is gone. The X-Men are fighting themselves, let alone any real villains. And it’s not like he’s going to be having any family reunions any time soon (regardless if Wanda is alive or dead after Remender is through with her).

But at his core is the simple unequivocal thought: “Never Again… by any means necessary”.

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thebentbullet.comFox has opened up a new viral site,, which is a gallery that discusses “JFK and the Mutant Conspiracy”.

Half a century ago, Magento was implicated in the mutant plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The events of that fateful day in November have been a point of contention between humans and mutants ever since.

This comes on the eve of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination and ties in with comments made after First Class came out that pretty much stated that Magneto on the grassy knoll would be an interesting way to open the sequel considering the controversy around ‘the magic bullet’ of the real assassination.

I thought that Magneto gets arrested at the Paris Peace Accords and is later broken out by Xavier to help combat Trask, but it looks like Magneto will start off in jail for the assassination. The only other option is that he’s constantly in and out of prison, which does fit with X2, it’s very hard to keep that man inside a cell, a fact that is commented on in the gallery as apparently Magneto destroyed several of his cells until Trask got involved to make the one he brakes out of in the trailer.

As for the gallery itself, Kennedy is painted as mutant sympathizer. I don’t know why Magneto would necessarily want to ensure his death as it’s inferred that Mystique, as Lee Harvey Oswald, was the actual shooter.

There are several references to make note of:

  • Friends of Humanity and the Purifiers are mentioned
  • Erik Lensherr is called “the strange, squinty man”
  • Magneto has a trial, presumably he allows this as it seems like a normal, though secret, trial, and they even let in a crow bar for him to bend… he could have killed everyone with that, didn’t they realize that?
  • Magneto’s cell has unbreakable glass… we see it get broken in the trailer
  • Azazel and Tempest are listed as ‘dead’

There are also many moments which could have been references to specific mutants being involved, such as Emma Frost, but it would all be guesses.

With still six months away until the film’s release, makes you wonder what other interesting revisionist historical stuff may be popping up in the near future.

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Spoilers ahead though only if you’re one of those who never watch teaser trailers. Oh, and Evan Peters literally quoted his character directly from the comics… good sign.

From io9

We saw the first teaser of X-Men: Days of Future Past just now at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was the most exciting X-Men moment in a decade. Here’s our rough impressions of what we saw. UPDATE: More details added!

Spoilers ahead…

Seriously, I hope this footage shows up online soon, because my description is not going to do it justice. There was a lot going on here. We saw it twice, so I’m adding more details from the second watching.

We see a closeup of Patrick Stewart’s eye, and someone (Stewart) asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?” Professor X (Stewart) responds, “I had a glimpse into the past.”Then Professor X tells Wolverine, “You’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you.” We slowly zoom out from Professor X’s aged face, and then we see him with a Cerebro helmet on, and later coming out of the Cerebro chamber.

And this is a dark dystopian future, where the dark, fetishy costumes are looking more dirty and distress and messed up, and Professor X and Ian McKellen’s Magneto seem weary and filled with dread. They’re in a war chamber in front of a table that shows how badly things are going. Wolverine even has a bit of gray in his facial hair.

We see flashes of all our favorite mutants, including Storm against a stormy sky, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, and some others. And there are futuristic-looking mutants, including  Omar Sy as Bishop, and some others I couldn’t identify wearing dramatic Mad Max-y makeup.

We learn that Professor X and Magneto have come together “side by side, to end this war before it ever begins.”

Wolverine asks, “So I wake up in my younger body, and then what?” Professor X responds, “Find me, convince me of all this.” And Magneto chimes in that Wolverine will find younger Magneto a different person, “a darker person.” We catch glimpses of 1970s versions of Magneto and Professor X — with a lot more hair and a lot more fire to them. Young Professor X has a crazy beard and a 1970s groovy outfit with an X-shaped light on his face, while Young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is waving a gun.

We see Young Professor X blowing dust off a white globe.

Back then, Professor X says, “I was a very different man. Lead me, guide me, be patient with me.” We see Young Professor X putting his hands on someone’s face as he tries to understand. Maybe Wolverine’s face?

Older Wolverine responds, “Patience isn’t my strong suit.”

And then blue glowing hands are gripping Wolverine’s head, sending him back in time into the body of his younger self.

We catch glimpses of other stuff — Young Magneto using his powers to pull a distressed Mystique along the floor. Young Magneto descending from the air looking scary. There is a mysterious opening under the Oval Office, revealed by the oval opening up like a trapdoor. And protests in the street, and Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) addressing a government hearing. And Richard Nixon looking weird and terrifying — and then Mystique walking down the street changing into a man in a pimp suit.

There is a LOT of stuff blowing up, and Young Professor X using Magneto, and the Beast attacking, a woman walking away from an airplane, and a military setting. We glimpse Professor X shielding his face from an intense white light, and the Cerebro machine exploding.

Young Professor X says, “I don’t want your suffering. I don’t want your future.”

And then Old Professor X is face to face with his younger self. He says: “Please. We need you to hope again.” It’s an actual spine-tingling moment. Actual goosebumps here.

In the panel, we met Omar Sy, who told us that Bishop is visiting from the future and just trying to survive, like everyone. Also on the panel: Peter Dinklage confirmed he really is playing Bolivar Trask.

And Evan Peters was here, as the new Quicksilver. Asked to describe his character, Peters said: “He’s very fast. He’s quick. He’s a spaz. He talks quick, he moves quick, everybody is very slow compared to him. He’s always at an ATM waiting for the bastard in front of him to finish.”

“He’s got excellent genes,” added Michael Fassbender, who plays his father, Magneto.

Someone asks what sort of costume Quicksilver will have, and Singer responds: “It’ll be a seventies costume. I had grown up as a kid in the 1970s and I had forgotten how hideous some of the clothing was back then.”

Someone asked if we might get a Deadpool movie, and Bryan Singer wouldn’t confirm that one will happen — but he did say the X-Men universe is as big as the rest of the Marvel universe, and there’s enough room for a ton of X-Men films developing all the different characters and corners of the universe, building it out.

Someone asked Jackman about musicals, and he said he would never sing as Wolverine. The crowd was disappointed, so he gave us a taste of what a Wolverine musical would be like: “I’m gonna slice ’em, I’m gonna dice ’em,” he sang operatically.

Someone asked the assembled cast which X-Men character, other than their own, they would want to play. Patrick Stewart responded: “I would like to play any female character in any X-Men movie, because then I would have a chance of winning an Academy Award.” (Because three of the women in the X-Men have won Oscars.)

Iain McKellen said: “If I can’t play the younger Magneto, then I would like to grow wings and play Angel.”

Oh, and in the panel for The Wolverine before we saw this footage, Hugh Jackman gave a shoutout to Wolverine co-creator Len Wein, who was in the audience, and it was really gracious and awesome.

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According to BleedingCool, “the official X-Men: Days Of Future Past tumblr prematurely published and swiftly deleted a series of character headshots showing a whole host of mutants”

Here they are below:

DOFP: Future Wolverine DOFP: Past Wolverine DOFP: Xavier DOFP: Magneto DOFP: Colossus DOFP: Bishop DOFP: Beast

What do we learn?

Wolverine: Well, as has been pointed out on Tumblr and other places, future Wolverine is sporting the iconic gray stripes in his hair and possible iconic yellow jumpsuit. It does look like stretchy yellow spandex… I doubt though that he’s wearing a full yellow jumpsuit, I would wager it’s just a top which hints greatly at his iconic uniform, like the brown leather jacket with yellow stripes. Unfortunately the image is cropped too much to know for sure what he’s wearing, or what’s going on in the background, lots of glow.

Xavier/Magneto/Colossus: They seem to be wearing the same uniform, just a bit different to mark the personalities of the different characters. It definitely looks like armor, similar to what Storm was wearing in her tweeted sneak peak. But Kitty and Bobby don’t seem to be wearing the armor/uniform in their sneaky peak (for that matter neither does Wolvie here either). I’m not sure what this means, why they aren’t  all matched up, if they were all mis-matched, okay, but only a few are? Could they have been in a different resistance squad or maybe they were separated then found by the group in order to use Kitty’s powers? The difference in outfits could mean something, could mean nothing…

Bishop: Looks like Bishop, dreadlocks, scar, red sash thingy… no complaints here. But I’m not sure about the ridges on his shoulder, or if his armor is supposed to match the other’s uniform. Could this has something to do with Bobby and Kitty’s non-matching outfits? Different squads? Or maybe the X-Men have broken up?

Beast: They’ve cleaned it up a bit, but he’s still in the yellow striped jumpsuit from the first movie. Will we see the others in their jumpsuits too?

Rogue: We’re getting a lot of peaks at the future cast, and if I miss my guess, we’ve seen everyone (except Rogue) from the original cast (that we know is going to be in the film). We’ve even had looks at the new ‘big names’ like Bishop here… so… why haven’t we had a sneak of Rogue? It’s possible Anna hasn’t done her filming yet, there is still two months-ish left to go… but with everyone else from the future timeline getting their scenes out of the way… how’s this going to work? Simple movie magic? Is her role just not that big and it’ll be filmed later? Or is there a greater plot afoot…

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Bryan Singer just tweeted a pic that pretty much proves they were planning on using Quicksilver since before the Whedon/Disney announcement.

Maximoff House

The big question, is this a twin living on their own or both with their mother (if they don’t make her missing/dead as is canon) or with their adoptive parents? Seeing as the actor is in his late 20s I doubt he’s playing a 15 year old so not sure he’d be living with his parents as a 20-something. It could be his own house. And if it is, would Crystal be in the picture yet?

Is this why we haven’t heard anything about Wanda? Magneto goes to his son, who is living alone (or with Crystal), to get his help, so no sister. There was talk that the team will need Quicksilver’s speed for something specific. Does this mean that the two teams are working together? Or Charles knows about Magneto’s kids? Or they just know about a super speed mutant… and coincidences happen? So many options, some more awesome than others.

As for the Maximoff cold war, it takes time to set up a location for filming, you have scouting, then getting it prepped, etc. This sequence also had to be written and if they are bothering with doing outside shots then it may be more substantial than a quick scene. Not something to be likely be written on the fly. Lastly, the rumor after First Class was that this movie would be more Magneto-centric which this would play right into and show that Quicksilver was meant from the beginning.

Still no words on whether or not Wanda will be involved at all, but let’s hope she at least gets a mention…

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First Bryan Singer might have annoyed Marvel with his Avengers comment on his tweet regarding Quicksilver… now I think he’s set his sights after DC.

Granted, it’s a nice fun play on words considering the photo he attached.

Obviously Magneto is doing one of his patented ‘use the force of magnetism to make myself fly’ routine which can be quite effective in making others think twice about messing with him. He’s also wearing the long coat which has become a bit of a trend lately (not that I mind, at all).

A billion things could be happening right now, but he is wearing the same clothes as seen in this set picture below:

Xavier and Magneto in DOFP

So while these two are obviously just heading to work and may not even be in the same scene together, they are both going to be wherever it is that Magneto has decided to go all Batman (apparently). This someplace could be the previously pictured Paris Peace Accords, putting both of these characters there.

Things are really shaping up into what could be a very interesting sub-plot of the film.

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ComicBookMovie has a poll, who would win, Magneto or Gandalf? McKellen says Gandalf and the ComicBookMovie guys think Magneto has a better than even chance, and I believe them.

See, Gandalf, for all his power, is a bit of an idiot sometimes. We’ve all seen the joke of how “why didn’t they just take a flying ship/bird to the mountain” and a bunch of other stuff that he really should have figured out a lot quicker. Magneto isn’t without his own faults as well but he’s also a lot more ruthless when he has to be.

I’d definitely say that this is anyone’s fight.

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