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Uncanny X-Men #9Poor Dazzler, she just can’t get out of her disco days, someone always remembers.

This issue is pretty hilarious actually. From Irma cutting her hair and sending the sisters into a tizzy, to Dazzler’s unfortunate clothing choices in the past, to Maria Hill taking an impromptu vacation, to highjacking the hellicarrier… I giggled a few times, this is true.

Though this issue does bring up an interesting question, even if Fabio went willing with Scott because they saved his life, since he’s 16 and therefore not a legal adult, wouldn’t it technically still be kidnapping? I like it when little points like that are poked and prodded, underlining the reality of the situation. That’s how you make things more ‘real’ to me, not by running around and killing everything the moves.

But I digress. It seems like Mystique is still up to no good and poor Dazzler has been knocked out… at least I hope just knocked out… she was only knocked out, right? 0.o

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Astonishing X-Men #66Is there a ship name for Gambit and Cecilia Reyes? Cause as much as Romy is my OTP, I can totally ship these two when Romy isn’t an option.

Beyond that, we’re seeing the aftermath of what happened with Bobby’s ‘big freeze’. The ice is melting and  people are trying to get back to normal, instead of, you know, things suddenly being normal without any thought to the consequences of such an environmental catastrophe. Cecilia, as a doctor, has been doing her best to help people who had been caught up in the tragedy. And it seems the storm shook something loose and the X-men are going to have to deal with it.

First though they need to deal with themselves, they kinda forgot what that meant in the chaos that has been the last year of Marvel doing their best to just jack everything up. I think a lot of healing is needed, and we aren’t seeing enough of that in the other titles.

Overall, I’m really going to miss this title when it goes.

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Wolverine and the X-Men #33What school isn’t full of hormonal teens all trying to either kiss or kill each other?

While there is something a little disturbing about Kade wanting to see 14-yr old Idie in the Black Queen outfit, it works because he is not supposed to be likable, or forgivable, or any of that ilk. It’s nice to see him get his face punched, he’s been deserving of that for awhile.

As for Idie, this girl needs some serious therapy. I just hope that the fact she seems to have decided not to kill Kade and instead go help Quire means that there is some progress in that area. Quire, of course, is still falling for Idie and showing he’s not that big a jerk as he likes to pretend to be. Both characters are getting characterization arcs and this is a good thing, nice to see newer characters get treated as, well, characters and not fodder.

Lastly, it’s good to see that Aaron recognizes that something is wrong with Paige and isn’t just mis-characterizing her… cause right now I am really mad at her. Toad needs some love in this, he’s such a heartbreaking character.

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Uncanny Avengers #10This issue isn’t quite as annoying as previous ones… but that’s not saying much.

Remender still likes to hear himself talk, though the massive blocks of text are shaved back some… some. Rogue actually has a moment where she acts like herself, and surprise, she has her hood off when it happens. I’m pretty sure her hoodie is possessed by something… and we definitely need a cross over with the Winchesters. Then at one point Remender flirts with meaningful depth when he points out the hypocrisy of the media and how it just moves on from each travesty as soon as they can in search of the next big thing for a ratings boost.

But Wanda continues to be all over the place, now she’s all depressed and ‘we’re all doomed’. This doesn’t really track with how she was during AvX, and is very much a “so some bad stuff has happened recently, I guess I’ll just give up”. Maybe this is to echo the reader? Cause I’m about to be all depressed and ‘doomed’ from reading this schlock.

Oh, and Banshee, Sentry, Grim Reaper and Daken came back and kidnapped people for unknown purposes… so that happened…

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Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1And now for something completely different but otherwise the same.

Taking a complete leap from the previous Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool Kills Deadpool is a separate entity that doesn’t tie into the previous comics on this particular plot point of Deadpool killing something in particular. So while I still don’t think it’s really necessary to spend a whole issue explaining why Deadpool needs to kill people, at least it sets up it’s own universe and isn’t’ a tacky tie-on to a previous one. Part of that is because we’re not spoon fed the whole story, there is still something to discover here, like what exactly is going on, and why is it not 616 Deadpool that’s doing the killing.

It’s a better start than Killustrated, let’s hope it has a better finish too.

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Review: Gambit #16

Gambit #16Where have I seen this before?

Gambit isn’t so much as on trial, but having a really intense interview. For what position you ask? Why, the literal King of Thieves. Apparently, since Candra went bye-bye, the international Thieves Guild’s aren’t really playing nice without a fearless leader to keep them in line. Gambit’s name popped up as one of four possible candidates because, apparently, Jean-Luc isn’t epic enough (though likely it’s just ageism at work). Jean-Luc wants Gambit to take over everything and literally kidnapped him into the interview process. Gambit didn’t exactly agree to do it but something in a file changed his mind. Now he’s on another heist to prove himself and not doing too well.

A popular plot line in fan fiction is the whole ‘Jean-Luc wants Remy to take over, Remy doesn’t want to do it’. This is because Gambit did take over for a short time but that didn’t end well, not to mention Jean-Luc has always had unreasonable expectations on Remy. In any case, it’s not going to work here because Gambit can’t be the leader of the Thieves Guild because he’s an X-Men and generally a hero. Plus, his solo is ending so no way to play out the plot line. With only one issue left, a decision is going to have to be made and Gambit will then either languish without a title, or more likely move onto something else, possibly Uncanny Avengers (which scares me, Remender shouldn’t be allowed to touch any characters!). So if he’s in another X-Title, then he can’t run the guild… or I guess he could but that would be unnecessarily complicated.

All I know, is if Remy becomes King and then ‘delegates’ the day to day duties to Jean-Luc… then Chellebelles should get royalties.

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James SpaderAccording to The Wrap, James Spader has been cast as Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  No word yet on just how much James is going to have to do. Will he be more of a voice like Paul Bettany or doing motion capture like Ruffalo when he Hulks out.

Regardless, I think this is a good fit. Spader is a bit of a character actor, has played all extremes, from Stargate to Secretary, he doesn’t have a ‘type’. Whatever tone Joss is going with Ultron, I’m sure he’ll be able to bring it. But since Joss didn’t go with a more definitive actor, then it puts the whole movie into the air.

At this point, anything goes.

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The Wolverine Teaser One-SheetIt’s been a little over a month since The Wolverine hit theaters, how is it stacking up to X-Men: Origins: Wolverine? A movie which left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and seriously endangered The Wolverine’s chances to do anything but flop.

(all prices in US dollars and courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

X-Men: Origins: Wolverine 

  • Production Budget: $150m
  • Domestic Total Gross: $180m
  • Foreign Total Gross: $193m
  • Total Gross: $373m
  • Opening Weekend: $85m
  • Opening Theater Count: 4,099 theaters
  • Drop off after opening weekend: 67.2%
  • Total Run: 22 weeks

The Wolverine (so far)

  • Production Budget: $120m
  • Domestic Total Gross: $125m
  • Foreign Total Gross: $226m
  • Total Gross: $351m
  • Opening Weekend: $53m
  • Opening Theater Count: 3,924 theaters
  • Drop off after opening weekend: 59.9%
  • Run So Far: 5 weeks

So, while The Wolverine is not a runaway success as some recent superhero movies, it’s not doing too bad. It opened softer than Origins, likely because of buyer wariness. But it retained a higher percent of ticket sales in the second weekend. For comparison, Avengers had a 50.3% drop off in its second week, Iron Man 3 was 58.4%.

Internationally, Wolverine has already surpassed Origins which means that in only 5 weeks the film is only $22m short of making more money than Origins, and on a budget that was 30m less. I can’t be positive, but I think they can call this a win. Maybe not a Gold Medal win, but hey, Bronze Medal is still a medal.

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Review: Morbius #6

Morbius #6So… what happened, did the author change? Nope. Did the line up? Nope. This title just completely changed directions from a third-person introspective of the rise of an anti-hero to some kind of typical pseudo-espionage ‘gotta do the thing’ story.

While both story lines are valid in regards to reading comics, the sudden shift is a bit vertigo inducing. What about the whole ‘revolution’ thing he just did, and those people who are depending on him now? It just… I dunno… it’s an awkward transition but there is still the end game with The Rose.  I just hope the title settles down and doesn’t do another quick-change again.

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Fearless Defenders #7For a story based around Norse Mythology… it’s showing clear signs of Greek influence. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you.

Val, knowing that she has to do something to correct this grievous error, goes to Valhalla to pull Annabelle from ‘paradise’. But it’s not that simple, she has to get Clea to help, thus adding the sorceress to the ranks of the Fearless. The addition of Clea really does make this a rather diverse team, powers wise, and it’s always good to see her back in the pages.

As for Annabelle, props to her, she’s not happy in Valhalla, it’s not her thing, but she’s accepting of her fate. She knew going in she might die, even before approaching Rage, and especially after she decided to do so. She wanted out but she wasn’t going to let Val get into trouble cause of it. Though body-sharing? She didn’t exactly sign up for that… so this should be rather interesting.

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