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Wolverine and the X-Men #17

Wolverine and the X-Men #17

Wolverine and the X-Men #17

I think this is the funniest comic book I have ever read… seriously… from the crazy Nazi Bowling League to Wolvie dressed as Cyclops to a nun representing the internet…

I laughed… so hard…

While the issue did offer some valuable information about Doop and expand his character by leaps and bounds (I never knew he was such a bad-a)… it really was one zany joke after another and all I could do was laugh till I almost cried…

Doop and The Duck… OMG!
I would seriously read a comic of just that… heheheheheheh

It’s go good to be able to pick up a comic and find some laughter and joy… I hope this series continues on this path!

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Review: Gambit #3

Gambit #3

Gambit #3

Gambit #3

The story is rushing along quite nicely… we’re getting a little more depth out of the female lead (who is still a bucket of clichés though)… but #3 in our lovely new Gambit series feels a bit, well, like it’s just there, a segway. “Here is everything you need to know, tune in next week to get the good stuff”.

But Gambit is still there, being Gambit, though more of his subdued side than his witty (but the wit is there). And there is definitely some lampshading going on which is quite nice. Overall though, not a memorable issue but not a bad one either.

Have I mentioned though my annoyance at the colors and pencils in this? Well, mostly the colors, it’s like watercolors and I guess it’s a personal thing but I prefer the stronger, bolder stuff, like in WatX, Legacy, Deadpool… almost every other comic I read basically.

Can’t complain too much though… we’re getting a lot of man-candy and that is never a bad thing when Gambit is involved…

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X-Men Legacy #274

X-Men Legacy #274

X-Men Legacy #274

The moment that every ROMY has been waiting for has finally arrived. Marvel teased us about Mag’s ‘big question’ for Rogue and while I was sure it wasn’t going to be a marriage proposal, I prepared myself for the worst. So while I’m glad that it turned out he only wanted them to get back together and in a roundabout way ‘move in together’, I’m kinda annoyed at Rogue’s response.

Basically, she gives him the same brush off as she gave Gambit.

X-Men # 224
Rogue: But Remy– Ah’m not ready yet to talk about us. Ah don’t know how Ah feel right now. About you, or about me, even.

Annoying for ROMY fans but okay, fair enough, she just learned how to control her powers, this isn’t some forced surpression or random event. She needs time to process this.

Of course in that process she decides she wants to hook up with Magneto.

X-Men # 274
Rogue: Ah know mahself. Ah know as long as Ah’m with someone like you–who takes the lead instinctively, who likes it… who Ah care for… Ah’ll let ’em. […] Ah think Ah figured things out. But ah ain’t gonna know for sure until Ah’ve stood on mah own two feet for a while.

Again she’s telling her boyfriend that she needs to process her life and figure things out. I suppose in many ways this is a very realistic take on a Rogue’s personality. We all know a person like this who can’t committ to relationships, etc, because they really have no idea how to and/or are secrectly afraid. Considering Rogue’s mutation and background, the girl kinda missed that phase in our lives (usually around highschool) where we go through all this and is a majorly late bloomer in this respect.

So while kudos for a realistic approach to the situation and providing actual character growth opportunities… bollocks I say and major /headdesk

I swear… Rogue/Gambit is as bad as Ross/Rachel… but we love it so…

Oh, p.s., I do kinda feel a little bad for Mags in this, but he’s also still a bit of an arrogant prick so…

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So a bunch of news outlets including Cinema Blend are reporting that Patrick Stewart could be reprising his role as Professor X in the new X-Men Days of Future Past movie. While this actually makes logical sense in that it’s probably going to involve time travel (hopefully as a way to reboot the series and fix so much that went wrong…) I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

I mean, it worked to have Nimoy in the Star Trek reboot but it was a cold start reboot. We’ve already been introduced to the new X-Men cast and had our required cameo (Wolvie), so why keep bogging us down with the past? Dur, it is Days of Future Past, but still…

Top this on the fact that Days is a Kitty-centric storyline what with her being the one going into her past body from the future… and Kitty not being even born in First Class (well, one would think considering the age of Prof and Mags) and of course Wolvie isn’t going to be there either…

I am getting seriously worried about this movie… but then I was worried about First Class and it turned out to be the best X-Men movie so far… who knows?

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Thanks to Bleeding Cool, and several other news outlets, we have the first official image from The Wolverine sporting Hugh Jackman as the titular character.

A friend of mine pointed out that they seem to be going away from Wolvie’s trademarks. The swept back hair went away in Origins: Wolverine (which could be explained by it being an ‘early’ Wolvie story) but now his sideburns have seem to gone too. So this is becoming less Wolverine and more Guy with Shiny Toothpicks.

Also, I love Hugh, I do, but he’s showing his age here and no amount of airbrushing abs and veins can cover that.

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Character Spotlight: Jean Grey

Jean Grey is one of those characters that you love or you love to hate. Whether it’s wishing that she stepped up and was as awesome as she could be, or maybe you just want her to stop dying, everyone has a pretty opinionated opinion of her.

She is a strong character, being a telepath and a telekinetic means she can pretty much do whatever the heck she wants. In my realistic-ish universe, most powers, such as cryokinesis, terrakinesis, basically anything with kinesis at the end, is just a type of locked telekinesis. Meaning that anything Magneto, Iceman, Pyro, etc, can do, she can do, if she puts her mind to it.

That is dangerous ‘over power’ territory which is arguably why in the comics the Phoenix turned into the Dark Phoenix and it all went downhill from there. They had to reign her in somehow? Well, that’s a theory anyway.

In the movies, they decided that instead of Phoenix being an alien-like entity, they simply gave Jean a split personality ala Jeanne-Marie aka Aurora from the comics. I think this was a good move to replace the Phoenix’s cosmic origins with something more realistic. Whether or not they meant to rip off Jeanne-Marie, I don’t know, but I like the concept.

This is why in my universe there is MIDID, Mutation Induced Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s a very real disorder to worry about as we will see from Aurora in the first season and something which holds Jean back. It’s not that she has MIDID, but she knows she could easily suffer from it, if she pushes herself too fast and too hard. So Jean is only limited by herself. This keeps her within a reasonable power threshold while adding some character traits and development tools for me to use.

As for Jean Grey not having a nickname, I couldn’t exactly use Marvel Girl in a realistic universe especially as Marvel still exists in this world. I can’t use Phoenix because she’s not Phoenix. I decided to simply not give her a mutant name because not everyone out there has a nickname nor wants one. It also allows for a mixture of character styles which keeps things interesting.

Series Biography:
Jean Grey grew up in upstate New York the daughter of a wealthy and influential lawyer who has served on several State and Congressional Councils as well as on the boards of Fortune 500 companies. She was Xavier’s first student when the first part of her mutation, telepathy, manifested at a rather young age. A few years later, her telekinesis manifests during an attack on herself, the Professor, and Scott.

Even though she is teaching and helping at Xavier’s, she’s studying to get her PhD in Genetics to better understand how mutations work and how to help her fellow mutants.

Jean has two potential suitors, Scott Summers and Warren Worthington III. Her best friend is Betsy Braddock, also a telepath, and she thinks of Kitty and Jubilee as younger sisters.

Currently Jean is the biology, natural sciences, and social science teacher at Xavier’s School for Higher Learning.

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I’m not sure when it comes out in the US… but in November in the UK a movie comes out called Gambit.

In October in the US, a movie comes out called Sinister.

Both movies are wildly different from each other, one’s a comedy, the other a horror… but I can’t help but pause and go ‘hhhmmmm’…

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Bleeding Cool pointed out that the Avengers movie has been edited for the UK and a few other European DVD releases.

Have a look-see, though you might have to go to the original site to see this:

US dvd release

Avengers DVD release in the US

UK dvd release

Avengers UK dvd release

It’s like one of those games on the back of the paper place mat at the fast food restaurant. But really, it’s kinda hard not to see the big spike sticking out (or not sticking out) of Coulson’s chest.

Why did they do this? There are a few theories but nothing flys.

It can’t be ‘censorship’ because the UK is way more forgiving than the US in these kinds of things.

It can’t be ‘reconning’ Coulson’s death because not all dvd’s have had this done.

It can’t be an accident either because, well, you’d have to literally go in and take this out. Then someone would have to put the wrong file into the machine to make these discs. I don’t really know how dvd’s are made but I assume that like most production stuff, if this was a mistake on the production end then not all UK discs would have the mistake.

Until we hear from Marvel, this remains a pretty interesting mystery…

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You might think that since all these characters have been pre-named, I don’t have to really worry or think about that aspect of their character, if only.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, otherwise known as Aurora, is one of those cases that is troublesome. The main question being, how do you pronounce Jeanne? Is it Gene or Genie? This is a pretty important question because we already have a major character named Jean, i.e. Jean Grey.

I did a poll of my friends and their vote was pretty much unanimously “Gene”.

Now, visually, there is an obvious different in the names and under normal Fan Fiction circumstances I’d leave it at that. However, if this is played out like a tv show, then audibly we have two characters named Jean. Granted, two people with the same name working/living together is not uncommon, I’ve even worked with another woman who shared my name. And it’s because of this I know that something is going to have to give and some kind of alternate name/nickname is going to have to be used. (how do you think I earned the nickname JayCee?)

We can nix the use of Jeanne-Marie outside of specific circumstances because, well, we’re lazy. We like to shorten names and give nick names. Jeanne has one, Aurora, but that is her alternate personality so I have to reserve that name for that personality.

I considered JM but it doesn’t roll off the tongue or seem as fitting as John-Paul’s JP. I thought about turning it into Jem, but that’s way to 80s and something Jubilee would do.

My last thought, which is probably the one I’ll have to go for, is Marie. The problem with Marie is that we sorta/kinda have another Marie. Rogue’s name in the comics is Anna Marie and her name in the movies is just Marie. Thing is, no one knows her real name in the comics and it won’t be revealed for some time (if that really is her name in this series, spoilers, it’s not, one of my changes I’ll highlight in a separate post on a later date).

I still have time to think about this before I have to settle on exactly what everyone will call her, after all, the first episode doesn’t go live for another year. However, I’m looking at six months till every episode is ready to go bar last-minute grammar edits.

This is just another small little tweak that may seem insignificant but makes this series that much more than your average fan fic.

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Uncanny X-Men #18

Uncanny X-Men #18

Uncanny X-Men #18

And Scott proves that he’s gone absolutely mad while Illyana admits it outright.

Illyana pretty much says in so many words that she’s gone insane, apparently been like that for a while now and purposely messed up Piotr’s life in order to prove this to him. Ah, what are siblings for?

As for Scott, yeah, I’ve feared for his mental stability since, well, before Schism and this just puts it all into perspective. Dude, if people are comparing you to Magneto, then you might want to step back and rethink what you’re doing. Though I have to admit, I do like Scott’s retort. “I’m nothing like you, I’m winning!”

This is the kind of actions that can only end in bloodshed, and if you know what happens in AvX #11 then you see my point.

Scott’s downfall is becoming both poignant and annoying. He’s a man who’s had the weight of an entire people on his shoulders and has gone through so much pain and suffering, both personal and on a global mutant scale, that he’s simply become lost in the woods. On the other hand, he’s being so tediously ripped to shreds that one has to wonder if someone just has it in for Scott or in a bad fan fic move he’s being drug down to build someone else up?

As for Emma, she continues to prove my point that she’s a great bad guy… but a horrible good guy. Though honestly, Scott, you kinda deserve it, her cheating on you with Namor cause, you know, you cheated on Jean with Emma… once a cheater, always a cheater.

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