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Review: Morbius #4

Morbius: The Living Vampire #4Can we say set-up? Cause, yeah, that’s pretty much all this issue did, set Morbius up for a role he really doesn’t want to play… and really probably shouldn’t.

And that’s kinda unfortunate in that it’s really obvious… though hopefully Keatinge will do something different with it. The fact that Noah was a plant and not just some guy… and that Morbius was lead into going to Brownsville… does make me want to scratch my head a little. This is a good thing and is it means more is going on here than the obvious.

The Rose… yeah… I don’t know a heck of a lot about that character, well, characters, as different people have taken up that mantle over the years. My guess, this is a new Rose, a fifth Rose, which would leave a lot of doors open to have some interesting fun with the character as the villain. What’s his motivation to become The Rose? Could we see the birth of a villain while we see an anti-hero in his earliest creation?

I really hope so.

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Wolverine and the X-Men #28I forget, were we supposed to care about Dog Logan?

This issue sees the wrap of that storyline… whatever it was… and there was a few interesting things that did come out of it. For one, Eye Boy actually kicked ass for five minutes… it was pretty epic. Quire showed that he isn’t as bad as he pretends to be and continues to be my guilty crush. As for Herman, well, let’s hope he gets whats coming to him.

So, yeah, as much as there was a great scene with the kids right there at the end, this whole arc has been kinda boring and pointless regarding Dog. We also got a bunch of existential crap from Logan that seemed a little meh.

The next issue seems to promise a look at the future of the school… we already got a glimpse of it before but that was a possible future… maybe… we’ll just have to see.

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X-Treme X-Men #13X-Termination – Part Four. Seriously, why all the lack of love for Kurt? Poor boy just can’t catch a break…

Now, this is the final issue of X-Treme X-Men… though it’s not really over because the story continues into Astonishing X-Men and the final X-Termination issue… so… yeah… annoying. If you weren’t reading the other stuff then this is totally a crappy cliff-hanger-ish of an ending. Even if you are, there is no guarantee that those final two books, which aren’t written by Pak are going to really give an ending to these characters as they deserve… especially since it will have to deal with an ensemble cast.

What a crap way to leave us off… but at least the storyline will be ended… but it’s still crap.

Would I still recommend picking up the collection if you haven’t been reading it? Yeah, the books in the middle are very high quality and I love how they are done… I will definitely be on the look out for more of Pak’s work in the future.

And still a better ending than LOST…

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Age of Apocalypse #14X-Termination – Part Three. The teams have split up to go and take care of the energy beings which want to destroy the universe. Did I miss a motive other than wanton destruction? Maybe… I slept since then.

Short of it is that a lot of people die. A bunch of random people that if I actually read AoA I would probably know a lot more about died. Hercules died. Sabretooth and his kid were already dead. And more seem to be joining the body count. Ugh.

At least we know the big ones from 616 won’t die but that’s hardly a consolation. I don’t feel like this crossover is really doing anything other than just getting a bunch of people to fight what seems to be an unwinnable battle.

And with evil-Beast causing problems by taking off with the Apocalypse Seed… I don’t think either universe is going to catch a break any time soon.

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The Fearless Defenders #3Misty is just so sassy, I love her, I really do.

We also get some background of the woman who had Dani kidnapped, it’s, dunno, kinda cliché and tropey. But that’s okay, it doesn’t really take away from the rest of the issue as we learn just who Hippolyta is and what’s going down and just what the Doom Maidens are. Stuff that should feel like filler but it’s very smooth in its presentation.

Speaking of the Doom Maidens… Valkyrie is apparently one of them? They know her at least… even apologized to her for attacking her… so what’s going on with that?

Kinda makes me wish I knew my Norse mythology better… whether or not the real mythology has any bearing on this storyline. Let’s just say someone has a lot of explaining to do…

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Review: Gambit #11

Gambit #11ROMY! Okay, so there was a lot more to it than just that… but ROMY!

So, yeah, Rogue basically told Gambit in a round about way that she loves him… but there are several kinds of love out there and we know that she will always consider him her best friend so… yeah… I’m with Gambit, how rude of people to come and try to kill them when they are having a moment.

And Gambit, you are sssooooo lucky to be breathing after that little ‘I thought I was still dreaming… thought this would play out differently’ comment. You kinky, naughty boy…

As for Joelle, she’s apparently older than she looks, has some kind of weird death wish, and has complicated feelings for Gambit. Obviously she felt hurt when Gambit was able to just click with Rogue and also helped her fight… but then I’m kinda on Joelle side there cause he did just (probably) sleep with Joelle… even if Rogue is his one true love… that’s harsh man…

I do like that Asmus managed to get a cat-fight in but make it believable and not reducing to literally that, a bitchy cat-fight. Rogue’s personality is much better here than in Uncanny Avengers and you can tell she’s worried for her friend but not the stereotypical jealous ex type (though could have gone without Asmus actually having her say “Ah hate feeln’ like this. Like some kinda naggin’ caricature of a ex-girlfriend.” because if a character has to say that…).

Overall, the Romy in me very pleased, this is the kind of stuff that can help bridge that gap and bring these two back together in the future.

As a reader of this title… yeah, things just got a little more interesting…

p.s. Can we get Asmus put on Uncanny Avengers instead of Remender? Please? Pretty Please?

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Uncanny X-Men #4This is why you don’t let a writer cross over his own books.

Instead of doing what everyone else does, which is let the one book be a full crossover (All-New X-Men #10) and other be a completely other story that kinda touches on what happened (if that’s even needed)… we’re forced to set through the same story all over again, only this time listening to Emma’s thoughts throughout the whole thing.

It’s not that Emma doesn’t have anything interesting to say, cause she does, but it’s just that with it framed by a story we already read… it makes it very blah.

The kids though do offer some refreshing change of pace, I love how they stumbled into the danger room and all that, but right now things are just really slow as he attempts to keep pace with his other title… like he’s writing one big story only every other chapter is named differently. In some ways, that’s pretty cool, in others, it’s annoying as hell… which I would think would go double for anyone not reading one of the titles.

Oh, and he spoils who left the School to join Cyclops… what ever happened to convenient editing of a conversation and characters being off panel? Geesh… that’s Writers Trolling 101.

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Astonishing X-Men #60X-Termination – Part Two takes place in the latest Astonishing X-Men. They pretty much figure out that there is no way they can take on these things in straight combat… and everyone is kinda screwed.

Although there is a lot of fighting and stuff going on, this issue really feels like a filler or set-up issue. Everyone is together now, all introductions have been made, the bad guys are established, now let’s go kick their butts.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just nothing to write home about. I mean, they tease about ‘oh, Bobby could get stuck in AoA world’ but like that will really happen? A lot of this is stuff we can see coming a mile away.

Though, there was a really nice touch with the two Kurt’s. They are both so very much damaged but they don’t see that in each other.  Yes, doesn’t matter which Kurt it is, he always brings the feels.

Oh, and the Sabretooth and Son act was kinda fun too.

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Review: Deadpool #8

Deadpool #8Amazingly, there was actually a point to the previous filler issue ‘from the 80s’.

Turns out, that demon Deadpool got one over with is back and he wants Deadpool to finish his bargain with him and kill four people who had also made deals with the demon… and if Deadpool refuses, the Necromancer will get it… and the Necromancer might be the only one who can get Preston out of Deadpool’s head. Preston, of course, misses her family, the kid who believes she’s still alive and the husband with the shotgun.

I would say ‘you can’t make this crap up’ but obviously these guys did.

And what is up with the team of kidney robbers? That’s… different… and I really do want to know more. This could be either really good… or really bad…

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