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I’m not sure how much truth there is in this, and there is always development hell, but I need more information and facts before I can really decide what to think about this.

via BleedingCool

Bleeding Cool’s Hollywood sources (which also brought you the news that Warners were shipping round a Supergirl series – though we did get the producer wrong) have just landed us a massive trout, flapping around on the Bleeding Cool deck.

That Fox are currently in deep development on a live-action X-Men TV show. And are starting to get interest in that as well. Which is how it leaked to us.

No details whatsoever. And right now, no way of getting any. Hopefully, as a result of this article, someone like Deadline will do the heavy lifting.

Or maybe someone will mention it at NYCC? We’ll keep our ears open.

And looks like soon it may be time to add X-Men to The Strain, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Gotham, Powers, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Agents Of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Supergirl and all the other comic book-based TV shows coming down the pipe.

Over a decade ago, Marvel created the show Mutant X, but legal pressure from Fox saw them have to distance the show from the X-Men as much as possible. Won’t be a problem this time… could I suggest that the New X-Men series by Grant Morrison might make for interesting source material?

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All-New X-Factor #8Okay, so we meet this years Worst Father of the Year recipient and it’s strangely not Magneto for once.

That being said, there isn’t much new here, your typical “I hate mutants so god punished me with a mutant child” trope.  It’s the running commentary from our strange cast of characters that sells it. Really, Danger and Warlock were fantastic in this but they need to learn that honesty is not always the best policy.

We also get to learn more about Snow in that we actually don’t learn anything about him except that he knows people and has a lot of pull. The way he just walks in with the police and owns the place… then just takes the girl…  no questions asked. Yeah, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think about Snow right now… color me worried here.

Though it’s nice to see Polaris kick some magnetic butt… she’s channeling a bit of here dad there… but don’t tell her that. 😉

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What's Your Tag?

Those of you who have yet to be infected with the Live by Microsoft, Die by Microsoft virus may soon succumb to it. Microsoft is now breaking into the TV show/mini-movie industry, albeit without any idea of what they’re actually going to do. Either way, this is an unbelievable accomplishment and, further, a declaration of war!

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Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4This Deadpool series has been a bit like Chinese food… initially satisfying but after an hour or so you feel kinda empty.

There are some solid introspective moments that shows that Bunn understands that Deadpool is more than a cheap joke. Deadpool has deep seated psychological issues and it’s no wonder that he’s trying to kill himself across all the dimensions. But it’s also no wonder that he wants to live just as badly, that’s just how far that rabbit hole goes.

But much like the preceding mini’s, there is a lot of stuff jammed into a small space and even with the pages dedicated to nothing but carnage… I kinda have to wonder if truly needs a Parental Advisory, well, this is like PG-13 instead of R. Then with the ending so quickly falling into place with the ‘oh, it’s not over yet’ tag at the end and it really turns this into what it blatantly is: a money grab.

It’s still better put together than the Killustrated mini, but it’s likely something that’s going to be forgotten in years to come when it had the possibility of being so much more.

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I got asked if readers would find out anything about the characters past and what gets them to the place they are now, and that was actually one of my very first thoughts upon creating XMTFFS. In my mind, I know the backgrounds to all these characters… when their powers manifested, the reactions of those around them, and how they came to be in the X-Men, Brotherhood, or other. With how many characters there are in this universe, I could literally make every episode into an origin episode.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided not to do that.

It’s true that where the characters come from is as important as where they are now, but there is no point in dredging the past when you’re building a future.

With that in mind, the main characters will get origin episodes as the series goes along. So far Scott had his in 1X04 Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Kitty will have hers in 1X10 Ghosts which airs 12/13.  After the winter break, Bobby will get an origin in 1X15 Blizzard and Jean-Paul will reconnect, after a fashion, with his sister in 1X19 Straight on Till Morning.

Should XMTFFS get a second season (which is a post for another day) then straight off the bat, Jean gets her origin in Red Queen. Later in the season, Wolverine will get his own episode Weapon X, and then there is The Oncoming Storm for you know who.

As for the Brotherhood, I’m holding them closer to my chest, there is no planned origin episodes for them in the first two seasons, but there will be lots of references and information that can be extrapolated from (Pyro’s ‘I like cherries’ comment is not as random as it seems at first glance). Season two is more open to the possibility of adding in another origin episode, so we’ll see when we get there.

The secondary characters won’t get full origin stories but we’ll see more and more of their back history as they tie into the other character’s history. I’m attempting to make this a well rounded series and not spend the whole time doing LOST-esque flashbacks (something that annoys me in Arrow to no end).

Only time will tell how effective I’ve been…

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Rogue - Eris O'ReillyAn artist friend of mine, Eris O’Reilly, is doing some artwork for me and X-Men: The (fan fic) Series.

First up is Rogue!

I have given my version of Rogue reddish-brown hair. I know she’s pretty much a brunette now in the comics but back in the 90s, her hair was more red, both the comics and X-Men: TAS, so that’s how I always envisioned her. It’s also kept short to accommodate the wigs she often wears to hide her distinctive white streak.

Being a southern gal, she’s most comfortable in a pair of boots and jeans, but her trademark green is found in her shirt. Of course she has the brown jacket. Actually, I imagine half her closet is full of coats and jackets and the like. As she is often to say, she’s from the South, she hates the cold.

No opera gloves or other fancy long gloves because, seriously, have you ever tried to take off a pair of opera gloves in a rush? Yeah, no, ain’t gonna happen.

As for Deadpool… why not?
(for those of you interested, Deadpool will eventually appear in the series, just not season one)

Next up will be Pyro!

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On my latest post on, I got asked this question:

When you transfer it from your blog to here, do you do any kind of editting or is it just copy and paste?

That’s a good question.

The way I write the series is that season one has a folder for every episode, and inside that folder is six word docs as I write each act in its own document. I do this because it’s easier for me to visualize each act as its own separate section with ‘commercial breaks’ in-between.  It’s also easier to move sections around if I decide to put a particular scene earlier or later in the story.

Then when I go to make the pages here on my blog, I copy/paste everything after I have done one last edit. Then I create a new word file and that becomes the world doc for use on I copy everything over to the one document and upload that to to be posted as the next chapter/episode.

Long story short, no, I don’t do any editing between them, at least nothing significant. If I do catch the odd misspelled word (cause I know I don’t catch them all as hard as I try) then I will go back and edit it on the blog, but nothing of significance is changed. If I did decide to change something significant, I would edit on both sites and post on my blog to that effect. So far though, I haven’t had to do that.

Anyway, this was probably more than you wanted to know, but I wanted to share.

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