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Well, been telling myself I would do it and I finally did. I upgraded the blog to Premium which means I have more space to work with, can load videos, do some more custom work on the theme, but most important for the time being… I get myself a domain.

It’s all coming together.

I should also have a new trailer for you guys tomorrow as well.

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Thanks to our new Production Designer Sheepykipz, we have a new banner for the site which is sssoooo much nicer than what I made. We’ll have a new background and avatar soon as well. Yay!

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Okay, so something happened and I lost my formatting, everything is just basic HTML like old-school. WTH?

Not sure if something I did or it’s just my computer or what.

Calling in a second opinion, then maybe an expert. Ugh. This is why I haven’t gone live yet… working out ‘dem kinks.

EDIT: So apparently it’s just me, Chellerbelle can see this just fine. /headdesk
Tomorrow I call in an expert to explain why my computer has lost it’s bloody mind!

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I’ve added an Extra’s tab to the top of the page. Once I get the banner and the trailers up they will fall under this section… but more importantly…


Chellerbelle is going to be writing ‘out takes’ and ‘bloopers’ from the series which is going to be awesome cause she’s sssssooooooooooo hilarious in her writing! You have got to check out her X-Men Present series!!!

We’ll also include some Deleted Scenes as well, but of course both of these won’t be posted until after the episode airs.

So far, everything is coming together nicely!

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Well, I’ve hired an artist to work on my banner and accompanying art and avatars. Not sure yet what it’s going to look like, we’re in the conceptual stage atm.

All I know is that it will definitely be sssooooooooo much better than what I’ve done!!!

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Been doing a lot of tweaking on the widgets, layout, etc… trying to figure out how I want to upload the episodes, i.e., one chapter at a time or all at once on the air date.

I got time to think about it, do some more tests… but right now I’m looking around and I wish I do could photoshop… seriously… hopefully by the time this is read by anyone I’ll have a professional banner made… cause what I made is sad… so sad… but it’ll place hold for now.

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Today I opened up this blog account, about a full year before I plan on posting the first episode of X-Men: The (fan fic) Series.

I already have several episodes of the first season written, mostly they just need a little editing. I have synopsis wrote down for the rest. This is a huge, epic even, project that I’m undertaking. But that’s why I’m starting now.

First thing first, get this place looking good.

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