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It’s been confirm that Channing Tatum will play Gambit in I guess the next X-Men movie since it doesn’t specifically say he will be in DOFP (and the film has been screened several times already).

I’m not opposed to Tatum as an actor, he does comedy very well actually as the straight man of the standard comedy duo. But does he fit my idea of Gambit? Of course  not, because in my mind I have envisioned the perfect Gambit, a combination of traits seen in all the comics, animated series, and Kitsch, brought together in the most charming and sexy Cajun to ever walk the Earth.

Could I sit here and complain about how Tatum ‘doesn’t fit because…’ and rattle off reasons both real and imagined? Sure, that’s what the internet is for.

Could I sit here and give just as many reasons why this might just work because lord knows we’ve all said certain people couldn’t pull off a character and then ended up eating crow later? Oh yeah.

But I’m not going to sit here and do either because I’m trying to come to terms with the idea that whatever is in my head will never, ever, match up to what I will get, even if the studio is trying to please me. Because the thing is, the studio isn’t trying to please me, I’d be lucky if they are just trying to please their audience. Most times they are trying to simply please the studio and those with the purse strings. Some are just blatantly making their own fan fiction.

So I will not sit here and complain. I will not sit here and cry. I will not let this break my heart because my ideal is not shared by others.

Maybe he’ll pull it off, maybe he won’t.

The great thing about comics and movies… there is always next time.

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Here is a sneak peak at episode 1X09 “King of Hearts” which airs 11/29/13 and premieres Gambit in my fan fiction series.
This is from the teaser…

“Call the thief.”

In an upscale apartment, the bedroom was dark except for light shining through the blinds from the neon signs beyond. A blond woman lay on her bed, hair splayed in a sweaty mess, a slight upturn to her lips.

A dark figure moved across the room, the sleeping woman oblivious as she turned and cuddled against the pillow. A King of Hearts appears beside her, and the figure moves out the door, shutting it without so much as a squeak or click.

Booted feet move down the stairwell, but again, not a sound was to be heard until a light buzzing echoed off of the beige walls. From somewhere in the maze of pockets specially sewn into the brown trench coat, the man pulled out a cell phone.

The caller ID read Helmet Hair.

Clicking accept, he brought the phone to his ear, “Bonjour.”

“We have a job for you,” he recognized the voice of Leeds’, Magneto’s little gopher, “Smithsonian. Expedited.”

“That’ll cost,” the voice of the figure came across deep, southern fried with a European garnish of smooth velvety chocolate.

“Noted,” the man expected as much, “you’ll meet Sabretooth at a specified location, I’ll text you once I have it.”

“The Kitty, huh,” he exited out of the building, walking towards the street, “cost you extra.”

“Yes,” Leeds sighed, “standard rates, I presume.”

“I’ll be there ‘fore sun up,” he told the man, clicking the phone off and tucking it into his pocket as keys appeared in his other hand.

With practiced ease, the figure straddled the classic Harley then turned over the engine which purred loudly in the moonlight. It caught the attention of a man walking his dog, but all he saw was the tail light as the bike drove off, and the distinctive white Louisiana license plate which read: THECAJUN.

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via BleedingCool


Peter David has been inspired by Google as a corporation getting into new areas of business… And All New X-Factor is about an Internet search corporation Serval Industries, creating its own superhero team, after buying the name from Jamie Madrox. We get Polaris, Quicksilver and… Gambit. With three more to come…

Since Gambit’s solo and Astonishing X-Men ended, he looked to be in limbo. He’s going to return in All-New X-Factor from Peter David. Not only that, but half-siblings Polaris and Quicksilver are going to be working together? And on what seems to be a paid super hero team set up by the MU version of Google? This.. should be really interesting… to say the least.

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Review: Gambit #17

Gambit #17With this issue, Gambit’s latest Solo comes to an end… so why didn’t Asmus end it?

I seriously sat for twenty minutes just staring at the comic thinking there should be another page… and there wasn’t. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been some concrete evidence of where Gambit would be next. Uncanny Avengers is out, maybe Wolverine and the X-Men but that doesn’t seem as likely either, and that ending… it definitely shuts down on the options.

But let’s ignore the ending for a moment and look at the two big things, the first off being Remy and his dad. While it was nice that they kinda had that father/son moment, I can’t help thinking that Jean-Luc is playing Remy because, well, that’s what Jean-Luc does. He took Remy in, yes, because he thought he could use him. It’s always been about what’s best for either Jean-Luc or the Guild. And Remy’s almost casual use of the L-word here? It’s nice, it’s what you want to see from Remy as it heals a fractured relationship, but it doesn’t feel like it would really happen.

Conversely, Remy’s moment with Rogue was pretty spot on. The uncertainty in Rogue is palatable. She wants to tell him to just come with her, but she can’t, both because it’s a choice Remy has to make, but mostly because she’s also very much unsure about herself still. Yes, she did say that he’s not completely trustworthy because he’s a thief at heart, but it’s the truth, they both know it, and ultimately Rogue doesn’t care… she trusts him regardless.

As for Gambit himself, he seems to have accepted the fact that he’s a thief, through and through, and not meant to be the hero. I’m not sure I agree with that assessment of himself, but it’s legit for him to think it. He’s always had that self-worth complex going way back forever ago. I had kinda hoped he would get character development out of that trait in his solo but, well, we can’t always get what we want.

Now we come back to the ending that isn’t really an ending. Gambit is running the Guild and sorta still at the school. This is awesome in and of itself, but as a reader, where does it leave Gambit title wise? I want to read more about Gambit in general at the very least, but there is no real indication that we’ll be seeing him again any time soon. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s really the ending of a TV show which has been cancelled after all the episodes have been filmed. And we all know that is probably the worst feeling, okay, second worst feeling in the world.

Well, at least he won’t be going to Uncanny Avengers… Remender can keep his grubby mits off him.

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Review: Gambit #16

Gambit #16Where have I seen this before?

Gambit isn’t so much as on trial, but having a really intense interview. For what position you ask? Why, the literal King of Thieves. Apparently, since Candra went bye-bye, the international Thieves Guild’s aren’t really playing nice without a fearless leader to keep them in line. Gambit’s name popped up as one of four possible candidates because, apparently, Jean-Luc isn’t epic enough (though likely it’s just ageism at work). Jean-Luc wants Gambit to take over everything and literally kidnapped him into the interview process. Gambit didn’t exactly agree to do it but something in a file changed his mind. Now he’s on another heist to prove himself and not doing too well.

A popular plot line in fan fiction is the whole ‘Jean-Luc wants Remy to take over, Remy doesn’t want to do it’. This is because Gambit did take over for a short time but that didn’t end well, not to mention Jean-Luc has always had unreasonable expectations on Remy. In any case, it’s not going to work here because Gambit can’t be the leader of the Thieves Guild because he’s an X-Men and generally a hero. Plus, his solo is ending so no way to play out the plot line. With only one issue left, a decision is going to have to be made and Gambit will then either languish without a title, or more likely move onto something else, possibly Uncanny Avengers (which scares me, Remender shouldn’t be allowed to touch any characters!). So if he’s in another X-Title, then he can’t run the guild… or I guess he could but that would be unnecessarily complicated.

All I know, is if Remy becomes King and then ‘delegates’ the day to day duties to Jean-Luc… then Chellebelles should get royalties.

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Review: Gambit #15

Gambit #15Gambit naked, holding kittens, does it really get any better than that?

Apparently, yes, because in the next panels he’s impersonating Hawkeye (remember he stole his wallet in A+X #3) and the whole thing just made me squeal like a little girl.

Then Gambit plays detective for a bit, then uses his savvy instead of Bo staff to solve a problem. It seems a bit rushed but it does show off Gambit’s ‘hero side’, especially since his thief side is about to be tested, apparently by the Thieves Guild itself.

Now, this isn’t the first time Gambit has been on trial, and he’s been accused of a lot of a bad stuff, done some of it too, so having another trial is a bit of a risky move for Asmus to make this late in the game for Gambit. Already Gambit has done enough stuff to get him back at the top of a bunch of watch lists, and make Rogue worry about him more than normal, so this could be either good/healthy for Gambit, or wreck everything he’s worked towards in the past few years.

That’s the thing though, he’s been working towards being the hero, the good guy, the teacher, and it’s done nothing but leave him feeling a bit empty. Is it because he’d rather be the bad guy? Because it hurts to much to be around Rogue? Or because he just hasn’t really let the past go?

Asmus has said that Remy’s ‘status quo’ will change by the end of his solo, what exactly does that mean?

This could go really good, or really not…

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Astonishing X-Men #68 cover artAnd yet another of my favorite titles gets axed. Here is the October solicitation for Astonishing X-Men #68 courtesy of Newsarama:

Cover by PHIL NOTO
• Through thick and thin, from marriage to apocalypse, the X-Men have always stood together as a family.
• Is there anything in this world – or any other – that could break them up?
• It all ends here as Marjorie Liu bids a fond farewell to the Astonishing team!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

The thing is, Astonishing hasn’t been doing that bad in sales. Sure, it’s been skirting above the 20k milestone (23k in June) but it’s still up there unlike other titles which are floundering, like Morbius with only 14k. So why cancel Astonishing if it’s steady? I’m sure there is probably a reason, and that might do with how it’s 3.99 vs 2.99, perhaps they could give it a price cut? Or maybe they simply felt it ran its course?

It often feels like Astonishing doesn’t ‘fit’ with the whole Marvel NOW! thing, staying out of the AvX stuff and whatnot, but that’s been good for Astonishing. It’s allowed it to be its own title.

The worst part about this is while most of the main characters in Astonishing have homes in other titles, since Gambit’s solo was cancelled, this leaves the Cajun without a home unless one of the other titles picks him up. I haven’t heard any news of such a move, though it might be something that will crop up in the November solicits. Crossing my fingers he does get picked up, just not by Remender in Uncanny Avengers… though since apparently someone will die in #13 according to the October solicitations… there will be an opening.

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