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ComicBookMovie – Coulson’s Revival In AGENTS OF  S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained? – It’s not proven but it is the most logical explaination… though is that enough?

CinemaBlend – Iron Man 3 Earning More Than The Avengers Overseas

CinemaBlend – Did Joss Whedon Hint That Avengers 2 Could Include Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver? – Yes, please, what do I need to do to make this happen??

ComicBookMovie – DC’s VP Marketing John Cunningham On A JUSTICE LEAGUE & WONDER WOMAN Movie: “Decisions Have Been Made” – He’s just not telling us what they are.

ComicBookMovie – Jaimie Alexander Talks THOR: THE  DARK WORLD Trailer, Characters And WONDER WOMAN

CinemaBlend – Marvel’s President Hopes Guardians Looks Nothing Like Green Lantern – I think we all hope that…

Newsarama – Kevin Feige Confirms DAREDEVIL Rights at Marvel Studios

ComicBook Movie – Jim Starlin Clarifies His Thanos  In AVENGERS 2 Comments– basically, he doesn’t know for sure if Thanos will be in the films or not

CinemaBlend – Amazing Superheroes Designed By Little Girls Cosplaying

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Brian Singer tweeted a picture of Halle Berry in her new Storm outfit for Days of Future Past.

I have to say… not a big fan.

The hair I don’t mind, as one commenter on the twitter feed said, she’s about one movie short of wearing her famous mohawk (which would be awesome) and it’s definitely better than X1 and X2 (her hair was one of the few things done well in X3).

It’s the rest of the costume that bothers me. Gone is the leather suit which we already knew was happening. Instead we get what looks like a really dusty flight suit? It’s just a bunch of layers strapped together and some weird shoulder pieces. I know, it’s apocalyptic times so style is not a high priority but could they have at least added some dash of color (even if it was just Storm’s signature white from the 80s)?

Or, you know what, it’s the cape. That’s the biggest problem with this outfit and what’s dragging it down. It literally looks like she grabbed a bed sheet and cut it at a curve. The cape is one of Storm’s most iconic pieces of wardrobe and this… it’s just horrid. Maybe if they got the cape from the previous movies and put it with this outfit that would be a lot better?

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Peter DinklageVariety is reporting that Peter Dinklage, who was just added to the DOFP cast, will be playing a villain, knocking out the rumors that he would be playing Puck. Newsarama are betting on either Ahab or Nimrod (when he takes human form).

There is, of course, the possibility he will play someone altogether new, though that’s less likely than perhaps Dinklage playing a known character, just with a whole new back story/place in the X-Men universe (Stryker or Shaw for examples). Seeing that there is a trend for really mucking with the villain’s back story, this is a high probability and really, anything goes.

Whatever is planned, should be interesting.

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Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3rd which is only three months away so they are really starting to hit the advertising hard. Below is a selection of news information, photos, etc, but before I get to that, I want to point out something that kinda bothers me: What kind of movie will Iron Man 3 be?

Kevin Feige has said that this is not a serious movie, but the ad copy for the film seems to beg to differ. Every trailer focuses on destruction, and not in the ‘oh, fun action movie mayhem’ but ‘Iron Man has failed, what he loves he can’t protect’ stuff. Almost every picture is either neutral or some kind of ‘look how Iron Man looks crappy and beaten’. I’ve only seen one image that is remotely not-serious. There is a touch of humor in the extended look at the Super Bowl trailer that can be seen on their Facebook page or embedded here.

So, are the ad people simply focusing on the dark and gritty stuff, attempting to capitalize on the ‘TDK effect’? After all, a certain amount of grit is to be expected in this film and that’s perfectly understandable. Tony did go through a lot during the Avengers movie and Pepper Potts could turn into Rescue.  But doesn’t focusing on this aspect of the film constitute a total mis-representation of the film?

If this isn’t the ad people taking liberties, then will this movie end up being a hot mess as no one really knows what it’s supposed to be in the first place? I’m hoping this isn’t the case cause I’m really looking forward to Iron Man 3. However, since Iron Man 2 did waver in quality and tried too hard to levy on the emotional introspective side of things… it’s possible that the third movie is somewhere in between and more the woe for it.

Official Iron Man 3 website

Marvel – Iron Man 3 poster

CinemaBlend – Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Spot Takes To The Air And Suggests A Major Character Death
You can watch the embedded Super Bowl ads here.

ComicBookMovie – Official IRON MAN 3 Stills Released

BleedingCool – Let’s Over Analyse This New Iron Man 3 Image For Fun

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Below is the casting call for Days of Future Past courtesy of ComicBookMovie. Fittings starts in mid-February (which isn’t capitalized?) but the actual filming will be April to August, this gives plenty of time for post-production unless there is another  chunk to be filmed later. We can probably expect to see set pics starting in May.

The big thing is that apparently “most of the film takes place in 1973” which is ten/eleven years after First Class. I don’t see a problem with this, they need to move things forward in the timeline and allow them to go farther with the current actors.

A lot of people though, seem to take this as meaning that there will be no JFK assassination ‘magic bullet’ moment. Vaughn originally talked about such a scene when First Class came out as a possible opener for the sequel but seeing as the assassination took place in 1963 people believe this won’t happen. Um, they can still easily do that, if the film mostly takes place in 1973 doesn’t mean they can’t have the movie start in 1963 and do a quick skip to ten years later.

I’m more interested in the fact that this is 1973… what happened in 1973 that would fit with the Days of Future Past idea of changing the future? From Wikipedia:

And that’s just some of the highlights. Seeing as First Class went after the historical event of the Cuban missile Crisis it’s safe to assume that there is a very likely chance DOFP will involve itself either in the Vietnam War or the Watergate Scandal. But the question is, what would have to be changed? Or is more like they have to make sure that everything happens the way ‘we remember it’… i.e. maybe Nixon doesn’t resign or is assassinated in the future and that leads to a mutant apocalypse? Or they could just make something up, a young Senator Kelly or a replacement character?

Only time will tell… but they sure picked an interesting year to play around in…

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Anna Paquin as Rogue

Anna Paquin as Rogue

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has tweeted that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be reprising their rolls as Rogue, Shadowcat, and Iceman in the upcoming film. This is in addition to previous news that Stewart, McKellen and Jackman will be reprising their roles as well.

Odds are, these are only going to be cameo performances. I say this because they are kinda bunched together here. Then there is the fact Paquin and Ashmore have their own tv shows to work on, True Blood and The Following. Granted, that hasn’t stopped some actors from making movies but could cause scheduling issues. Paquin also just had twins which might affect how much time she wants to spend off somewhere filming.

Also, Singer went after Stewart, McKellen and Jackman first which denotes that they likely have larger, more important, roles which needed to be locked down. This goes into my theory that Wolverine will be the one doing the time traveling rather than Shadowcat because she’s much to young in the original movies to be able to go back to the 60s/70s.

Odds are, these three will be shown standing around providing exposition right before the fateful trip. There is also the possibility of a little action, maybe they’re protecting against Sentinels and what not while Xavier sends whoever back in time, but again depends on what these guys signed up for.

Some pointed out that Bryan said “thank you @BrettRatner for letting them live!” which means we’ll see no Cyclops (who was treated poorly in the movies) or Jean Grey or anyone else who died. Well, Xavier kinda died and he’s back. Jean Grey does nothing but die and come back. Also, wouldn’t that be a great way to show that the world has indeed been changed by whatever happens in DOFP? With Cyclops being alive?

In the end, I did not like what they did with Rogue in X3, she wasn’t any more Rogue than Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool at the end of X:O:W. As long as DOFP gives us that glimmer that everything has been changed, that X1-3 are now ‘alt-universe’ movies, then I’ll be happy.

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From CinemaBlend: Doctor Strange, Ant-Man Confirmed As Marvel Phase Three Films

The Marvel executive tells MTV News that a Doctor Strange movie “is definitely one” of the movies planned in [the Phase Three] stage of release, joining Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man as a Marvel movie we’ll see in theaters after The Avengers 2

“He’s a great, original character, and he checks the box off this criteria that I have,” Feige says of Doctor Strange. “He’s totally different from anything else we have, just like Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s totally different from anything we’ve done before, as is Ant-Man, which keeps us excited.”

Which begs the question, will Marvel treat him as ‘real magic’ or will they try to find a plausible scientific explanation? Also, I know she’s not really known to work with Strange, but if they don’t introduce Wanda in Phase Two, then they could easily give her a role in a Doctor Strange movie. Yes, I have a bit of a one-track mind. 😉

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