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NaNoWriMo: The End

National Novel Writing Month has come to an end and I really didn’t think I would make it this year. I literally had to buckle down and write 14k words today, well, yesterday (it’s still today if you haven’t gone to sleep yet, right?).

But I did it! It took getting out of the distractions of my apartment and then the encouragement of my local NaNo group, but I got those words down.

They are probably a shambling mess that is going to need a major editing… but hey, that’s what December is for. ūüėČ

To everyone who won NaNo this year: CONGRATULATIONS!!

To everyone who didn’t quite get there: HUGS!! AND KEEP ON KEEPING ON!! ūüėČ

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Must See TV

Here is a list of Television Shows that I think every person should watch in their lifetime.

  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)
  • Ashes to Ashes (UK)
  • Babylon 5
  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • Blackadder
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Dead Like Me
  • Fairy Tail
  • Farscape
  • Firefly
  • Forever Knight
  • Fringe
  • Futurama
  • Gargoyels: The Animated Series
  • Haven
  • Journeyman
  • Leverage
  • Life on Mars (UK)
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • Merlin
  • Mistery Science Theater 3000
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Mythbusters
  • Psych
  • Pushing Daises
  • Star Trek (all except Enterprise)
  • Stargate: SG1
  • Supernatural
  • Twin Peaks
  • X-Files
  • Xena: Warrior Princess

This isn’t everything I would recommend, but it’s everything I think you should definitely watch.

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This addition to my Star Wars Episode VII Wish List comes¬†courtesy of GiantFreakingRobot’s article stating that Keri Russell wants to be in the new Star Wars movies and since JJ has worked with her before, this is a possibility.

No, just no. Keri Russell would not fit in a Star Wars movie… at all!

That was one of the major problems I had with the prequels, their desire to just cast anyone.

Samuel L. Jackson, I love you, you make an AWESOME Nick Fury, but I just could not take you seriously as Mace.

Jimmy Smits, what you were doing in those movies, I don’t even…

It’s not like these two can’t act, cause they can, it’s that they just didn’t fit in the film. This wasn’t their element. I hate to throw the ‘typecast’ word out there but it is a legitimate thing. Some actors simply don’t fit.

It’s like when we hear Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford could have been Andy and Red in Shawshank Redemption. Cruise and Ford are good actors, yes, would that have worked, oh hell no.

So, yeah… JJ, you did some great casting in Star Trek (2009) so please, PLEASE, bring that to Star Wars Episode VIII.

I wish that only actors who fit and can own their roles will be cast in Star Wars Episode VII.

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I keep thinking about this event that took place on Saturday and decided I needed to share.

So, a writing friend of mine who had never read comics in their life (but seen comic book movies) decided to tag along to the comic book store with me and another friend who is into comics.

We show¬†our newbie friend¬†were everything is, point out titles which we read, see what she might want to try…

She picks one up and goes “Is that elephant holding a gun? It is, the elephant is holding a gun! I have to get this one!”

It was Deadpool #2

She ended up leaving the comic book store with Deadpool #1-3…

No word yet if she still considers us friends.

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Apparently, The Mummy is getting rebooted in 2014 according to ComicBookMovie. It’s already got a director and he states it will be a¬†modern gritty reboot¬†and have nothing to do with the Brendan Fraser movies.

As much as I liked the Fraser movies, and as much as I loathe gritty reboots, I have to sign off on this one. For one, as it’s pointed out, The Mummy goes way back to Boris Karloff in 1932 which was in turn inspired by¬†real events and a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was originally envisioned as a horror film, Fraser’s films made it a bit more family friendly and fun, so this new reboot will take it back to the horror genre proper with a more modern spin.

Now let’s just see if they can make a decent film.

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ComicBookMovie has a poll, who would win, Magneto or Gandalf? McKellen says Gandalf and the ComicBookMovie guys think Magneto has a better than even chance, and I believe them.

See, Gandalf, for all his power, is a bit of an idiot sometimes. We’ve all seen the joke of how “why didn’t they just take a flying ship/bird to the mountain” and a bunch of other stuff that he really should have figured out a lot quicker. Magneto isn’t without his own faults as well but he’s also a lot more ruthless when he has to be.

I’d definitely say that this is anyone’s fight.

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X-Files Rebooted?

ComicBookMovie reports that so far there are no concrete plans for a third X-Files movies and hints at the possibility of a rebooted series ala Star Trek because X-Files is a big brand name and “it‚Äôs a huge asset in their libraries so I can‚Äôt imagine they would let it sit¬† languishing forever”.

A rebooted X-Files tv series would be tricky as not only do you have a major fan base, but X-Files changed the shape of television and was a hit no one was expecting.

I mention this because before there was X-Men: The (fan fic) Series, I wrote a treatment for X-Files: Believe, a new tv series for the X-Files. This one never made it into full fledge scripts¬†like X-Men because, well, this was like 2001 and I didn’t know about, Blogs, etc.

Anyway, my idea, which I still like, starts out revisiting the episode Conduit from the first season. Local Feds from that region go out to investigate a possible kidnapping but, in reference to that episode, they chalk it up to rebellious teenage girl syndrome. Before they leave, they get a note on their car written on the back of one of Mulder’s old business cards asking them to meet someone.

They decide what the heck, remembering that Mulder was ‘that crazy FBI agent’ and maybe it would make the trip worth it, entertainment wise. They end up meeting the boy from Conduit (grown up) and he explains about the aliens, etc. The two agents head back to the regional HQ and the lead character asks if they can investigate further, that perhaps this kid is projecting the ‘alien’ story to coverup in his mind something much more traumatic. This is the only way the kid can deal with reality.

They are given¬†the go ahead and investigate and much like the original¬†episode itself it’s left open as to¬†whether or not it was rebellion or the girl was actually kidnapped. In the course of the investigation, the main character loses time and suddenly doesn’t really know what to make of the events. At the end of the pilot episode someone asks him ‘Do you really think you were abducted by aliens?’ to which he replies, ‘I don’t know what to believe.’

This sets the tone for the first season, the lead character is basically turning into a ‘Mulder-like’ character. He starts to see the possibility of the extraordinary in cases where things just aren’t adding up. He wants to believe that¬†he’s not going crazy but at the same time his eyes are open to a whole new world.

The audience is left to wonder if there is indeed supernatural/alien events occurring or is the character going ‘crazy’ as everyone believes Mulder did. Add some legitimate conspiracy by the government, a partner who is supportive but skeptical, call backs to classic episodes, and you have the original series with enough twists to make it interesting.

Perhaps his this Fan Fic series takes off I’ll look into writing the X-Files fan fic series…

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Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.

This will be the first year I’m participating in it, working on an original story though now I wonder if I should have went for a sequel to Among Thieves… oh well, too late now!

Of course, NaNoWriMo¬†will cut into my script writing time for XMTFFS, but I’ve given myself a decent lead I think I’ll be okay.

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I know, this is an X-Men/Marvel blog, but after hearing the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm, I had to say something. See, I’ve had what can only be described as an abusive relationship with Star Wars. Every time I try to break it off it sucks me back in. I thought I had it this time. I stopped any and all connects with Star Wars outside talking to the friends I made in the community. I thought I was free…

And then Disney buys Lucasfilm, announce Episode 7 in 2015 and I’m sucked back in again.

Disney and Marvel gave us the current Avengers and related movies (so this kinda related?). These movies have been spectacular but these were Disney AND Marvel. Will the same dynamic work with Disney and Lucasfilm? I want to say yes, after all, Disney made a great movie in John Carter (even though the marketing was crap) and they have/had a great relationship with Pixar as well.

So does this mean that Episode 7 will be good?

Define good.

Binary Disney

Binary Disney – Stolen from Facebook – Artist Unknown

My fandom goes deep into the expanded¬†universe (EU) and I have come to the conclusion that Episode 7 will wipe the EU into alt universe land. Why? For one, they already said that they were left a whole bunch of stuff from Lucas and Lucasfilm regarding Episode 7 and where the franchise is supposed to go. I seriously doubt that Lucas (who has a history of ignoring the EU in the prequels) made any considerations for the EU in his ‘series bible’ as it where.

Secondly, if they wanted to go EU, where to start? If they want to recast, they could go back to a few years post ROTJ¬†(aka Thrawn¬†Trilogy) but as much as those books rocked, they will want to go with more contained and sweeping stories because this would be more accessible¬†to new viewers (not to mention that TT would have to be rewritten in a lot of places to be Prequel consistent). I know, I sound like a heretic, but TT was great books but they won’t play on the big screen the same reason a lot of books adapted for movies just don’t work in the end.
Now, if they don’t recast and manage to get everyone back, well, sorry Mark, Carrie and Harrison, but you are all old, which means this would largely be about your kids… and yeah, the EU kinda screwed you over on that one. There is way to much to have happened to try to explain and just starting from scratch is better.

So the EU will be turned AU. I accept this. In a way, I want this.

See, the EU went down hill the moment they got an editor who, since they couldn’t kill off Luke Skywalker, decided to do the next best thing. The Vong¬†was just stupid, and the stupid continued until there was so much stupidity abounding that only so hardcore they’re disillusioned, or those who actually think this is so stupid it must be brilliant, actually like the EU any more.

But there is a small hope. Just cause the storylines are gone doesn’t mean the characters are.

Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc is a given seeing as he was shoe horned into the Prequels.
As for the rest… anything is up for grabs. I’d like to say Mara is a given as a Luke love-interest but her background would have to be adjusted (I could see her as a former member of Imperial Intelligence)… but for all we know Lucas had other ideas for Luke’s future and Mara (or any girlfriend) isn’t a part of it. She could still rock as a Jedi student… but again, where are they going to take this? Will him setting up a new Academy be a vital plot point or mearly¬†a passing comment between fighting the big baddy? Speaking of big baddies… if the Vong¬†show up, that’s it, I quit. As for other baddies, there are a lot to chose from but again, they may want to go original.

In the end, we may get characters from the EU but will they be those characters or shadows of their former selves? Too early to tell but the fact that they are going off notes at least opens the possibility for whatever screenwriter they get to polish off the script to perhaps embrace the EU.

That’s the thing isn’t it… it’s all too early. Disney could do so much good… or they could do so much wrong. Could they do any worse than Lucas? Actually, Yes. They really could. Will they? I have enough faith that it won’t go that far…

but at this moment, I’m once again sucked back into this abusive relationship with Star Wars and unless the words Vong are mentioned I will be right there to watch Episode 7 at its midnight showing…

All this… and right when I fully dedicated myself to another fandom…

Damn you Star Wars!!! Why can’t I quit you!!!

Mel Brook's Spaceballs

“When did we get to Disneyland?”


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