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ComicBookMovie – Bryan Singer, Nicholas Hoult And  More Discuss X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – “It’s An Inbetwequel”
It’s not totally different, it relates to the movies but it  relates to both X-Men: First Class and the other X-Men pictures. So it is it’s  own thing in a way, it’s not a sequel, it’s not a prequel it’s a  “inbetwequel”.”

CinemaBlend – Halle Berry Will Likely Be In X-Men: Days Of Future Past – but most importantly… which wig will she be wearing?

ComicBookMovie – Robert Downey Jr. Reflects On  IRON MAN; Shane Black Hints At Movies Post-IRON MAN 3
“And suddenly it occurred to me, Oh my God, Stan Lee might not know this,  but everything he created has all been leading to this moment. It’s me. Then I  thought, Hold on a second, dude, is this just some sort of neurotic personality  meltdown happening here? And then I thought, Nah, that feels  different.”

CinemaBlend – Emma Stone Teases A Heroic Gwen Stacy In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

CinemaBlend – New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Might Reference The Rhino

CinemaBlend – The Hulk’s Outer Space Spinoff May Not Happen After Avengers 2

ComicBookMovie – Jennifer Lawrence Trades  Bodypaint For Bodysuit In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

CinemaBlend – Dolph Lundgren Trash Talks The Avengers

ComicBookMovie – Terrence Howard Looks Back On  IRON MAN And Shares His Thoughts On Being Fired By Marvel

CinemaBlend – Matthew Goode Knows You Hated Him For Watchmen

CinemaBlend – President Obama Mixes Up Star Trek And Star Wars, The Internet Explodes

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Star Trek vs Star Wars

blastr – Check out who wins when infographic pits Star Trek against Star Wars

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ComicBookMovie – First Teaser For THE WOLVERINE Attached To G.I. JOE: RETALIATION – well, that settles it, guess I will be seeing GI Joe 2 in theaters

ComicBookMovie – Nightcrawler: The Latest Mutant Bryan Singer Is Teasing For X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
“I don’t know. We’ll see. You know … we’ll see,” he teased. When pressed a little further he explained, “I don’t want to … sometimes you don’t want to say “yes” or “no” to something that may not be a “yes” or a “no,” or anything. I haven’t decided yet, a few things.”

BleedingCool – How To Write Comics And Graphic Novels by Dennis O’Neil #20

ComicBookMovie – Emily Bett Rickards To Become A Series Regular In ARROW’S Second Season – good, she is one of the brightest points of the show

ComicBookMovie – New Behind The Scenes Photo From MAN OF STEEL – possibly spoilerish

ComicBookMovie – Chloë Moretz Says There’s Romance For Hit-Girl In KICK-ASS 2
“There’s going to get a bit more romance, a much more grown up Mindy Macready. Someone who’s questioning themself and whether they are a villain, assassin or a vigilante and a hero. So there’s a lot of tormented inner self, it’s interesting.”

CinemaBlend – How The Avengers Made A Motion Capture Hulk And Snagged An Oscar Nomination

ComicBookMovie – Marvel Reintroduce Trading Cards For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY [comic] Relaunch

CinemaBlend – Lawrence Kasdan Says He Will Start Fresh For His Star Wars Spin-Off Movie

i09 – So… the popularity graph for the name “Bruce” looks just like Batman

Twitter – Maurissa Tancharoen – S.H.I.E.L.D. plot wraps filming, wrap photo below – via CBM

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I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII.

There is a very sketchy rumor going around that John Noble could play the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII. I think it’s a bit too early for this level of casting to be going on, especially in that JJ may end up pushing the whole thing back. Also, the fact that JJ was involved in Fringe where John Noble up till recently resided is probably what lent to this rumor actually taking root when it’s most likely someone’s fan-casting.

That being said…


If you’ve not watched Fringe, you’re totally missing out. John Noble is literally one hell of an actor. Spoilers, but there are two Walters, one from two different universes. One is slightly drug addled, wouldn’t hurt a fly, that kind of thing. The other is ruthless, cold, and exacting. Both are compelling and sympathetic.

The man has acting chops which is why every award season for the past few years everyone is left scratching their heads wondering why he keeps getting snubbed.

With both Palpatine and Vader off the table for sequels, John Noble is exactly the kind of man you want to fill those shoes. He could bring a level of gravitas that would be as chilling as when Tarkin blew up Alderaan.

So, for my next wish Star Wars Geni!

I wish John Noble is the villain in Star Wars Episode VII.

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cartoony_star_wars_characters_alphabetIt’s been confirmed to CNBC that we will be getting more Star Wars movies than just the next three episodes in the series.

“I can confirm to you today that in fact we are working on a few standalone films,” Iger said in an interview Tuesday on CNBC. “Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.”

Iger didn’t go into details on which characters or what kinds of stories will be told, but these standalone films may be coming sooner rather than later.

“We still plan to make Star Wars VII, VIII and IX roughly over a six-year period of time, starting in 2015, but there are going to be a few other films released in that period of time, too,” Iger said.

When asked if this was an “accelerated move” to get a return on Disney’s investment in Lucasfilm, Iger replied, “We have these great opportunities, because there are goods ideas out there, and some creators who are really interested in fleshing out these ideas, and we’re going for it.”

Speculation had already arisen for a Yoda movie but considering his fan popularity we can expect a Fett/Mando film to be in there somewhere too. It was suggested in the article that Chewie or Darth Maul could get a treatment and I can see that to an extent, maybe even Aayla Secura. I doubt Jabba will. One possibility could be a solo Luke Skywalker movie (seeing as he’ll probably get a backseat in the next part of the overall Episodic arc).

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly is saying that a ‘young Han Solo’ movie will be one of them but have evidence other than ‘sources close’ so this is just a rumor and not to be taken as fact. I think because there was ‘young Indiana Jones’ I think a lot of people look at that for a plausible reason to see ‘young Han Solo’.

Then you have all the Expanded Universe characters like Mara, Corran, and Kyle. A lot of unrest has been stirred up around the fact that these characters may be pretty much forgotten in the film-verse due to the fact that a) there is only so much room in the sequels and b) Lucas had a habit of ignoring the Expanded Universe. This could be a way to give the EU fans a little love.

The big problem I see is that a lot of these would be prequel films and we’ve already learned our lessons that prequels are just asking for trouble. Not only do you have the Prequel Trilogy which was riddled with problems, but you also have the similarly attempted X-Men: Origins: Wolverine which pretty much put all the nails in the coffin of X-Men films until a reboot kick started it again.

Until we know more about who these films will encircle and when they take place… I’m going to say “I have a bad feeling about this”.

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This addition to my Star Wars Episode VII Wish List comes courtesy of GiantFreakingRobot’s article stating that Keri Russell wants to be in the new Star Wars movies and since JJ has worked with her before, this is a possibility.

No, just no. Keri Russell would not fit in a Star Wars movie… at all!

That was one of the major problems I had with the prequels, their desire to just cast anyone.

Samuel L. Jackson, I love you, you make an AWESOME Nick Fury, but I just could not take you seriously as Mace.

Jimmy Smits, what you were doing in those movies, I don’t even…

It’s not like these two can’t act, cause they can, it’s that they just didn’t fit in the film. This wasn’t their element. I hate to throw the ‘typecast’ word out there but it is a legitimate thing. Some actors simply don’t fit.

It’s like when we hear Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford could have been Andy and Red in Shawshank Redemption. Cruise and Ford are good actors, yes, would that have worked, oh hell no.

So, yeah… JJ, you did some great casting in Star Trek (2009) so please, PLEASE, bring that to Star Wars Episode VIII.

I wish that only actors who fit and can own their roles will be cast in Star Wars Episode VII.

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Newsarama – Rogue Returns to GAMBIT at the ‘Worst Possible Moment’
Asmus: In a serious way, I will say that I’ve had more female readers reach out to me over this book than anything else I’ve done. Even more so than Generation Hope, which is a largely female cast. This book really has some very vocal female readers, in a way that proves to me that this is a real audience for comics, and they’re being underserved.
One of those women being our very own Chellerbelle who has been giving Asmus reference assistance!

ComicBookMovie – Did Marc Webb Hint That THE  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel Is Part of the MCU? – everyone wants to rid the Avengers cash cow, but Spider-Man/Sony seem to have the best chance of actually making something work out.

CinemaBlend – James Franco Also Thinks The Amazing Spider-Man Wasn’t Original Enough
“Asked by MTV at Sundance what he thought about The Amazing Spider-Man, Franco didn’t exactly trash it, but he certainly didn’t mince words about the film that he too thought was a little too similar to the original Spider-Man.”

ComicBookMovie – Screenwriter Stu Zicherman On  The Disappointing ELEKTRA
“…it was supposed to be this gigantic movie and then they decide they’re not going  to make an $80M movie they’re going to make a $30M movie, they bring in a  director we didn’t know, you get fired, someone else comes in and rewrites the  entire movie but you still get credit because you wrote the first draft.  Then  you go to the premiere in Las Vegas and 30-seconds into the movie you’re like  oh, [frick].”

Newsarama – MAN OF STEEL Product Licenses Outpacing SUPERMAN RETURNS – a good sign

BleedingCool – Superman And The Law &
ComicBookMovie – DC Has Notes And Sketches For A  Replacement SUPERMAN In Case They Lose The Rights

ComicBookMovie – Empire’s official stills of The Wolverine and Thor: Dark World movies have been released sans text.

ComicBookMovie – J.J Abrams’ “Superman Flyby”  script hits the web – i need to set down and read this sometime

Toy News International – Best of Warner Bros. Superman TV Collection On DVD May 7

ComicBookNews – Robert Downey Jr. Explains How  IRON MAN 3 Utilizes China; Comments On IRON MAN 2 Flaws

ComicBookMovie – Chris Pine Shares His Thoughts  On J.J. Abrams Helming STAR WARS: EPISODE VII
Oh, and what are the odds of a cameo for Kirk in Star  Wars? “Now you’re really playing with fire,” he laughed. “I  wouldn’t say that even lightly.”

i09 – 12 Things That Ruined Superman

ComicBookMovie – Stephen Amell On The Success Of  ARROW

CinemaBlend – Read Harrison Ford’s Handwritten Raiders Of The Lost Ark Script Notes

CinemaBlend – Terence Stamp Reflects On The Misery Of Shooting Star Wars The Phantom Menace
“I didn’t rate him that much as a director, really,” he told the magazine. “I didn’t feel like he was a director of actors; he was more interested in stuff and effects. He didn’t interest me and I wouldn’t think I interested him.”

Marvel – Iron Man 3 Gets New Poster & Game Spot Teaser

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CinemaBlend – Cobie Smulders Could Return As Maria Hill In Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. – which makes sense seeing as she’d be much cheaper to get than Jackson or the actual Avengers.

ComicBookMovie – The 14th Annual Golden Tomato  Award Winners – Avengers got some top honors.

ComicBookMovie – Ten Actors Who Should Be Considered To Play THE FLASH – I like Hedlund or Cooper on this list.

ComicBookMoive – Jon Favreau On Not Directing  IRON MAN 3 – Episode VII: Abrams says snagging Star Wars is “an incredible thing;” Could release date get pushed back?

Entertainment Weekly – ‘Star Trek’ Meets ‘Star Wars’: Artists’ Renderings

''Star Wars on deck'' by Kevin Lingenfelser

”Star Wars on deck” by Kevin Lingenfelser

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The Galactic Empire has responded to the White House’s response to the Death Star Petition:

IMPERIAL CENTER, CORUSCANT – The overwhelming military superiority of the Galactic Empire has been confirmed once again by the recent announcement by the President of the United States that his nation would not attempt to build a Death Star, despite the bellicose demands of the people of his tiny, aggressive planet. “It is doubtless that such a technological terror in the hands of so primitive a world would be used to upset the peace and sanctity of the citizens of the Galactic Empire,“ said Governor Wilhuff Tarkin of the Outer Rim Territories. “Such destructive power can only be wielded to protect and defend by so enlightened a leader as Emperor Palpatine.”

Representatives on behalf of the nation-state leader from the unimaginatively named planet refused to acknowledge the obvious cowardice of their choice, preferring instead to attribute the decision to fiscal responsibility. “The costs of construction they cited were ridiculously overestimated, though I suppose we must keep in mind that this miniscule planet does not have our massive means of production,” added Admiral Conan Motti of the Imperial Starfleet.

Emissaries of the Emperor also caution any seditious elements within the Galactic Senate not to believe Earth’s exaggerated claims of there being a weakness in the Death Star design. “Any attacks made upon such a station — should one ever be built — would be a useless gesture,” added Motti.

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SuperHeroHype – Anthony Mackie on Playing The Falcon in Captain America Sequel
“I will have wings. I will be able to fly. I will be a superhero and fight people, namely The Winter Soldier.”

BleedingCool – Marvel Tries To Pull Back The Spoilers On Gambit #10. Warning, Spoilers
Was it a mistake or did they want to jump in and get the Romy’s on their side?

CinemaBlend – Joss Whedon Wishes He Could Direct Star Wars 7, Too
I’m actually glad for this cause Whedon, as much as I adore Firefly and Avengers… I just don’t think I trust him…

ComicBookMovie – DREDD Director Pete Travis On  The Chances Of A Sequel; Shares His Thoughts On CBMs

ComicBookMovie – COMICS: Mysterious XX Teaser Is  For All Female  X-MEN Relaunch
“Wood says he plans to challenge the notion of female promiscuity, that is the  double standard that Wolverine can sleep with as many females as he likes but if  Storm or Rogue sleep with more than one man then they’re labeled promiscuous.”

X-Men (2013)

X-Men (2013)

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