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Black Widow #7There is something to be said about how much of a sociopath/psychopath a person has to be in order to do the job of a spy.

There is a very casual nature to death, dealing it and causing it, and this issue is all about Natasha being that kind of casual killer. It doesn’t frame her out very well into being the good guy here. Though at least her struggle is there, the teetering point between empathy and apathy. But not a lot of character development is done here on her part, even with the introduction of both past and present and Daredevil’s lawful neutral demeanor. It’s like it’s just another day in the life of Black Widow… which isn’t a bad thing, but seven issues in and we’re really not getting anywhere.

But we do learn why her lawyer/assistant is sticking with her despite it all, that’s something that is totally going to come back later… that’s just how these things roll.

I’m still disappointed in how slow this series is pacing though, and the general lack of a good Noir feel, or even a modern Burn Notice feel. Heck, I’d even settle for Ocean’s Eleven.

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Black Widow #6See, this is more like it.

This time, Black Widow wanted herself to get caught so she’d be brought to where the big baddy is. She takes a few punches but then kicks everyone’s butt and gets her mark. Classic spy tactics.

The only problem is that this part of the story is barely half the issue, the other half is used killing off the guy she just captured making her mission pretty moot except to say there’s an even bigger baddy out there. And the last few pages is once again hammering in the concept of the lonely life of a spy. Yes, we get it, thank you. If you’re going to tell us crap we already know, then at least you could approach it differently, like they did in Burn Notice.

Which, come to think of it, the concept they have going on here in Black Widow is pretty similar to that show. The why is different, but both are about spies who do side missions helping people and redeeming themselves while slowly investigating the main mission. They even have voiceovers giving some friendly spy-advice. But right now, Burn Notice did it better.

Great cameo from Hawkeye though, classic.

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Black Widow #5This title is starting to spin its wheels.

Natasha is a spy, but she’s not really been acting much like one.She’s getting all her information from other people then later lamenting that she’s spending too much time trusting others and not doing things herself or going by her gut. Does any of this seem right to you?

This is Black Widow we’re talking about here, by now we should be knee deep in intrigue and film noir, not just random jumping from one fight to the next. It seems that Edmondson understands this as he has Natasha comment previously that she’s a spy, not Hawkeye or Iron Man or whatever… so why isn’t he making her a spy? He seems to be purposely making her do the worst spy job ever and letting her recognize that she is.

Is there a point to this? Will I suddenly be wow’d later when it all comes together? Cause at the moment this is less Maltese Falcon and more Knight & Day. Not a good thing…

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Black Widow #4Natasha can’t seem to catch a break…

So far she’s either coming out even or down right failing in getting the job done. It’s not for a lack of skill or intelligence, she just can’t seem to get the upper hand.

While I like that it’s not all roses for our favorite assassin, it’s a bit disheartening that four issues in and it just seems to get bleaker. Cold War is a messy business, and as she points out, she’s a spy, not a rooftop jumping archer, this street battle stuff isn’t her style. Messy is good, messy is realistic, but at some point Natasha is going to have to put the hammer down otherwise I have to wonder who’s comic am I really reading?

You know, this title kinda reminds me of Gambit’s solo, very introspective but not in a new-reader friendly way. I like that we’re getting more than just a ‘mission of the week’ kind of thing but it’s a very tenuous line the series is walking right now if they want to keep new readers. But Natasha does have that extra boost from the movies… so maybe Marvel isn’t too worried about that.

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Review: Black Widow #3

Black Widow #3Third issue in and the title seems to have stalled just a bit.

It’s not a bad story, but it’s a little bit of a rehash of what has gone before which, seeing there has only been two previous issues, is problematic. We have more existential commentary from Nat in another mission gone wrong because she’s distracted, and it doesn’t move forward the overall plot in any way. It’s not a terrible issue, but a stall this early in the title can be dangerous as a sign of things to come.

But, for these faults, it’s a beautiful comic with great flow and pacing. In some ways it’s very reminiscent of an episode of Burn Notice. It would make a wonderful filler issue… five more issues in.

With a SHIELD job on the horizon, hopefully we’ll start into the arcs and get this ball rolling.



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Review: Black Widow #2

Black Widow #2I suppose they do teach how to clean up after a murder scene in lawyer school.

That’s really what this issue is about, giving us an insight into Mr Ross’s personality. He’s going to be Nat’s ‘Girl Friday’ so an introduction was in order.  He’s not your typical lawyer, quick to do his owe stakeouts of questionable individual while Nat is out doing the heavy lifting. And he seems to take his advice from Captain Mal “if someone tries to kill you, you kill’em right back”. I like this guy, he’ll do nicely.

Nat does get her own adventure, just something small and deadly to show us that she’s not without her faults and has a lot to atone for. It also gives us a little bit of that softer side we saw in the first issue which allows the beginning of a multifaceted character development. Things are happening at a deliberate pace, Edmondson isn’t trying to throw us too far into the deep end nor is he tripping too much over the tropes. This is a good thing because Black Widow is a character that could easily be ruined by sloppy writing.

And let’s face it, she deserves a hell of a lot more than sloppy writing.

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Review: Black Widow #1

Black Widow #1Note to self: Do not get on Black Widow’s bad side.

In this first issue of Black Widow’s new solo, we’re thrown straight in. We think we’re treated to a complicated back story, but it’s just a feint. We think she’s out to kill someone, but that’s a red herring.

If this doesn’t scream old school cloak and dagger, then I don’t know what does.

There is the trope of ‘former bad person taking out bad people to atone’ that we have to deal with, but as long as they can keep from being preachy about that and make it about the how instead of the why, then this could be one fun ride where nothing is as it seems. I like it when a story can keep me on my toes.

Top this with Phil Noto’s wonderful artwork and you totally have me on board with this title.

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