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Review: Deadpool #29

Deadpool #29Here we have a very loose tie-in to Original Sin, really, the event was only used as a plot device…

That being said, a lot of stuff happened that is good to know. Dracula isn’t taking the break up well. Preston founds links to Deadpool’s daughter and got a glimpse of what happened to her. And Deadpool is a man with a plan, a horrible plan, but his heart is in the right place.

So business as usual.

It looks like they won’t be dropping the Ellie plot line, but I’m unsure where it’s going. Where is she at the moment and what is she going to think of the whole situation? She seems to have been raised completely unawares of her heritage but does this mean she’s an average Mary or has she been groomed to enter the ‘family business’?  I suppose it’s just a matter of time before we find out…

That is… if Deadpool manages to not get himself and everyone else killed… it’s always an option.

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Review: Deadpool #28

Deadpool #28I think that went well.

I’ve been kinda worried about the state of Deadpool’s happiness because lord knows the man is a big punching bag for writers. His honeymoon of course didn’t go quite as planned but his wife seemed to have fun tearing it up in this Japanese art house inspired issue. She also showed herself to be much more deadly than her husband. Deadpool is a little emasculated by it but he’s man enough to just let it ride because he’s progressive like that.

In the end, it’s all about him getting money to one of the experimented on men he saved in South Korea. All to often these types of characters are forgotten about and we never know what happen to them. It’s nice to see that Deadpool still remembers these poor schmucks who suffered as he suffered. It also seems they aren’t in the best of health and maybe this isn’t the last we’ll see of them.

Again, Posehn kills it by making Deadpool the character that he should be, hilarious but deeply profound.

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Review: Deadpool #27

Deadpool #27I’m not a fan of when a female character is introduced simply to be the love interest of the male character, especially when she’s literally introduced in the issue she marries said male character, well unless you read the online-only comics.

That being said, this is Deadpool, the most loved and yet unloved character in Marvel’s 616. He’s an emotionally damaged man who has been through hell several times and barely holds it together with a grin and a joke. The man who feels like he’s alone in the world because, frankly, people keep him at a distance due to his erratic nature. The man who is treated unfairly by his peers, and they know it too. The man who suffers depression and uncontrollable bouts of self-loathing.

The man who deserves at least one happy day in his life.

So you know what, Deadpool, here you go, she seems like a hell of a woman and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun while it lasts. Not saying you won’t make a great husband or her a great wife, but lets me honest, Marvel isn’t going to let you stay happy for long.

Cherish this moment my friend… you earned it.

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Review: Deadpool #26

Deadpool #26Let’s go kill Hitler… again.

The trope of going back in time to kill Hitler is getting pretty worn, but in true Deadpool fashion, it gets flipped on its head in this issue. Instead of going back to kill Hitler, in this story Hitler gets the time machine and goes back to kill his nemesis, Nick Fury.  What follows is somewhere between campy and classy as we visit the 40s and see Deadpool try to keep Fury alive, even so much as calling on bff Cable to come save the day.

As filler issues go, it’s pretty random and fun, all things considered. I always enjoy a story that can turn convention on its head.

But I would have expected more lead up into the ‘wedding’ issue that is up next… perhaps I should have been reading The Gauntlet online… kinda a cheap shot to get more signed up the Marvel online comic book store… but that’s marketing for you…

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Review: Deadpool #25

Deadpool #25I love how Deadpool and Crossbones sit down for a drink then chat before mindlessly beating each other up…

It really is just another day in the life of a Marvel Universe merc, stuff like this happens all the time. They swap stories, get in some punching, then it’s all done and over with. Only this time, the bad guy who screwed them both over conventionally shows up and gets himself garbage mashed. This entire arc is neatly wrapped up, Deadpool even gets paid!

All is right with the world… except, you know, there is a psychotic Preston in his head now… is that really Preston or someone using her face? With Deadpool you can never be too sure about what’s going on.

And, as always… this may be the end of one arc… but another is starting… and Deadpool gets married? In two issues? Isn’t that kind quick? Even for him?

Perhaps I should break down and read The Gaunlet series online…

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Night of the Living Deadpool #4So… wait… Deadpool’s conscious infects the Zombies so he’s consciousness becomes like a hive mind?

He essentially becomes the Zombie hoard…

I… I don’t know how to process this…

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Review: Deadpool #24

Deadpool #24Deadpool just can’t catch a break…

Even when he’s about to get Preston out of his head and into a LMD, Gorman has to go muck things up and the whole operation goes south. Then it’s discovered that Deadpool can’t let her go. It’s not explicitly said, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to be alone again. He really just wants to be loved, platonic, romantic, doesn’t matter to him. But his extreme sense of self-loathing makes him push people away.

That man is such a wreck.

Then when he thinks Preston is dead, the transferred failed, he couldn’t stick around to face even more people he believe he failed.

Tell me again why Deadpool is ‘just a joke’?

But thankfully Preston does make it out alive-ish and into the LMD to be reunited with her family. Someone should tell Deadpool!

But Preston is still in Deadpool? An echo of herself? Or something in disguise? A part of himself did warn him about other parts of himself…

Like I said… can’t catch a break…

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Night of the Living Deadpool #3I really need to stop reading this… it’s really good, which is really bad for my horrible dislike of all things zombie…

In this issue we learn that the zombies were created by scientists doing science-y things and apparently having really lousy safety codes to ensure crap like this doesn’t happen or at least stays maintained. You think at least one of those working on the project was genre savvy?

But the real story here is Deadpool.

He’s already his own form of ‘walking dead’ but to actually become a zombie? Kill all those people? Then finally his healing factor brings him back to the living to, pun sorta intended, live with what he was and what he did…


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Night of the Living Deadpool #1Why am I reading this? I hate Zombies. No, I really hate them, and I pretty much straight up refuse to watch Zombie movies. Ever.

But, you know, it’s Deadpool.

I still hate Zombies, and somehow Bunn has made me hate them even more.

The eerie way that the Zombies still retain that last bit of humanity as they are eating the flesh of their victims… just creepy and haunting. And a beautiful touch to carve Deadpool’s own little niche in the Zombie fandom as apparently Deadpool is the last super hero left alive. How he is going to save the world, if that is even in the cards, is anyone’s guess.

Did I mention I hate Zombies?

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Review: Deadpool #22

Deadpool #22Deadpool has his priorities straight.

If you’re getting your body shoved into a pizza oven by a LMD of the person stuck in your head, you definitely don’t want anchovies on that pizza.

But as much fun as it to see Deadpool ‘get his kill on’, this is pretty much a filler to get Deadpool into the final showdown with Gorman. Though the appearance of Coulson is pretty darn epic in and of itself. I’m waiting for Deadpool to break the fourth wall regarding Coulson’s role in the MCU.

I have a feeling a lot of things are going to go boom… like Ivonova-grade boom. Not that I’m complaining mind you…

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