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All-New X-Factor #6I totally need to catch up on all that went down with New Mutants… cause damn Doug, what the hell happened?

It seems like David is building a team of very broken people. They all have had a pretty crappy time of it lately, really, they’ve had a crappy time of it for quite some time now, but this is of course no reason to assume they can’t do the job. I think once David is finished with his team… shit is gonna go down and we’ll have some very angsty character rebuilding… this is gonna be fun… depending on your definition of fun.

I’m kinda thrown by Serval’s sub-plot, I am sure it will be important, but it is kinda like a bad soap opera so… yeah…

As for Warlock and his Dad… truly the best WTF ever. Clever. I love it.

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Nightcrawler #1Who doesn’t like Nightcrawler? I mean, honestly? In both the real world and 616, he’s beloved by everyone.

It’s great to see him back, and written by one of Marvel’s best writers, Chris Claremont. Now, it would be understandable for Kurt to have a bit of a soul searching period seeing as he did die, come back, and it only cost him his soul. That’s where I thought this story was going and I couldn’t wait to see what Chris had cooked up.

Then halfway through the book we get one of the most awkward transitions I’ve seen in a long time.

I suppose it’s not too unrealistic for Amanda not to be phased with the previously thought dead Kurt appearing in her apartment, after all, this is the Marvel Universe and he is an X-Man, but hasn’t this woman ever seen an episode of Supernatural? But the whole thing is literally “Honey, I’m back from the dead” straight to “okay, let’s make out”. And in only half a page.

Then the rest of the issue is a random attack and stuff gets blown up and Amanda gets shoved to the side even though she’s a kick ass magic user.

You okay Chris?

p.s. bonus points to Samnee and Wilson for getting Rogue on the cover… I hope this whole Uncanny Avengers farce is over soon so Kurt can reunite with his sis…

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All-New X-Men #25Man, the Watcher is a bit of a dick, isn’t he?

This issue is just a filler and excuse to slap on some ‘monumental’ ‘buy this issue’ ’cause reasons’ fodder to hike sales. It has nearly nothing to do with any of the actual plot other than to say that Hank is having misgivings for mucking up the time stream. File this under crap we already know.

Still, some of the art is pretty awesome, and the random ‘fan fiction esque’ stories thrown in there were pretty hilarious.

But otherwise this is just another waste of filler space as there are so many maybe’s and possibilities that we don’t even know if anything that is said even matters. It could literally all be the product of the Watcher being, well, a dick and messing with Hank.


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Black Widow #5This title is starting to spin its wheels.

Natasha is a spy, but she’s not really been acting much like one.She’s getting all her information from other people then later lamenting that she’s spending too much time trusting others and not doing things herself or going by her gut. Does any of this seem right to you?

This is Black Widow we’re talking about here, by now we should be knee deep in intrigue and film noir, not just random jumping from one fight to the next. It seems that Edmondson understands this as he has Natasha comment previously that she’s a spy, not Hawkeye or Iron Man or whatever… so why isn’t he making her a spy? He seems to be purposely making her do the worst spy job ever and letting her recognize that she is.

Is there a point to this? Will I suddenly be wow’d later when it all comes together? Cause at the moment this is less Maltese Falcon and more Knight & Day. Not a good thing…

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Review: Deadpool #26

Deadpool #26Let’s go kill Hitler… again.

The trope of going back in time to kill Hitler is getting pretty worn, but in true Deadpool fashion, it gets flipped on its head in this issue. Instead of going back to kill Hitler, in this story Hitler gets the time machine and goes back to kill his nemesis, Nick Fury.  What follows is somewhere between campy and classy as we visit the 40s and see Deadpool try to keep Fury alive, even so much as calling on bff Cable to come save the day.

As filler issues go, it’s pretty random and fun, all things considered. I always enjoy a story that can turn convention on its head.

But I would have expected more lead up into the ‘wedding’ issue that is up next… perhaps I should have been reading The Gauntlet online… kinda a cheap shot to get more signed up the Marvel online comic book store… but that’s marketing for you…

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Review: Magneto #2

Magneto #2Magneto has issues.

PTSD, megalomania, a general lack of fucks to give… he’s the ultimate villain in that you want to be sympathetic to his cause but he’s still a murdering bastard.

Here we get some of the sympathetic side of him as we’re told a story showing what it was like for him as a Jew in Germany during the holocaust. Bunn doesn’t sugarcoat anything, it was pretty bad. It’s hard not to want to feel for Max (thank goodness Bunn remembered his name was Max!).

But does it excuse Magneto’s more extreme measures? That’s an existential question that I think Bunn is trying to ask and possibly answer.

At least Magneto recognizes he’s turned into a kind of monster, but how far will that realization get him?

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Marvel Knights X-Men #5This limited run in the Marvel Knights imprint comes to a close with issue five… and it’s not what I was expecting.

The story has been pretty dark and gritty (in a good way), giving us a really nice look at the downside of being a mutant. Not to mention this series played up the use of mutants as an analogue for minorities and anyone who is different. The way it was so well written, this was one of those times where I would have accepted a death or two as a realistic and purposeful outcome of the story.

Instead, we get a message of hope. The girl who messed up fixes her mistake and helps the girl who feels the weight of her mutation like concrete boots.

This entire series has been a breath of fresh air from the typical writing seen lately in comics so I really should have seen this coming. This is an old-school ending, a throw-back to a time sorely missed.

It would be great if we could get more of these Marvel Knights series by Revel, or just more writing like this in general. Marvel really should take note.

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