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Spoilers ahead though only if you’re one of those who never watch teaser trailers. Oh, and Evan Peters literally quoted his character directly from the comics… good sign.

From io9

We saw the first teaser of X-Men: Days of Future Past just now at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was the most exciting X-Men moment in a decade. Here’s our rough impressions of what we saw. UPDATE: More details added!

Spoilers ahead…

Seriously, I hope this footage shows up online soon, because my description is not going to do it justice. There was a lot going on here. We saw it twice, so I’m adding more details from the second watching.

We see a closeup of Patrick Stewart’s eye, and someone (Stewart) asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?” Professor X (Stewart) responds, “I had a glimpse into the past.”Then Professor X tells Wolverine, “You’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you.” We slowly zoom out from Professor X’s aged face, and then we see him with a Cerebro helmet on, and later coming out of the Cerebro chamber.

And this is a dark dystopian future, where the dark, fetishy costumes are looking more dirty and distress and messed up, and Professor X and Ian McKellen’s Magneto seem weary and filled with dread. They’re in a war chamber in front of a table that shows how badly things are going. Wolverine even has a bit of gray in his facial hair.

We see flashes of all our favorite mutants, including Storm against a stormy sky, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, and some others. And there are futuristic-looking mutants, including  Omar Sy as Bishop, and some others I couldn’t identify wearing dramatic Mad Max-y makeup.

We learn that Professor X and Magneto have come together “side by side, to end this war before it ever begins.”

Wolverine asks, “So I wake up in my younger body, and then what?” Professor X responds, “Find me, convince me of all this.” And Magneto chimes in that Wolverine will find younger Magneto a different person, “a darker person.” We catch glimpses of 1970s versions of Magneto and Professor X — with a lot more hair and a lot more fire to them. Young Professor X has a crazy beard and a 1970s groovy outfit with an X-shaped light on his face, while Young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is waving a gun.

We see Young Professor X blowing dust off a white globe.

Back then, Professor X says, “I was a very different man. Lead me, guide me, be patient with me.” We see Young Professor X putting his hands on someone’s face as he tries to understand. Maybe Wolverine’s face?

Older Wolverine responds, “Patience isn’t my strong suit.”

And then blue glowing hands are gripping Wolverine’s head, sending him back in time into the body of his younger self.

We catch glimpses of other stuff — Young Magneto using his powers to pull a distressed Mystique along the floor. Young Magneto descending from the air looking scary. There is a mysterious opening under the Oval Office, revealed by the oval opening up like a trapdoor. And protests in the street, and Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) addressing a government hearing. And Richard Nixon looking weird and terrifying — and then Mystique walking down the street changing into a man in a pimp suit.

There is a LOT of stuff blowing up, and Young Professor X using Magneto, and the Beast attacking, a woman walking away from an airplane, and a military setting. We glimpse Professor X shielding his face from an intense white light, and the Cerebro machine exploding.

Young Professor X says, “I don’t want your suffering. I don’t want your future.”

And then Old Professor X is face to face with his younger self. He says: “Please. We need you to hope again.” It’s an actual spine-tingling moment. Actual goosebumps here.

In the panel, we met Omar Sy, who told us that Bishop is visiting from the future and just trying to survive, like everyone. Also on the panel: Peter Dinklage confirmed he really is playing Bolivar Trask.

And Evan Peters was here, as the new Quicksilver. Asked to describe his character, Peters said: “He’s very fast. He’s quick. He’s a spaz. He talks quick, he moves quick, everybody is very slow compared to him. He’s always at an ATM waiting for the bastard in front of him to finish.”

“He’s got excellent genes,” added Michael Fassbender, who plays his father, Magneto.

Someone asks what sort of costume Quicksilver will have, and Singer responds: “It’ll be a seventies costume. I had grown up as a kid in the 1970s and I had forgotten how hideous some of the clothing was back then.”

Someone asked if we might get a Deadpool movie, and Bryan Singer wouldn’t confirm that one will happen — but he did say the X-Men universe is as big as the rest of the Marvel universe, and there’s enough room for a ton of X-Men films developing all the different characters and corners of the universe, building it out.

Someone asked Jackman about musicals, and he said he would never sing as Wolverine. The crowd was disappointed, so he gave us a taste of what a Wolverine musical would be like: “I’m gonna slice ’em, I’m gonna dice ’em,” he sang operatically.

Someone asked the assembled cast which X-Men character, other than their own, they would want to play. Patrick Stewart responded: “I would like to play any female character in any X-Men movie, because then I would have a chance of winning an Academy Award.” (Because three of the women in the X-Men have won Oscars.)

Iain McKellen said: “If I can’t play the younger Magneto, then I would like to grow wings and play Angel.”

Oh, and in the panel for The Wolverine before we saw this footage, Hugh Jackman gave a shoutout to Wolverine co-creator Len Wein, who was in the audience, and it was really gracious and awesome.

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All-New X-Men #13Mystique, never change, you are so freaking awesome. I have no idea what your real end-game is but apparently you want to buy a freaking island, Madripoor no less… that’s… that’s… yeah, just don’t change, ever.

In other news that isn’t that surprising, Bendis touches on the M-Word controversy and does a better job with it than Remender did. I do like how Kitty explains the concept of “Mutant and Proud” though not in so many words. This is the kind of discussion that really needs to be done with the idea of the “M-Word” floating out there but Remender isn’t really thinking it through and seems to have just tossed the comments in for the shock factor leaving the rest of the writers to do what he should be doing (and they are doing a great job of it).

It also makes me wonder if when Kitty says that Alex doesn’t speak for her… that maybe it’s Bendis saying Remender doesn’t speak for him.

As for the rest of the story, Lady Mastermind is going to do some damage with her illusion on Jean. Lady M teaming with Mystique really was a great idea… between the two of them, I’m not sure the core X-Men team really have a chance… (though, yeah, the X-Men will win, of course, le sigh).

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Saw this photo on tumblr from and maybe it’s because I’ve been reading Fearless Defenders… but the woman decked out in 70s garb looks an awful lot like Misty Knight.

Mystique and possibly Misty Knight?

Big afro and red clothes from head to toe… could be a coincidence as this is set in 1973 and that would be a period outfit. Though Singer did leave a lot of spaces open on his casting board. The actress also looks really familiar but for the life of me I can’t place her.

Here, Singer is talking to both her and Jennifer, so this woman is more than an extra as the Director doesn’t speak to extras, the Assistant Director does.

Mystique and possibly Misty Knight?

The thing is, Misty has no connection to the DOFP storyline nor any of the major characters in it. The only X-Man she had any real connection to was Jean Grey. Of course, that doesn’t mean she can’t be the kick-butt character she always was and is somehow involved, in fact, she was a police woman early in her background before becoming bionic (I see no bionics in this, at least obvious bionics) and maybe that’s how she’s in the middle of all this (and how she becomes bionic).

But these pictures are on the same set used for the Paris Peace Accords meaning this takes place in France. Not saying Misty couldn’t have gone there on her own or with the X-Men, but it does put a little hole in the theory.

Like all things, we shall see…

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magicmaker via Rebel Rogue

I don’t mean to pick on the Uncanny Avengers.
It just sorta keeps happening.

Good or evil, it’s generally not the best idea to have Mystique on your team.
Don’t worry, Sam’ll be fine. It’ll take a lot more than a knife to the chest to take an X-Men down. Much more than that to keep one down.
Kidding, you can’t keep an X-Man down.

Now we have to figure out who is slipping those pills to the rest of the team.
I stopped reading this book because it was starting to feel like all of the characters were having a “who’s the least likable” contest and everyone was winning.

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Bryan Singer has tweeted what he’s calling a ‘vengeful’ Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

So the question is, what does she have to be vengeful about? Going with the comic-canon Mystique… that would be quite a list of true and perceived injustices for her to be miffed about. Going from First Class… she kinda gets what she wants. She goes off with the hot guy to do whatever the heck she wants and seemed to be only moderately sad for leaving her ‘brother’ Xavier. If anything, old-Mystique from X3 is the one who should be pissed… though will Jennifer be playing her older self as well? Even though Rebecca owned the role in the first X-films, being a shapeshifter, Jennifer could play her old-self, once the cure wore off.

Or, is something going to happen (or did happen in the intervening years) which will make Mystique so vengeful? (Please let that involve Kurt… oh please, oh please.)

Going from a film/technical perspective. It was reported back in February that Jennifer would forgo the body paint and instead wear a body suit for the role. With the original body paint there was several pieces which were ‘glued’ on to do the scale effect and to preserve Rebecca and Jennifer’s dignity. From this photo, I’m pretty sure it’s a body suit as I can see a ridge line at her neck. It looks good, well matched color to the face paint and it’s very form fitting. However, Jennifer is standing still at the moment, it will be the action sequences which will be the most telling if this works or not.

In any case, I know Jennifer is a big star now, but, dunno, if Rebecca could do the paint three movies in a row, don’t see why Jennifer couldn’t… of course I’m not an actor so what do I know?

UPDATE: I missed the story were apparently Jennifer had issues with the paint, giving her hives and stuff, which then makes the switch make total sense.

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Brian Singer posted a little video on his twitter account and it shows the cast chairs, only they are listed by mutant instead of actor. His comment is : “Every mutant needs a place to sit”


They are as follows:

  • Logan
  • Xavier
  • Magneto
  • Storm
  • Bishop
  • Kitty Pride
  • Bobby “Iceman” Drake
  • Peter “Colossus” Rasputin
  • Blink
  • James “Warpath” Proudstar

What do we learn from this?

1) BISHOP!! Since Omar Sy was listed among the cast I knew he had to be playing Bishop. It only made sense considering the storylines that was being used. With him being confirmed in the cast I really want to say that Bishop is the time traveller, but it’s possible that there could be two travellers, Logan and Bishop.

2) Warpath. This character was created by Chris Claremont but never had any connection to the DOFP storyline or Apocalypse (like Blink has a tentative connection). My guess is this is who Booboo Stewart is going to be playing and I don’t think it will be that big of a role in the scheme of things.

3) Rogue. Where is Rogue? Seriously… ROGUE?!?!!? He does say “Every mutant” and every character on that list is known for sure to still hold Mutant status at the end of X3 (Mag’s cure wore off) so does this mean that Rogue’s cure didn’t wear off? Or is this a case of Bryan trolling us?

4) Mystique. Right now they seem to be filming all the future stuff by the other screen shots he’s given us so is Mystique also still cured in the future? Or is she simply not around? Unlike Rogue who can only exist in the future part of the movie, Mystique could be dead/gone in the future and it be okay because we still have her for the ‘present time’.

5) Order. Again, Logan is put before Magneto and Xavier just like on the casting board which just feeds my thought that he’s the time traveller (or one of them now that Bishop is confirmed). But everyone else is a bit out of order from that casting board except Colossus, Blink and Warpath are still at the end. The rest in the middle are a bit jumbled up. Was there purpose to this order just how the chairs got lined up? I’m inclined to think that he put at least a little thought into this.

6) Name game. Why does some of these guys go just by their Mutant name (Storm), some just by their Human name (Logan) and others by both (Bobby “Iceman” Drake)? Is this some way of separating the future and past selves between the actors or are Stewart and McAvoy going to be sharing seats since they won’t film at the same time? Or is it just how the seats got printed up?

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An article on CinemBlend says Alan Cummings has expressed interest in reprising his role as Nightcrawler saying “It was funny, that film, because I really like it and everyone really responded to Nightcrawler and enough time has elapsed that I would like to go back to it.”

The writer of the article doesn’t know his Nightcrawler that well because continuity could still be used to make Nightcrawler Mystique’s son. Since she tried to kill him at birth he didn’t know Mystique was his mother for quite some time. The conversation in X2 could still stand as he just thinks he’s talking to another mutant and she could be thinking “he looks like that kid of mine who I killed…. ooooo….”

In any case, as Alan points out, if they wanted him they would have said something by now in all likelihood. Maybe if DOFP does well the sequel to it could find a place for either Alan!Nightcrawler or a young!Nightcrawler. He is a pretty awesome character, a fan favorite!

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Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #20

Mystique gets called “Smurfette”, ’nuff said.


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