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1X11 – Pinnacle
Air Date: 12/25/2013
Hank McCoy visits the school to check up on the growing mutations of several of the students, meanwhile, Logan helps out an old friend.

Thank you again for your patience. Here is the mid-season finale! I hope you enjoy it!
There seems to be issues with right now so I’ll get it up there as soon as I’m able.

We’ll return in February, I’ll post more details as it gets close to time.

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So as you already know, I rewrote last week’s episode Ghosts and that caused it to be a day late. When I moved around some sub-plots I caused a snow-ball effect and now I’m going to be late with the mid-season finale since I realized I had to deal with the events of Ghosts earlier than planned (but this isn’t a bad thing, trust me!).

Plus, I decided to do all this in probably the two busiest months of the year for me social-wise.

Did I mention this was a learning process?

I’ve since decided to move the Mid-Season Finale, 1X11 Pinnacle, to Christmas Day at 5e/4c. This gives me time to really have a sit down with it and see how it’s going to effect the second half of the season.

I really apologize and hope you all understand! And here is a sneaky for you to tell you how much I appreciate you!

In a bubble of a nearly blinding storm, three figures flew by, lost in the backdrop.

“This is the search grid,” Wolverine said as he checked the GPS locator.

“Good,” Carol said as she held onto a harness that was wrapped around the man’s torso, herself floating in the air thanks to her mutation which gave her the strength to counteract gravity, to a point, “cause you’ve put on a few pounds in your old age.”

The feral mutant was clearly not amused as he tucked away the device into his jacket.

“I will stay above,” Storm told them as she floated on the winds, “I can push this storm farther North and give you a reprieve, but it will be delicate as I do not want to dump twelve inches of snow over New England.”

“Understood,” Carol nodded to the woman, then looked down at Logan, “you picking up anything yet?”

“Nah,” he sniffed the air, “it’ll be better on the ground.”

“You want me to drop you any place in particular?” she asked him.

“Anywhere will be good,” he told her.

“Okay,” and with that she simply let go.

Logan fell like a rock, growling like a beast, but the Air Force Captain had no doubt he’d land on his feet with the grace of a feline.

“I commend you,” Storm said with a smirk.

“He’ll get over it,” she checked that her radio was secure to her belt and her thermal coat was zipped tight , “he always does.”

“Yes,” the woman nodded, “good luck in finding your friend.”

“Who needs luck when you have a Wolverine,” Carol winked, then dived down towards the Earth, looking for where the man would have landed.

“Hilarious,” he was all he said when she came to land in front of him.

“I thought so,” she smiled and then looked around to see nothing but white and trees, “got a direction yet?”

“Yeah,” he gestured to his left, “this way.”

“Just like old times, eh, Logan?” she said as they started to head that way.

He let out a rare honest laugh, “Just like old times.”

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1X10 – Ghosts
Air Date: 12/14/2013
Kitty heads home for the holiday and dredges up too many memories while her friends back at the mansion are confronted by their own ghosts.
Rated TV-14 for Emotional Trauma

Sorry for the lateness of this episode, but as I said before, I decided to edit this one to make it better and I’m quite proud of it. I made myself cry more times than I’ll ever admit to and much comfort food was had.

Thanks again so much to geekgirl101 who is my Special Consultant on Jewish Matters and without whom I wouldn’t have had the confidence to write this episode to the effect that I did.

And also to chellerbelles who kept me sane during the times I became an emotional wreck. Bring your tissues people, this episode will hit you where it hurts!

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Sports ran long, tonight’s episode, 1X10 Ghosts has been preempted.

In truth, I decided to do some work on this episode to make it better, and I’m quite happy with how well it’s turning out. The problem is that I misjudged how much time I’d need and it’s not ready to post today.

Writing a television series has definitely been a learning process, but like all learning there is that oh so fun curve.

The episode will be ready tomorrow and of course post per usual on on Sunday. I apologize for the delay but trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and being understanding of these occasional hiccups.

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The month of November was kinda rough on me with NaNoWriMo and other things.

I got behind on Arrow, partly because I wasn’t motivated to watch (if you’ve read my reviews then you’d understand), but mostly because my DVR died, CW isn’t On Demand, I don’t have Hulu+ and I can’t be motivated to watch it off the website (but I guess I’ll have to marathon it here soon).

My comic books are stacking up, they are about four inches deep. This was mostly a case of not having the time as I spent most of my days trying to get those 50k words for NaNo. But I’m going to get back on this, I don’t want to get too behind. So expect some spamming from me soon. 

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1X09 – King of Hearts
Air Date: 12/06/2013
Magneto requires the services of a certain thief, one who has a tendency to get more than he bargains for, especially when a damsel in distress is involved.

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I got asked if readers would find out anything about the characters past and what gets them to the place they are now, and that was actually one of my very first thoughts upon creating XMTFFS. In my mind, I know the backgrounds to all these characters… when their powers manifested, the reactions of those around them, and how they came to be in the X-Men, Brotherhood, or other. With how many characters there are in this universe, I could literally make every episode into an origin episode.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided not to do that.

It’s true that where the characters come from is as important as where they are now, but there is no point in dredging the past when you’re building a future.

With that in mind, the main characters will get origin episodes as the series goes along. So far Scott had his in 1X04 Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Kitty will have hers in 1X10 Ghosts which airs 12/13.  After the winter break, Bobby will get an origin in 1X15 Blizzard and Jean-Paul will reconnect, after a fashion, with his sister in 1X19 Straight on Till Morning.

Should XMTFFS get a second season (which is a post for another day) then straight off the bat, Jean gets her origin in Red Queen. Later in the season, Wolverine will get his own episode Weapon X, and then there is The Oncoming Storm for you know who.

As for the Brotherhood, I’m holding them closer to my chest, there is no planned origin episodes for them in the first two seasons, but there will be lots of references and information that can be extrapolated from (Pyro’s ‘I like cherries’ comment is not as random as it seems at first glance). Season two is more open to the possibility of adding in another origin episode, so we’ll see when we get there.

The secondary characters won’t get full origin stories but we’ll see more and more of their back history as they tie into the other character’s history. I’m attempting to make this a well rounded series and not spend the whole time doing LOST-esque flashbacks (something that annoys me in Arrow to no end).

Only time will tell how effective I’ve been…

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1X08 – Scarlet
Air Date: 11/29/2013
And old member of the Acolyte team returns and it’s business as usual with a predictably unpredictable twist. The holidays approach the Xavier Institute.

Special thanks to my Special Consultant on Jewish Mattersgeekgirl101

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Rogue - Eris O'ReillyAn artist friend of mine, Eris O’Reilly, is doing some artwork for me and X-Men: The (fan fic) Series.

First up is Rogue!

I have given my version of Rogue reddish-brown hair. I know she’s pretty much a brunette now in the comics but back in the 90s, her hair was more red, both the comics and X-Men: TAS, so that’s how I always envisioned her. It’s also kept short to accommodate the wigs she often wears to hide her distinctive white streak.

Being a southern gal, she’s most comfortable in a pair of boots and jeans, but her trademark green is found in her shirt. Of course she has the brown jacket. Actually, I imagine half her closet is full of coats and jackets and the like. As she is often to say, she’s from the South, she hates the cold.

No opera gloves or other fancy long gloves because, seriously, have you ever tried to take off a pair of opera gloves in a rush? Yeah, no, ain’t gonna happen.

As for Deadpool… why not?
(for those of you interested, Deadpool will eventually appear in the series, just not season one)

Next up will be Pyro!

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1X07 – El Chacal
Air Date: 11/22/2013
When Cecilia finds herself in the middle of a gang war, she goes to the X-Men for help, but where is the line between doing the right thing and becoming a vigilante?
Rated TV-14 for intense action/language.

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