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X-Men Legacy #300This issue is more like an Annual than an actual issue of the long running title… but that doesn’t make it any less good.

Can we talk for the moment how the girl is a victim of rape culture? She’s feeling hurt and betrayed, as she she should, and goes to the X-Men because she figures she’ll be normal amongst the freaks. This is kinda messed up on so many levels.

Then you have the ultimate retcon… the dues ex machina itself… ForgetMeNot… a mutant with the uncanny ability to go unnoticed. It’s quite a handy ability actually, if a bit of an unthankful one. It’s nice to see the Legacy writers look back on the series through his eyes though. And now we know who it was that had a crush on Rogue.

It’s a nice little story that ties up a, ahem, legacy of story lines from over several years. It has your typical X-Men message of “you’re important and special no matter who you are and what your faults are”. And it doesn’t try to be overly edgy or angsty or anything like that.

What it doesn’t do is explain what the hell happened in the previous Legacy run…

Bonus: Chellerbelle created a ForgetMeNot kind of character for her fic, The Air That I Breathe, long before this issue came out… only the character doesn’t appear for like twenty more chapters or something like that… but still…

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X-Men Legacy #24So apparently this title got cancelled and I didn’t notice.

That happens to me more than I’d like to admit.

But now the long drawn out nature of the last couple of issues makes a lot of sense. And this final issue wasn’t any less long winded and a bit of a let down. The way the world worm is stopped is literally by Xavier’s ghost coming and saying “I’m proud of you, Son.”


That’s what you went with?


The real question now is what is up with Legion? Did his physical body get completely destroyed and now he’s living in Ruth’s mind? What does it mean that she basically got time traveled back to just after Xavier’s death? And what of the time traveling man who claims to be a decedent of Xavier?

I don’t think we’ll ever know… that’s comics for you…

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X-Men Legacy #23So these last few issues were nothing but one long foreplay?

David and Ruth have been dating for awhile and it’s assumed that they do have a kid at some point if the events of Battle of the Atom are to be believed. In truth, I thought they were already doing the nasty on the astral plane so this is only mildly surprising.

What is awkward is this is all happening as the world ends. David is literally sucking the souls out of everyone and suddenly realizes he can freeze time… so what else is he gonna do? I suppose it makes sense since he believes one of them has to die and all that… but the fact that this whole issue leads up to the moment when it could have been doing something a lot more productive (not reproductive) is very disappointing. Spurrier is dragging out the arc and it’s really starting to suffer cause of it.

This title went from meh, to awesome, to wtf? That does take talent, I’ll admit.

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X-Men Legacy #22Is Spurrier channeling Rick Remender?

This title has always been a little wordy, but this entire arc has really hit the word count limit where dialogue and expansion turns into rambling and mindless filler. It’s like this arc is being deliberately stretched out so it could fill more issues or something. Especially since we’re apparently getting to the actual World Worm just a hop skip after we just went through the fake World Worm.

Then you top this with an insane yet somewhat ignored battle where everyone seems to be fighting for their lives, some people even randomly getting killed in it, and we’re supposed to care? There is no set up, no push, just ‘hey look what’s happening now as I monologue about stuff’. This is very much something Remender would do (has done) and I don’t mean this in a flattering way.

But maybe we’ll see some real movement though now that Ruth has leveled up and David has lost it.

This’ll be great…

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X-Men Legacy #21And now we’re starting to drag a bit.

This entire issue seems to be one long diatribe about how the escaped part of David’s mind is bad news in that it’s slowly eating away at the very fabric of, well, everything. Yes, we kinda figured this out in the last two issues which seemed to explain the exact same thing as a way to legitimize what was done to David.

Ruth doesn’t seem to like what’s happening, she feels this is all self-fulfilling and David is just setting himself up to destroy the world or be destroyed by her. Frankly, I’d listen to her, but at the same time, how are they going to stop the Xavier wannabe?

In the end, this is just way to much of a needless filler that was getting us to the main event, if we’ll even get the main event in the next issue.

This title really has a lot of highs and lows…

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X-Men Legacy #20This week… on A&E’s Intervention…

Apparently this wasn’t so much an execution as it was these guys helping David by knocking him down a notch. This actually makes a scary lot of sense. David has been running around a bit high and mighty which was in direct contradiction to him being afraid of his own powers and just how dangerous he can be. He needed a good sit down but your standard intervention wasn’t going to work… cue the dramatics.

But will all this backfire on them? Basically they just gave David the key to his own powers and being able to do even more damage than he already has. It’s like giving armaments to one country to fight another, only in a decade or two finding those guns pointed back at you. The way Ruth was reacting, it seems this is pretty much what’s going to happen, eventually.

Why is it whenever an Xavier is involved it is always going to end badly?

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X-Men Legacy #19Well, that escalated quickly…

David is given to S.W.O.R.D. because the plot says so. While he’s there, that one crazy dude that he preemptively stopped from trying to destroy all the mutants, or Earth in general, whatever, pays him a visit. We’re then treated to pages and pages of exposition as he tells David how that piece of David’s psyche that escaped is trying to destroy the world or at least give it a really bad day.

This is something that kinda bothers me, when comics just throw out body counts of a hundred here, a hundred there and so forth… I wonder if someone has sat down and added up how many people get killed off in some random act of violence throughout the entirety of the Marvel Universe in any given month? Just a thought.

Anyway, so yeah, David is pretty damn powerful and just a piece of him is running amuck and causing lots and lots of damage. The only answer to all this is to kill him, of course, and with the Shadow of the Phoenix, natch’.

This can only end in tears…

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X-Men Legacy #18I’m not sure if I agree with David’s ‘end justifies the means’ approach to everything… but it definitely makes for some interesting reading.

I mean, he’s right, sometimes you have to take an active approach… but using a brain dead girl and letting himself get the crap beat out of himself just to lure out Luka? It’s definitely questionable. But it worked, and it worked well. A little too well.

Emma had the Cuckoo’s put the whammy on David because they thought he was a threat, well, a bigger threat than he actually is. Now he’s blacked out and the Xavier in his mind looks to have escaped.

But here’s the thing, it put him down by bringing up his crippling depression. Yes, he has that. It’s quite obvious from the fact that he acts out the way he does. True, his depression takes the shape of ‘daddy issues’ as it looks like he was never good enough for his father, but that is just the face, a representation.  It’s really about his own self-esteem. He’s been cataloged as crazy, and believes himself crazy. He has powers he can’t handle. He’s horrible at relationships. And apparently he will be the end of his own race.

So, yeah, the boy has issues.

Is it a wonder that the weight of them would take him down so easily?

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Review: X-Men Legacy #17

X-Men Legacy #17Well, that escalated quickly.

It seems that whatever kind of mutant that new-mutant was, combining her powers with David’s is a bad… very bad… thing. And David knew it, or at least that is how it reads to me with his complete lack of surprise when it all happens. So does that mean David went to this place, at this time, and fights Scott knowing full well what was going to happen. Thereby also puting Ruth into the position of having to kill him to save mutantkind. As much as I ship these two, it’s really turning into a very unhealthy relationship.

But anyway… if he seemingly knows what’s going to happen… then why did he go? Why didn’t he just let Scott handle the new mutant and let that be the end of it? Or am I just reading it wrong and it wasn’t until he was caught in the mutant’s power that he realized what was happening? Or maybe David just believes in not mucking with the time stream?

In any case, we know he doesn’t die because Legacy is still running through at least December and hasn’t been cancelled to my knowledge. So Ruth is going to have to kick her brother’s butt and save the day. Should be fun.

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Review: X-Men Legacy #16

X-Men Legacy #16As cool as it is to see David using all  his powers like a powerhouse, he does seem like a bratty kid.

Yes, you dad was sorta/kinda murdered. Yes, you didn’t care about him while he was alive all that much. Yes, now you realize that you miss him. But really?

The entire set up of the previous issue with his mother getting killed was pretty much just an excuse to get David to go after Scott because otherwise he wouldn’t. That’s really all this is. Marvel wanted to see David square off against Scott and so they ‘made it happen’. This really does cheapen the whole thing.

At least Spurrier seems to recognize what he’s doing on some level, commenting about how David is even using Ruth, ‘weaponizing her’, to get what he wants. Maybe Spurrier will pull this one out of the hat in the next issue.

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