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Deadpool Killustrated #2Killustrated #2 totally makes up for Killustrated #1.

#1 suffered that major failing of spending way too much time setting up what was going on… especially when the something going on is Deadpool who really doesn’t need a reason to do anything that he does… he’s freaking Deadpool.

#2 has Deadpool going after more of the classics but instead of just simply hacking off heads, the literary archetypes seem to morph at will into the various classic Marvel characters that took inspiration from them. Such as Dracula looking a little Sinister, the Headless Horsemen becoming both Ghost Rider and Green Goblin, and my favorite, the girls of Little Women turning into Black Widow, She-Hulk, Elektra, and Mockingbird. Those Little Women beat the snot out of Deadpool… that was classy.

In all this, our favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes (the Basil Rathbone version), has discovered Deadpool is afoot and put a gang together to stop him. And it’s a pretty random group of Beowulf, Natty Bumpo, and Mulan (someone watching Once Upon a Time recently?).

The only real bad thing I have to say about this issue is that Tom Sawyer gets killed ‘off camera’, and while it’s really well done, I can’t help but think he might have morphed into Remy LeBeau… guess we’ll have to wait and see if Deadpool is going to take on Oliver Twist… then we might get a glimpse of our lovable Cajun…

and yes, sometimes I do have a one track mind…

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Uncanny Avengers #4Rick Remender has lost his mind.

Maybe Red Skull stole it like he did Xavier’s, I dunno, but seriously, what the hell is going on with this title?

The last issue I complained about Scarlet Witch standing around and doing nothing, in this issue Wanda takes on a mind-bended Thor with some uber-skills… which apparently she didn’t have five minutes earlier to use on Red Skull in the first place! But she still needs to be assisted by Havok.

Then Rogue does exactly as I said she should, absorb one of the baddies… only to get taken down by a non-lethal gun shot wound to the shoulder. Um, hello, this is a) a comic were characters can get hit by a freaking bus and shrug it off, and b) this is raised-as-a-terrorist-by-Mystique Rogue… I’m pretty sure she could shake off a wound like that as easily as James Bond could to at least avoid getting the crap beat out of her by a mind-bended Havok, who, of course, had to save Rogue seconds before from getting a presumably lethal wound because Rogue apparently doesn’t know how to duck and cover while Red Skull takes the time to pull out a gun… all while warning her he has a gun?

I swear, this comic is like a bad Havok fan fic where the writer is pulling all other characters down just to highlight their favorite character… which is a major fail for fan fic writing, let alone pro-fic! The fact that Havok gets the first little ‘origin’ moment and Wolvie is completely out of sight and apparently a little (okay, a lot) slower to heal than usual only seems to prove my point.

All those issues aside… what the hell is Remender writing? A comic book or a personal soap-box? Sure, comics can hold underlying social themes which make us look at ourselves through cross sections of our own existence… but whatever Remender is doing here is literally one step below a full-blown blog-rant. He got off talking about bloody violence in #3 and now in #4 he gets off on completely degrading the United States. Now, I’m the first to admit that the USA has its problems… but what the hell? I know it’s coming out of Red Skull’s mouth so of course he’s bias… but Remender chose to take that POV and to go into that much depth and description of how crappy things are…

And then Remender goes and echo’s the famous Days of Future Past cover… oh hell no… you ain’t even f’ing close to holding a candle to Claremont.


Yes, you heard me, ARGH!

Top that off with a very hypocritical Rogue being petty towards Wanda… dur… Rogue was a freaking terrorist who turned her life around… I think she could cut Wanda some slack for something Wanda did when she went insane cause her children died…

You hear that? That’s the sound of me repeatedly banging my head against the wall…

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Review: Morbius #2

Morbius #2Ignore the Rocky Horror Picture Show cover, Meatloaf does not make an appearance. Don’t let that discourage you though.

The second issue of the new solo series for Vampire-ish Michael Morbius doesn’t have quite the zing as the first issue but it’s still a really good read.

Right now, Morbius is a reactive character. Things are happening around him and most of the story is told through the eyes of everyone else. Morbius is simply finding himself in the middle of a situation where he realizes he has to take the high road, or maybe the low road, or really, whatever road isn’t under construction.

This is a nice change from how most of the solo issues are running at the moment where the lead character is more proactive, which is good for a heroic character. However, if you want to do a true anti-hero then what Keatinge is doing with Morbius is exactly the way to go.

Anti-heroes are the anti-hero because they don’t want to be the hero, they don’t want to get involved, they don’t want to take the moral high ground. Characters like Wolverine have long moved past being able to call themselves ‘the anti-hero’ because they are actively trying to do good. With Morbius it’s great to see an anti-hero in its raw form. There is so much possibility for character development that this alone is enough to make me a tad giddy.

I really can’t wait to see where this goes…

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Review: Gambit #9

Gambit #9And here we have the best Gambit issue yet. I’m not even sure where to start it was so much fun.

First you have all the references… from fun poked at 90s era Gambit… to Gambit being called “tight pants” (Firefly reference or astute observation?).

Gambit pick-pockets a whole club without breaking a sweat.

Gambit’s damsel-in-distress-pathy (really need a good name for that) is in full force.

There is a plethora of quick and witty dialogue:

Mook#1: Hey–is that that X-Men guy…. Gambit?
Mook#2: Yes, and this may prove to be a curious case-study in this establishment’s policy on anti-heroes.
Mook#1: Pff, you nerd.

To top it all off, you have a cameo from Rogue which could have come straight out of a good fan fic. (This is a compliment btw.)

Joelle even graduates from annoying to mildly acceptable.

It feels like Asmus has really started to get a good handle on Gambit as a character and that is shining through the pages. It’s fun, it’s dangerous, it’s James Bond if he was a good ol’ Southern boy. If you know anyone who has stopped reading, tell them to pick up this issue and keep going, it just keeps getting better.

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CW's ArrowAnd the writers prove they (unfortunately) understand the meaning of irony.

That building had nothing but glass windows… and Captain Jack was standing there for like half an hour… so why didn’t Deadshot shoot him?  Why didn’t Deadshot go for the head-shot? Why did only the one cop go up to the stairs? Why didn’t she find her way to the penthouse? But before that, why was he having a date on a night he KNOWS something will happen?

Seriously, the logistics of this show drives me batty sometimes!

Speaking of Bats… towards the end were they channelling Spider-Man ala Green Goblin? Psst, that’s Marvel! Though I suppose it could be canon to the Green Arrow comics… I can’t be bothered to check it out. I do read DC’s Suicide Squad and Floyd is a much better/complex character in it than in this show.

Overall, it was still a better episode than the front end of this season, they toned down the relationship drivel and didn’t do too much with the flashback… but it still wasn’t a good episode by any means.

Oh, River Song shows up and says “Hello Laurel”… no “Hello sweetheart”? Arrow. I. Am. Disappoint.

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Star Trek vs Star Wars

blastr – Check out who wins when infographic pits Star Trek against Star Wars

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ComicBookMovie – James McAvoy Doesn’t Think The  Two Xavier’s Will Come Face To Face In X-MEN: DOFP – this makes me a little happy actually

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Review: Deadpool #5

Deadpool #5Deadpool just keeps getting grosser and messier. From the writing to the actual visuals… it’s just a bit disgusting really.

The story itself hasn’t really moved much beyond some balls-to-the-walls presidential butt-kicking… but even that is losing its charm. (Also, how in the world were those monkeys up there that whole time?)

Even the cliff-hanger ending of this issue is less than spectacular. Deadpool will heal and there is a Necromancer handy to take care of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. We can see the next issue a mile away, the only surprise would be the agent not being brought back to life (or not beind turned into a zombie-like-fiend). Though even if she does die, maybe ol’ Ben can get a friend now?

There seems to be a trend of a lack of complexity with Deadpool in the last couple of issues… nothing has been touched on Dr Strange’s comments as well. While I do like a plethora of fun jokes at Deadpool’s expense, he’s a real character with real depth… let’s hope we’re getting to that…

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