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Karen Gillian - BBC PhotoshootOn the heels of the news that Glenn Close has joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan has also been added to the cast, only this time as the main female villain. Not being that familiar with GotG, I can’t even begin to speculate who she is going to be playing, though I doubt it will be an original character seeing as she’s a lead villain.

Karen played a character in Doctor Who named Amy Pond, one of the Doctor’s companions (and his mother-in-law, long story). The Who fandom does overlap greatly with the Marvel CBM fandom so it will be different to see her as a villain, especially along side Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies fame. Both are not exactly anywhere near the top of the list when you think of people to play bad guys, but both are great actors so it will be very interesting to see what they do with this.

They are also going to share the villain spotlight with Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead fame… so to say this movie won’t at least be interesting is an understatement.

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Deadpool #10Ever have one of those moments where you’re not sure if you should love something or loath it? That is Deadpool #10.

On the face of it, this issue is nothing but one big fan service, specifically, the Spideypool fandom. If you don’t know what Spideypool is, it’s just as it sounds, the idea that Spider-Man and Deadpool are a meant-to-be OTP. This is also by no means a small fandom and you could spend a lifetime just wading through the Spideypool tag on tumblr. So, yeah, there are tons of references to this in this team-up issue where Deadpool and Superior Spider-Man have a run in.

Here’s the thing though, it’s not Peter Parker anymore but Doc Oc… and Deadpool knows this. He makes several references to how Spidey isn’t acting like himself and also purposely bashed Doc Oc just to get a reaction. So does Deadpool know the truth because, well, he’s Deadpool and breaks the fourth wall all the time, or because Deadpool just knows Spider-Man that well, something that apparently is lacking in Spidey’s own comic.

Not being opposed of Spideypool, but also not being a fan of it, I find it hard to gage this issue. Spideypool fans could love it or really, they could hate it, same for non-Spideypool fans. It could be either read as an acknowledgement or as a piss-take. Not being deep on either side of the field I just don’t know where it falls.

It is pretty hilarious though, with some lovely moments of comedic timing. Though I am kinda disappointed in the concept of hell being pretty much Crowley’s hell from Supernatural (though, granted, it has been done before but very recently in Supernatural).

In the end, I’m just going to call this one a wash. I am so not getting into the middle of this…

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Uncanny Avengers #8So there was some talking… some explosions… more talking… a fight… more talking… and oh, talking… lots and lots of talking… but mostly by the writer instead of actual dialogue…

Not to get caught up in the old debate of ‘comics are just fancy picture books’ but there is something to be said about the fact that a comic book can be too wordy. It is especially true for action sequences. Someone, anyone, please tell Remender this. Or at least give him an editor that is willing to just cut crap out and slim things down.

I seriously have no idea what happened in half of this issue because of the constant drivel.

I think everyone died at the end… dunno… maybe… not likely though… so kind of waste of a cliffhanger…

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X-Termination #2X-Termination #2, or Conclusion, caps out the end of two short run titles: X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse. It is also sucks.

Seriously, the only characters who escape ‘unscathed’ are the Astonishing X-Men crew which was the only title that didn’t get cancelled. Everyone else, because their titles were cancelled, seemed to be free game for the slaughter. Pretty much everyone from AoA is killed off and half the X-Treme team was already killed off as well.

Even the budding romance between Blaire and Alt-Cyclops is also ignored and dropped, which is annoying to no end. I thought they made a good couple, or at least one with lots of potential…

The only thing good that can be said about this cross-over is that it does live up to its name ‘X-Termination’ because pretty much everything is terminated, permanently.

Big fail of an ending there, Marvel, you basically just crap on all the people who actually did spend money on these titles. I know we weren’t many, but seriously? I shake my head at you…

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Glenn CloseDeadline reports that Oscar nominated Glenn Close will be joining the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy in some kind of leadership role in the Nova Corps. Likely she will be the Nova Prime but there is no known female Nova Prime (that I know of) in the comics so likely she will be a new character.

Glenn Close has made a habit of playing strong women who you don’t want to mess with so she is a perfect fit to be the Nova Corps’ version of Nick Fury. The real question is will she take an active role in the action or, like Fury in the Avengers, be more behind the scenes and giving orders.

Either way, great addition to the film.

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X-Men #1 - Skottie Young variantI’m annoyed, my retailer didn’t have the Skottie Young variant… I always buy the Skottie Young variant!

Anyway, as for the comic itself, it’s… interesting.

Instead of layering the reader with a lot of backstory, we get two pages of light poetic exposition then we’re dumped ‘in media res’. Jubilee is heading ‘home’ with a baby she ‘adopted’ but is being followed so she calls her X-Men friends to lend a hand. John Sublime shows up at the school just in time to warn everyone about five minutes too late that he has a psychotic sister who is apparently much worse than he is.

I kinda can’t help being a little disappointed that the all-female X-Men team is going to be fighting a female for their first enemy. It seems to be a trend lately that in female team books they have to go after a female villain. Such as Le Fey and the Doomaidens in Fearless Defenders. I don’t read any of the current female solo books so I don’t know if they have the same issue so it could just be the team books. In any case, I would have much rather seen the gang fight Sublime himself than creating a ‘sister’, basically the equivalent of a “Lady Sublime”, instead.

That being said, the writing is very well done. Often writers, when trying to make strong female characters or a female team, go too much out of their way to say ‘this is a strong character/team’ instead of just letting them exist organically. With the exception of Jubilee who has perfect characterization to be where she is with adopting the orphan, all the other women are were they are simply because they are. No muss and no fuss about it.

Characterizations are quiet good as well, no one is acting out of character or even worthy of a raised brow moment. I was worried that Wood might put Rogue in line with how Remender is writing her but thankfully Wood has Rogue as sassy (note: not bitchy) as always. Though the train part I didn’t quite understand, I mean, if she trashed the first three sections wouldn’t the back half still keep going towards the other train? Did she move the sections with the people off the track? I have no idea but apparently the day was saved so I’ll go with that.

This title has a lot of expectations on it being that it’s from Wood, an all female cast, and has some heavy hitters in it who carry a large fanbase. It was a good, solid opening act… we’ll see where it leads from here.

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Review: Gambit #13

Gambit #13Gambit is just one of those guys who can’t seem to win for loosing.

First Joelle bites it in the last issue and now Fence has something under his sleeve that probably won’t come back to bite Remy very hard seeing as there is only four issues left, but it’s possible it could have consequences in other parts of the Marvel ‘verse (was it me or did that look a like a silhouette of Red Skull?).

As for this ‘filler’ issue, it was definitely a great concept, Remy robbing Iron Man and actually getting into the suit, but it just fell a little flat. Asmus gets a little too serious with Gambit and this is the moment for the breather, to have a laugh between somber moment.

It’s still a good issue and I do like Asmus thinking outside the box on Gambit’s mutant abilities. Using his powers like a fuse and powering the Iron Man suit himself. This kind of stuff is really great and should be explored, just perhaps on a larger scale.

But now we’re coming down to the wire, the last arc until the end… let’s see where this Cajun takes us…

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