I’m not sure how much truth there is in this, and there is always development hell, but I need more information and facts before I can really decide what to think about this.

via BleedingCool

Bleeding Cool’s Hollywood sources (which also brought you the news that Warners were shipping round a Supergirl series – though we did get the producer wrong) have just landed us a massive trout, flapping around on the Bleeding Cool deck.

That Fox are currently in deep development on a live-action X-Men TV show. And are starting to get interest in that as well. Which is how it leaked to us.

No details whatsoever. And right now, no way of getting any. Hopefully, as a result of this article, someone like Deadline will do the heavy lifting.

Or maybe someone will mention it at NYCC? We’ll keep our ears open.

And looks like soon it may be time to add X-Men to The Strain, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Gotham, Powers, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Agents Of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Supergirl and all the other comic book-based TV shows coming down the pipe.

Over a decade ago, Marvel created the show Mutant X, but legal pressure from Fox saw them have to distance the show from the X-Men as much as possible. Won’t be a problem this time… could I suggest that the New X-Men series by Grant Morrison might make for interesting source material?

All-New X-Men #28Time travel gives me a headache too.

I really wish comics would stop using it as a device, especially on top of each other. Right now this is turning into a really bad rendition of Back to the Future.

I suppose we’re supposed to care about young!Xavier and Raze in a ‘they are the villain with semi-tragic backstories’ and yeah I don’t care.

The thing is, I should care, this should be an interesting story now that we’re finally out of the really bad wet-dream fan fiction that Bendis was writing, but the whole story with these two brothers is not only stupid,  it’s just not engaging. It’s like Bendis is trying to be outside the box but… yeah… no… he just sat them in a different box.

Nightcrawler #3Well, that escalated quickly.

So yeah, Kurt, when you die, you kinda miss a few things that are kinda important. Seems this whole thing was a set up though why Amanda let it get as far as it did I have to wonder.

Chris usually likes a slow burn but he’s really hopping from one plot point to the next here and that makes me cagey. Why so quick to get things moving? I know that sounds hypocritical of me as I am usually all for ‘throwing people into the deep end’ but not when it feels like you’re drag racing from the starting line. Pacing people, it’s all about the pacing. If you’re in a hurry to get to something, it makes me wonder if really worth the rush.

Or more importantly, what’s going on behind the scenes that makes you feel the need to rush?

Still, this one of the better titles going right now… so what can  you do?

Ms Marvel #4I’m pretty sure at this a point the NYPD has just called it a day. Seriously, how do they get any real police work done? Do they have a code for “screw it, superheroes are involved”? I kinda want to read that comic.

Anyway, Kamala is safe, apparently her abilities offers some extra benefits of not transferring over wounds. I wonder if this means if she’s hurt as Kamala she can turn into Carol and be okay? It’s something we might find out later, I hope.

Kamala didn’t quite learn her lesson though and is getting herself in over her head again. But her heart is totally in the right place. She has a hero’s gumption, she just needs to work on her tactics and planning. She’s growing as a character already and that’s wonderful to see. The title also isn’t relying on undue angst and torment so it is genuinely entertaining.

So far this title has been a throwback to the classics but maintains a very modern feel. It proves why a lot of the current tropes just don’t work anymore.

Right now, I’m gonna say this is Marvel’s best title. If you’re not reading it… you might want to fix that.

Amazing X-Men Annual #1I’ll admit, I never quite understood the concept of the ‘Annual’.

It’s usually nothing more than a filler issue with a fancy name. Often it doesn’t even take place in the current timeline, like it’s something that happens before the current story arc or otherwise not a part of what is happening. It’s not always a bad story, they can be quite enjoyable, I just don’t know why the need to have them when they could easily replace filler issues that typically are pretty lame.

Semi-rant aside, I have a feeling this annual was done as a step up to the new Storm solo that is coming out soon. We get a  glimpse at her personal life outside the X-Men, and her past as a Goddess. There is an important message here about balance, about how the ‘butterfly effect’ is a real thing. And how Storm is so strong that she really could let the world burn if she chose it so.

Storm is a really one of the most underrated characters. She’s well known but not well used. Though granted, she’s such a badass, writers could be worried about the very real fact that she could just save the day all by her self most the time… and we can’t have that now can we…

ps… that was sarcastic

Deadpool #29Here we have a very loose tie-in to Original Sin, really, the event was only used as a plot device…

That being said, a lot of stuff happened that is good to know. Dracula isn’t taking the break up well. Preston founds links to Deadpool’s daughter and got a glimpse of what happened to her. And Deadpool is a man with a plan, a horrible plan, but his heart is in the right place.

So business as usual.

It looks like they won’t be dropping the Ellie plot line, but I’m unsure where it’s going. Where is she at the moment and what is she going to think of the whole situation? She seems to have been raised completely unawares of her heritage but does this mean she’s an average Mary or has she been groomed to enter the ‘family business’?  I suppose it’s just a matter of time before we find out…

That is… if Deadpool manages to not get himself and everyone else killed… it’s always an option.

Black Widow #7There is something to be said about how much of a sociopath/psychopath a person has to be in order to do the job of a spy.

There is a very casual nature to death, dealing it and causing it, and this issue is all about Natasha being that kind of casual killer. It doesn’t frame her out very well into being the good guy here. Though at least her struggle is there, the teetering point between empathy and apathy. But not a lot of character development is done here on her part, even with the introduction of both past and present and Daredevil’s lawful neutral demeanor. It’s like it’s just another day in the life of Black Widow… which isn’t a bad thing, but seven issues in and we’re really not getting anywhere.

But we do learn why her lawyer/assistant is sticking with her despite it all, that’s something that is totally going to come back later… that’s just how these things roll.

I’m still disappointed in how slow this series is pacing though, and the general lack of a good Noir feel, or even a modern Burn Notice feel. Heck, I’d even settle for Ocean’s Eleven.