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X-Termination #2X-Termination #2, or Conclusion, caps out the end of two short run titles: X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse. It is also sucks.

Seriously, the only characters who escape ‘unscathed’ are the Astonishing X-Men crew which was the only title that didn’t get cancelled. Everyone else, because their titles were cancelled, seemed to be free game for the slaughter. Pretty much everyone from AoA is killed off and half the X-Treme team was already killed off as well.

Even the budding romance between Blaire and Alt-Cyclops is also ignored and dropped, which is annoying to no end. I thought they made a good couple, or at least one with lots of potential…

The only thing good that can be said about this cross-over is that it does live up to its name ‘X-Termination’ because pretty much everything is terminated, permanently.

Big fail of an ending there, Marvel, you basically just crap on all the people who actually did spend money on these titles. I know we weren’t many, but seriously? I shake my head at you…

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X-Treme X-Men #13X-Termination – Part Four. Seriously, why all the lack of love for Kurt? Poor boy just can’t catch a break…

Now, this is the final issue of X-Treme X-Men… though it’s not really over because the story continues into Astonishing X-Men and the final X-Termination issue… so… yeah… annoying. If you weren’t reading the other stuff then this is totally a crappy cliff-hanger-ish of an ending. Even if you are, there is no guarantee that those final two books, which aren’t written by Pak are going to really give an ending to these characters as they deserve… especially since it will have to deal with an ensemble cast.

What a crap way to leave us off… but at least the storyline will be ended… but it’s still crap.

Would I still recommend picking up the collection if you haven’t been reading it? Yeah, the books in the middle are very high quality and I love how they are done… I will definitely be on the look out for more of Pak’s work in the future.

And still a better ending than LOST…

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Age of Apocalypse #14X-Termination – Part Three. The teams have split up to go and take care of the energy beings which want to destroy the universe. Did I miss a motive other than wanton destruction? Maybe… I slept since then.

Short of it is that a lot of people die. A bunch of random people that if I actually read AoA I would probably know a lot more about died. Hercules died. Sabretooth and his kid were already dead. And more seem to be joining the body count. Ugh.

At least we know the big ones from 616 won’t die but that’s hardly a consolation. I don’t feel like this crossover is really doing anything other than just getting a bunch of people to fight what seems to be an unwinnable battle.

And with evil-Beast causing problems by taking off with the Apocalypse Seed… I don’t think either universe is going to catch a break any time soon.

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Astonishing X-Men #60X-Termination – Part Two takes place in the latest Astonishing X-Men. They pretty much figure out that there is no way they can take on these things in straight combat… and everyone is kinda screwed.

Although there is a lot of fighting and stuff going on, this issue really feels like a filler or set-up issue. Everyone is together now, all introductions have been made, the bad guys are established, now let’s go kick their butts.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just nothing to write home about. I mean, they tease about ‘oh, Bobby could get stuck in AoA world’ but like that will really happen? A lot of this is stuff we can see coming a mile away.

Though, there was a really nice touch with the two Kurt’s. They are both so very much damaged but they don’t see that in each other.  Yes, doesn’t matter which Kurt it is, he always brings the feels.

Oh, and the Sabretooth and Son act was kinda fun too.

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X-Termination Part OneNow we start the mini-cross over event X-Termination which is a crossover between the Astonishing X-Men, X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse titles. The funny thing is, it all seems to stem from a plot arc in the previous Uncanny X-Force title.

Not having read Uncanny X-Force, this issue did pretty much fill me in on what was happening. The Kurt from the Age of Apcolypse timeline came to 616 to hunt the man who killed his wife. He teamed up with the X-Force and then betrayed them so he could get his revenge. This betrayal was very personal to Logan who is not taking it well.

I don’t know a lot about the AoA Kurt and I know some people don’t care for him, think of his as a shadow or mockery of the original Kurt who was killed off not too long ago, but I can’t help but feel for him in this. He obviously has some emotional issues regarding the death of his wife and seemed to welcome the idea of death when Logan has his claws at his throat. It’s just… really… sad.

Here is a guy who has lost the love of his life. Thrown into a world he doesn’t belong. Is probably constantly reminded that he doesn’t, even if Logan and co started treating him like a friend I’m sure it chaffed that they weren’t really looking at him but at their Kurt. Then he ends up betraying them. Now he’s stuck, alone, even when gets back to AoA the war is over and everyone is dead…

Poor Kurt… between this Kurt, 616 Kurt, and X-Treme Kurt… the elf just can’t catch a break.

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According to SuperHeroHype: “X-Termination [the newest crossover event from Marvel] will tell the story of the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ Nightcrawler wanting to go back to his own timeline (currently he’s in the 616 Marvel universe on X-Force). The series will start and end with its own X-Termination Alpha and Omega issues and in between will spill into Astonishing X-Men, X-Treme X-Men, and (of course) Age of Apocalypse.”

“The AoA is Nightcrawler’s home,” said Age of Apocalypse writer David Lapham. “That’s where his family and friends are, that’s where he’s spent his whole life fighting Apocalypse and then Weapon Omega.  That’s what he was trying to liberate. Just because he leaves to another place and has an adventure doesn’t mean he turns his back on all that and says “this new universe is a lot safer and cushier. I think I’ll stay here while my loved ones suffer.

“As much sympathy as he’s had for what he’s seen and done here in the Marvel Universe, he just can’t bring himself to feel it’s a completely real place. The Marvel Universe is some kind of dreamland. The AoA is real. As far as the greatest damage he could cause. Well, that’s part of our crossover event…”

I’m a fan of Astonishing and X-Treme X-men so I will likely be picking this up when it comes out in March 2013 in order to keep in line with events happening in those comics. At least this doesn’t look to have the major ‘let’s just muck with everything’ that AvX had, could actually be kinda interesting.

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Marvel can’t seem to let things go for awhile… here is the next big thing:



At this point… looks like a crossover event with the Age of Apocolypse series… so… yeah, can’t be all that bad… one would hope…

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