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All-New X-Factor #8Okay, so we meet this years Worst Father of the Year recipient and it’s strangely not Magneto for once.

That being said, there isn’t much new here, your typical “I hate mutants so god punished me with a mutant child” trope.  It’s the running commentary from our strange cast of characters that sells it. Really, Danger and Warlock were fantastic in this but they need to learn that honesty is not always the best policy.

We also get to learn more about Snow in that we actually don’t learn anything about him except that he knows people and has a lot of pull. The way he just walks in with the police and owns the place… then just takes the girl…  no questions asked. Yeah, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think about Snow right now… color me worried here.

Though it’s nice to see Polaris kick some magnetic butt… she’s channeling a bit of here dad there… but don’t tell her that. 😉

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Well, that was non sequitur. All-New X-Factor #7

The team decides they’re going to help ‘rescue’ the daughter of a mutphobic man but turns out she would rather have an autograph than be saved. And she apparently is a mutant herself and kills Doug? I’m sure that’s just a temporary problem for him though, usually is with these x-types.

What I like about David’s writing is that it’s full of little subtle things, and some not so subtle. I like how he gives the argument on both sides about separating a person’s politics from their non-political works. Considering when David was likely planning this issue, he may have taken a cue from the recent-ish Orson Scott Card thing. This is the right way to put political stuff into your writing, even if you lean it a certain way, you still need to express it rationally rather than just soap box.

Though I am unsure why Danger is physically reading a book when, you know… she could literally download it? I suppose she finds manually reading like fleshy people to be more beneficial to understanding her current state of being. Not to mention Warlock is a bit confused himself, but thankfully he has self-friend Doug to help him out.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Remy’s cats seem to have taken over? That’s totally legit.

I’m liking this series so far, but I’m not that familiar with David’s work. I really hope that it isn’t going to be just one random spin after another because that can get real old, real quick. Right now it’s just right.

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All-New X-Factor #6I totally need to catch up on all that went down with New Mutants… cause damn Doug, what the hell happened?

It seems like David is building a team of very broken people. They all have had a pretty crappy time of it lately, really, they’ve had a crappy time of it for quite some time now, but this is of course no reason to assume they can’t do the job. I think once David is finished with his team… shit is gonna go down and we’ll have some very angsty character rebuilding… this is gonna be fun… depending on your definition of fun.

I’m kinda thrown by Serval’s sub-plot, I am sure it will be important, but it is kinda like a bad soap opera so… yeah…

As for Warlock and his Dad… truly the best WTF ever. Clever. I love it.

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All-New X-Factor #5Can all issues of this title take place in Gambit’s bedroom? Is that too much to ask?

Sexy Cajun’s aside, the existential quandary that Danger is going through is actually pretty heady. She’s got ‘knowledge’ but no experience, she no longer has the answer to ‘why’ that takes most humans 15+ years to get a basic grasp of, let alone fully understand. People are lying to her for reasons she doesn’t get.  The question now is how much of this David is going to continue to explore, or if he was only using it to justify her attacking Smaug. A.I.’s becoming Sentient story lines can be tricky and Danger is already self-aware, just not quite fully sentient… so David’s got his work cut out for him.

Other notes: Gambit’s kittens know what’s up… you see the brown one licking his face? Though probably it’s just that it decided it needed to be fed, right then.

Pietro really needs to get over his robophobia… just cause you didn’t like Wanda getting married to anyone, let alone Vision, don’t mean you have to be rude about other human/robot interactions. (I understand that robophobia probably isn’t the right term here but I honestly have no idea what is…)

Serval get’s more and more questionable every issue…

And Warlock is working with his dad?


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All-New X-Factor #4Danger! Danger, Remy LeBeau!

Yeah, I say we just feed Nil to Danger before reprogramming her not to go all Terminator on everyone… but that’s just what I would do. To bad he has a thief’s honor and gets all noble long enough for Remy to defuse the situation… oh well.

But man, Remy, you kissed Danger… do you really think you’re that much of a damn fine hot sexy Cajun boy that you can just kiss people better?

Sounds legit.

Oh, and Polaris… your Magneto is showing…

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All-New X-Factor #2There is no way this much badass can be contained in one team… yet here we are.

Lorna looses her teammates and decides to wreck the place to get them back because she can. Gambit is a cat who always lands on his feet and his secondary mutation is Luck. Pietro is quick on his feet and the lovable jerk everyone just ‘loves’ but he gets the job done. Can we just have issue after issue of these three just going around being BAMFs?

Oh wait, that’s the point of this series.

I’m sure there is a plot in here somewhere. You have this mad scientist who seems to have figured out how to siphon mutant powers or something.

There comes a time when truly, the plot doesn’t matter, it’s all about the character doing what they do best. Right now is the perfect time, we’re learning the dynamic of the group, we’re finding out if this strange mix will work. And so far, David is showcasing the best sides of our trio with just enough raw edge for it to be realistic.

Love it… too bad David is just setting us up for pain later cause that’s how he rolls… but for the moment… I can’t get enough of it!

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All-New X-Factor #1I refuse to believe Remy was that careless and didn’t get himself caught on purpose. This is Remy LeBeau we’re talking about…

I suppose though he could have been having an off day, there’s been a lot going on with him lately, what with everything that happened in his solo, the stuff with Rogue, it’s a lot to handle. But still… Remy freaking LeBeau!

Convenient plot point aside, we get an introduction of Serval Industries and how they apparently want to help people. To do so they have started their own little group of crime fighting super heroes (like this hasn’t gone badly in the past). Of course everyone is very paranoid about this, I’m paranoid about this, but Polaris seems to think everything is on the level. I don’t think I’ll ever trust Serval but I guess we’ll have to see.

I love the interactions between everyone already, it’s like a dysfunctional family and that is pretty awesome. There is plenty of wit and banner to make me smile. If the writing stays on this level, then I’ll be very happy!

As for the new uniforms, I don’t know what all the complaints are about, we’ve seen much, much, worse in the past.

So, yeah, first issue in and I’m liking this title, which is a good thing because it’s the only title with Gambit in it!

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Peter David has been inspired by Google as a corporation getting into new areas of business… And All New X-Factor is about an Internet search corporation Serval Industries, creating its own superhero team, after buying the name from Jamie Madrox. We get Polaris, Quicksilver and… Gambit. With three more to come…

Since Gambit’s solo and Astonishing X-Men ended, he looked to be in limbo. He’s going to return in All-New X-Factor from Peter David. Not only that, but half-siblings Polaris and Quicksilver are going to be working together? And on what seems to be a paid super hero team set up by the MU version of Google? This.. should be really interesting… to say the least.

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