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So as you already know, I rewrote last week’s episode Ghosts and that caused it to be a day late. When I moved around some sub-plots I caused a snow-ball effect and now I’m going to be late with the mid-season finale since I realized I had to deal with the events of Ghosts earlier than planned (but this isn’t a bad thing, trust me!).

Plus, I decided to do all this in probably the two busiest months of the year for me social-wise.

Did I mention this was a learning process?

I’ve since decided to move the Mid-Season Finale, 1X11 Pinnacle, to Christmas Day at 5e/4c. This gives me time to really have a sit down with it and see how it’s going to effect the second half of the season.

I really apologize and hope you all understand! And here is a sneaky for you to tell you how much I appreciate you!

In a bubble of a nearly blinding storm, three figures flew by, lost in the backdrop.

“This is the search grid,” Wolverine said as he checked the GPS locator.

“Good,” Carol said as she held onto a harness that was wrapped around the man’s torso, herself floating in the air thanks to her mutation which gave her the strength to counteract gravity, to a point, “cause you’ve put on a few pounds in your old age.”

The feral mutant was clearly not amused as he tucked away the device into his jacket.

“I will stay above,” Storm told them as she floated on the winds, “I can push this storm farther North and give you a reprieve, but it will be delicate as I do not want to dump twelve inches of snow over New England.”

“Understood,” Carol nodded to the woman, then looked down at Logan, “you picking up anything yet?”

“Nah,” he sniffed the air, “it’ll be better on the ground.”

“You want me to drop you any place in particular?” she asked him.

“Anywhere will be good,” he told her.

“Okay,” and with that she simply let go.

Logan fell like a rock, growling like a beast, but the Air Force Captain had no doubt he’d land on his feet with the grace of a feline.

“I commend you,” Storm said with a smirk.

“He’ll get over it,” she checked that her radio was secure to her belt and her thermal coat was zipped tight , “he always does.”

“Yes,” the woman nodded, “good luck in finding your friend.”

“Who needs luck when you have a Wolverine,” Carol winked, then dived down towards the Earth, looking for where the man would have landed.

“Hilarious,” he was all he said when she came to land in front of him.

“I thought so,” she smiled and then looked around to see nothing but white and trees, “got a direction yet?”

“Yeah,” he gestured to his left, “this way.”

“Just like old times, eh, Logan?” she said as they started to head that way.

He let out a rare honest laugh, “Just like old times.”

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Sports ran long, tonight’s episode, 1X10 Ghosts has been preempted.

In truth, I decided to do some work on this episode to make it better, and I’m quite happy with how well it’s turning out. The problem is that I misjudged how much time I’d need and it’s not ready to post today.

Writing a television series has definitely been a learning process, but like all learning there is that oh so fun curve.

The episode will be ready tomorrow and of course post per usual on on Sunday. I apologize for the delay but trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and being understanding of these occasional hiccups.

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So, this last week has not been kind to me. Everything from sudden deadlines at work that weren’t there two days ago to the average temperature in Oklahoma dropping a good 20°F and giving my sinuses the run around. Not to mention my DVR kinda died half way through watching Elementary last night… this really sucks cause I have two episode of Arrow on there I haven’t watch yet (wait, is this a bad thing?).

Anyway, tonight’s episode The Trask at Hand is not ready for it’s 7 o’clock air-time. I hope to have it up tonight, but at the latest, tomorrow. It will post as usual on on Sunday.

In consolation, here is a sneak of episode 1X08 – Scarlet:

Rogue slammed on the breaks as a car whipped out in front of her with no regard of little things like ‘right of way’ and ‘oncoming traffic, “Seriously,” she laid on the horn, “why is it a universal constant that three fourths of the world’s population do not know how to drive?”

“Hhhmmm,” Wanda crinkled her brow as she focused on the car in front of them, “fun fact, radiators have a separate section for transmission oil to be cooled. If the flow slows down because it’s not cooling properly, then the transmission doesn’t get old and can burn out. When your transmission goes, sometimes it’s just cheaper to get a new car.”

Wanda snapped her fingers and a keen eye would see a small spark of reddish electrical energy jump across her finger pads.

“I’d turn here if I were you,” Wanda smiled, “our inconsiderate driver is about to find himself most inconvenienced.”

“Nice,” Rogue chuckled as she turned down a side road, “I told you taking that automotive class would come in handy.”

“You only wanted me to be able to fix your car for you if you were feeling lazy,” the Romanian smirked.

“Hey, you said it was easier to affect the probability of something happening when you understood how it worked,” Rogue took a corner, then started to pull up a drive, “I was just trying to help.”

“Uh huh,” Wanda shook her head, pulling a garage door remote from her bag, “what’s the probability that the spa uses the same frequency as this remote?”

“I dunno,” the Southerner grinned, “you tell me.”

“Let’s go with probable,” Wanda snapped her fingers again, pointing the remote at the gate which then proceeded to open on command. Wanda feigned surprise, “well now, would you imagine that?”

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For those of you don’t know, NaNoWriMo is awesome. It’s a personal challenge to write 50,000 words in one month. It’s a great motivator and so much fun! Check out their website at

Personally… I am sssoooooooooooo behind. But that’s okay, I still have plenty of time to catch up.

I’m taking this weekend off from XMTFFS to give myself some time to work on it. The Series will be back next Friday with a brand new episode: 1X06 The Trask at Hand. I’ll see you then!

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Apologies, but Act IV of 1X02 – Pop Rocks & Pixie Stix was incorrectly tagged and was not showing up.

I have fixed it and here is the link.

Sorry it took so long to notice! If you ever see something like this happen again, please leave a comment and I’ll get right on it. 🙂

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Somehow I managed to reach 500 posts here on my blog. I always thought I’d get there, but being here is something else all together!

My first thanks goes to my co-producer, Chellerbelle. I’ve put a lot of work into XMTFFS and she kept me focused and was a bounty of ideas. She knows she’s awesome, but I’ll still call her awesome again.

And speaking of awesome, I wasn’t sure of the response to the series, but checking over the stats from the weekend the response was more than I had hoped. Big THANKIES to all my readers! You will always be the best.

The next episode goes ‘on air’ on Friday, and here is a little Sneaky for you!

“I don’t think we have to bother being discreet at this juncture,” Scott added, giving the man a nod, “not after the incident at M-TAM.”

“Which brings up the question you’ve been ignoring,” Wolverine eyed him carefully, “what are we going to do about Nimrod?”

Bobby raised his hand, “I vote we let Jubilee use it for target practice.”

“I gave my word to Agent Duncan that we’d return it,” Scott told him pointedly, “we’re not the Brotherhood, we’re not thieves.”

“Then why did we steal Nimrod in the first place?” Jean asked, one brow raised.

Scott frowned awkwardly, “Borrowed…”

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I’ve uploaded Part 4 of my Fan Fiction Writing Workshop. It is entitled “Setting and World Building: I Am So Lost…

In this section I go over how to pick the location for your fan fiction, how much description is too much when you’re writing in a world that has already been established, and tips on how to create your own new location/world. I could have literally wrote pages and pages, but hopefully I’ve condensed it enough to get across the major points.

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I have put up Part 3 of my fan fic writing workshop:

Part 3 – Plot: The Other White Meat

Most fan fic writers have a basic idea what they want to write about but have no idea what to write. Figuring that out is easy, you only have to answer two questions: How and Why.

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Teaser Trailer #1

It’s Coming…

Agent Duncan gave him a resigned smile but as the three turned to leave, the Fed spoke up again, “Hey, you might want to remind Charles that the Brotherhood is stepping up their game, the government is a tension line ready to snap in all directions… he can’t wait around anymore, hoping for the best.”

Scott nodded to the man who returned the gesture before heading back into the fray of police and emergency responders.

“He’s right, you know,” Storm spoke with a touch of sadness in her voice. “Magneto will continue to escalate until he’s given the government no choice but to declare war on the Brotherhood, and that war will spill over into non-combatants both mutant and human alike.”

“I know, Ororo,” Scott was beginning to feel like a broken record, “I know.”

Wolverine growled as he leaned against the side table. “I wish you’d let me deal with those trouble makers,” he emphasized the words with a snikt of his claws.

“As I have said many times, Logan,” Charles replied sternly, “I will not let you be party to murder on my account,” then his words turned sympathetic, “and wasn’t this one of the reasons you left the weapons program?”

“Truth of the matter is, Professor,” Scott spoke with a released fervor, “we’re out-gunned. Magneto’s Acolytes, this is what they do. One on one we have a chance but, well, we know Quicksilver, Rogue, and Pryo have been working together for nearly a decade, they know each other’s weaknesses, how their powers complement each other,” he sighed and placed both hands on the desk. “We’ll never be able to fight them as a team if we don’t provide the same conviction.”

Charles regarded the young man for a long moment, “What are you suggesting, Scott?”

“That we have a dedicated team as well,” he was expecting the Professor to say something. When he didn’t, Scott continued. “That we train together, learn how to work in-synch with each other, and how best contain the Acolytes. Otherwise, we might as well stay home next time something happens.”

Again, the older gentleman was quiet before finally asking, “And who would be on this team?”

“X-Men, they call themselves the X-Men.”

Tune in to X-Men: The (fan fic) Series, Friday, September 13th, 8e/7c, for an all new live-action television series event in fan fiction form.

Follow the X-Men: The (fan fic) Series blog for updates, sneak peaks, and behind the scenes looks at this brand new fan fiction series from the writers who brought you X-Men: Among ThievesGym Class Heroes Series and the Thieves Guild Series.

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X-Men: The (fan fic) Series: Official Synopsis

It’s coming…

There is a silent war which rages within the world of humans, that of mutant against mutant. One side believes in peace, the other dominance.

Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants is a vast network of individuals who have set about manipulating the world’s governments and scientists in order to ensure their place as humanities rulers once the truth about mutants becomes known to the populace.

Xavier’s School for Higher Learning is a haven for those who wish to learn how to both better the world, and themselves, through the use of their gifts. They do not seek power, only equality.

When Professor Xavier’s hand is forced into action, he’s given a choice: stand by while his former friend tears the mutant community apart, or let his former students stand their ground and fight.

Tune in to X-Men: The (fan fic) Series, Friday, September 13th, 8e/7c, for an all new live-action television series event in fan fiction form.

Follow the Series blog for updates, sneak peeks, and a behind the scenes look at this brand new fan fiction series from the writers who brought you X-Men: Among Thieves, the Thieves Guild Series, and the Gym Class (Anti)Heroes series.

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