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Review: A+X #18

A+X #18Issue 18 marks the end of the run for this title. It says it’s ‘the natural conclusion’ but I think they just realized it wasn’t that great and let it end with the close of Cap and Cyclops’ story.

Our final team up is the unlikely pairing of Shadowcat and Vision.  Again, we see what a wasted opportunity these comics where in that so much could have been done but wasn’t because they only had half an issue to work with. First there is the two of them ‘being attacked by people they love’ in the simulation. Then you have the idea of what it means to be sentient and human and feel regret and remorse. But it’s all ran through really quickly and then capped off with a random out of left field joke that kills the mood.

Then we get the conclusion of Cap and Cyclops which is also kinda lame.

Everyone walks away happy and dandy as if they weren’t mortal enemies or thinking one was a terrorist or something. All Cap and Cyclops do is get into a mediocre and cliche yelling/pissing match while everyone else just walks away.

I’m glad that Marvel took a note and just walked away from this title since they really weren’t given it the depth it could have had.

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Review: A+X #17

A+X #17Can we at least get a mini-series of Tony Stark and Broo?

I was skeptical about this pairing and when I started reading it I was little pissed at how douchey Tony was being… but then that’s Tony, he doesn’t work well with others. Broo, on the other hand, works well with everyone because he simply doesn’t have a douche bone in his body. Once Tony realizes that Broo is not some annoying kid, but a mind on his level, the two have a blast, the perfect blend of snark and naivety.

Together they show that even nerds don’t fit into a single definition. It’s an important lesson all too ignored.

As for the Cap/Cyclops/Skrull/Doom storyline going on… it’s all a bit random still.

Rogers stays with the good Skrull while the rest go off to destroy more of Doom’s stuff. Okay, sounds good, but why is Cyclops even helping him anymore? They’ve passed the Skrull threat, it’s all Doom now, so why doesn’t Cap arrest Scott and then send in the whole Avengers team? Maybe if I was more invested in this story then I might care…

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Review: A+X #16

A+X #16I honestly don’t understand the purpose of this issue.

The first teamup we get is a flashback to Spider-Man stumbling over Psylocke in the middle of a battle. Then a grenade goes off and she is mortally wounded. Then the X-Men come and take her away and Spider-Man is left to a very obvious trope or forgetting his grocery list. It’s all so very pointless. Even if it may be the turning point in the evolution of Psylocke, there is almost no indication of this for those who are not X-Men readers.

This is a story that should be very profound and heart wrenching but it’s not given enough depth and falls flat.

Then we continue with the Cap and Cyclops story where everything is turned on its head. The Skrulls aren’t bad people and Doctor Doom took out the LMD. This seems to be nothing but one long advertisement to buy the new Nova comic. Seriously, that’s what the binary means that the LMD sputters before he dies.

Nice one Marvel…

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A+X #15One has Blue Fur and the other is wearing Horrible Pajamas.

That’s literally all I took away from this first team up in A+X #15 which pits Science vs Magic with Beast and Dr Strange. While the story is fun and there are a few good one-liners, this is a pairing I would have loved to have seen across a whole issue rather than just half. This seems to be the biggest issue with A+X (beyond constant reuse of characters rather than always going for something new), with only half an issue to tell a story you often get something short and sweet. For some of these stories that works just fine, but for others, it really does make the story feel empty. Like they really could have done more with it.

Also, does this cover image make Dr Strange look like Wil Wheaton? Just a little…

Then we have the continuing adventures of Cap and Cyclops. Now, the only reason these two are working together is because the Skrull guy could confirm that those two are not Skrulls. Then, with their Skrull captured (cause the guy was smart enough to move his heart), they head off looking for a Skrull safe house… and call in backup. Why does this feel like it’s negating the whole reason these two enemies are working together? How can Cap or Cyclops trust that Emma, the Cuckoo’s, and Ant-Man are not Skrulls? I know they needed Emma to to conveniently use her telepathy to save the day… and I suppose you could argue that it’s the fact that they are using the powersets of said individuals are a good reason to trust they are who they are… but still, it defeats the purpose of the teamup. If all Cap needs “proof of powerset” then he could cuff Cyclops and be done with it.

Ah yes… plot holes..

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Review: A+X #14

A+X #14I’m catching a theme here… everyone is making fun of the Superior Spider-Man…

Seriously, everything I’ve seen with the Superior Spider-Man that isn’t actually the SSM comics, the characters always somehow poke fun at Doc Oct. They conveniently find a way to discuss either Doc Oct or villains like him, and in doing so say things that would cause Doc Oct to hold his tongue lest give away the game. It’s getting kind of annoying because while yes, we know about Doc Oct, the characters (except Deadpool because, well, Deadpool) have no idea. I know, it’s a little thing, but it pisses me off because it takes away from the story itself.

Instead of some interesting team up between Magneto and Doc OctSpidey we’re treated to a long dialogue about what it means to be a villain.

And instead of that being really interesting and thought provoking, most of it is spent trying to get a rise out of Doc Oct.

Thank you for that.

The second team up is another installment of Cap and Scott running around, sniping at each other while trying to figure this Skrull thing out. And that’s pretty much it, a lot of back and forth bitching while destroying Doom Bots. And man, Victor von Doom is a bit of a jerk. What else is new?

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Review: A+X #13

A+X #13Our first team up is the unlikely duo of Cyclops and Captain America… and when I say unlikely, I mean they pretty much wreck the place because they can’t stop fighting for five seconds.

As much as this is probably true and there was that spark of a small moment where they actually worked together, the whole thing just felt like a big ol’ dose of trope thrown on top a three-trope layered dip. From the fighting to the convenient breaking of the Skrull reader… the whole thing was nearly painful to read. The only godsend was that Cap didn’t cuff himself to Scott cause then that would have just taken the cake.

Apparently this is going to play out over five more issues so… yeah… I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come.

In the second story, which was horribly drawn, it literally look like half-finished sketches, I felt that I’m supposed to jump up and yell ‘girl power!’

But again with the straight up been there, done that, story full of every trope they could find. It’s hard to think that there is anything ‘girl power’ about this when the writer obviously knows nothing about girls. Then he finishes the story on a very crude (and overused) joke.

I’m struck between wanting to be offended and not really caring enough to be offended.

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Review: A+X #12

A+X #12Not really knowing the history behind these two character’s relationship, I don’t know if I should be smiling or really sad.

I’m guessing, from how it’s portrayed in the comic here, that Beast and Wonder Man had a pretty close friendship until Wonder Man did something that pretty much ended it. It’s an awkward reunion but after some greasy food and a few beers, they spend the evening just doing stuff like taking on the Circus of Crime and randomly shaving Wolverine’s head (classic!) and the night ends on Beast getting sexually assaulted by ‘Poundcakes’.

It’s all pretty hilarious and socially aware, but I have a feeling it was supposed to be poignant too. It does kinda make me wish I knew more about their relationship.

Our second unlikely team-up is Captain America and Jubilee. Apparently Nazi Vampires are a thing now.

The fact that Jubilee is a vampire now, and all that entails, doesn’t get touched on that much. Even in X-Men where she’s a major character and has adopted a kid, it’s something that’s only briefly touched on in her comments that her kid won’t exactly have a normal childhood, but then who does when it comes to the X-Men? As decently written as it was, it was still just your typical PSA on ‘not letting your situation control who you are as a person’ kind of thing.

Just cause you’re a vampire doesn’t mean you have to be a monster. Truer words to live by, no doubt…

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Review: A+X #11

A+X #11I don’t read Thor’s comics, but I’m pretty sure he’s not as big a douche as he’s played up to be in this issue of A+X.

I mean, the whole concept of A+X is Avengers and Mutants working together. And yes, you have an Avenger and a Mutant. But this isn’t so much two characters working together as mutual annoyance. Thor accidentally goes into Limbo, causes some havoc, and Magik gets all prissy about it, the two bicker, the end. Seriously, that’s the story.

The second one is Cyclops and Spider-Man, and here we get some decent depth. Scott looks like the bad guy, even though he’s not in this instance, truly. Peter looks like the good guy, even though he’s not really since he’s actually Doc Oct. In the end, the Doc plays a gamble that pays off, saving everyone after Scott does the right thing, or maybe the wrong thing? After all, what is worse, letting one person die, or giving the villain an even greater weapon? It is no wonder no one died in the making of that comic panel.

It’s just a shame that such a philosophical nugget of existentialism is regulated to half a comic in a throw-away series.

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A+X #10Nobody likes Fantomex. This is just fact. Natasha is no exception… and apparently neither are the writers.

Sure, Fantomex does the right thing at the end, after being a complete unlikable jerk. In fact, him doing the right thing is really just him being a ponce. So, yeah, no one likes Fantomex.

Then we have the very cuties drawn Scarlet Witch and Domino. It was nice to see Wanda interact with a mutant and it not devolve into the whole “M-Day” stuff. Sure, there was a hint at it, but for the most part it was literally the story of two lucky ladies saving the known universe.

I do love Domino here, she’s sassy as all get out and just tases Wanda without a second thought. Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

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Review: A+X #9

A+X #9Cap, Wolvie, and Quire… they seriously just keep repeating the same characters and then throwing in a new one for good measure. It’s really annoying since Marvel has a bazillion to choose from.

In any case, what is Cap and Wolvie up to? Snipping at each other while fighting off big animals/bugs, then giving a quick after-school lesson special. Other than a few nice wise-cracks at Logan’s expense, meh.

Then it’s on to Quire being Quire, which, okay, is always worth a grin. Leave it to him to try to bed Pixie into a bikini. It’s nice though to see Eye-Boy, a new and minor character, get a little plot advancement in his general personal background. As for Doctor Strange, he’s just so casual about almost getting his soul sucked out… but then all in a day’s work for him.

Still, this series has a lot of potential and it only seems to live up to a third of it recently.

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