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Astonishing X-Men #65Everyone wants to be the bad guy because it takes effort to be the good guy.

I knew there was something to Bobby’s therapist, apparently it was all in his head. Would have preferred him getting actual professional help, but Liu did write this in a rather stunning way. There was no easy answer, no easy out. Bobby, for all his joking, is extremely low on the self-esteem and probably clinically depressed too. Combine that with unimaginable power?

Speaking of, Bobby is capable of doing everything he just did without the need of the Death Seed. Being basically an Elemental creature now makes him very powerful if he just puts his mind to it. I doubt though that we’ll see much come of this though. Astonishing is being cancelled and it never quite fit in with the rest of the universe as to what events were going on (except where kittens are concerned apparently).

Still, it’s a nice introspective study on what a lot of people go through, not feeling like they are ever quite as good as they should be, regardless of what they do in their life.

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Astonishing X-Men #64Did… did Bobby do what I think he did?

Seriously, did that just happen? Fully and completely… no ‘he recovered’? Because if so… then Bobby Drake just murdered his own father.

Granted, Bobby is possessed by the Death Seed, but then that’s the thing, isn’t it. Scott had the Phoenix in him when he killed his ‘father figure’ Xavier. Both powers, the Death Seed and Phoenix, seemed to have corrupted the core of the person, warping what was there into something dark.

So… will Bobby get forgiveness once this is all over, much like Wanda after her mental breakdown? Or will he be ostracized like Scott? Only time will tell… and with Astonishing X-Men ending… it could all be swept under the rug for the main storyline.

As for Mystique, have I ever mentioned how awesome she is?

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Astonishing X-Men #63Bobby’s kinda lost it… and it’s epic.

It’s good to see that finally everyone has noticed the weather is unnatural and that it could be Bobby’s fault, and that women have started to go missing. Bobby’s ice-clones seem to think they are helping his ex-girlfriends, probably taking them someplace safe for when all ice-hell breaks lose. The thing is, if he has Lorna and Mystique already, then they can do some damage and protect themselves. I wouldn’t underestimate Annie either, ER nurses are a tough lot. But it’s most curious that the clones seemed to have been acting on their own, like they know something is up with Bobby, or the clones just analogues of the part of Bobby that knows what’s happening isn’t right.

Also, Kitty’s conversation with Opal is quite good, especially after Opal’s conversation with Bobby. In only a few short panels Liu manages to really cut to the heart of the jokester Bobby Drake. He’s never been able to keep a girlfriend because he’s always thought he was never good enough for them. His jokes cover a deep depression made worse by being a super-hero.

Then there is the ending, one of the few times that the ‘giant steps on person’ trope actually is funny because it comes out of nowhere and it’s freaking Wolverine he steps on.

But yeah, Bobby has grown immensely with the power of the Death Seed and is now acting out. My local comic book seller had the balls to say “why is this title still going, no one reads it?”… I told him to read the latest arc and that’s exactly why people are reading it. Because Liu is freaking awesome and really knows how to deal with these characters on a more personal basis rather than just as fodder for some grand event.

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Astonishing X-Men #62Gambit has kittens!

Okay, so that wasn’t everything I took away from this issue but it was a really great moment. I heart Mystique some days, I really do.

Let’s start with the fact that Bobby is seeing a therapist of some sort, how awesome is that. Mutants in general have always been seen as analogues for groups of people who have difficulty fitting in so seeing that Bobby is accepting that he has issues and is doing something about it is great. Really, I think a lot of the crap that has gone down in the Marvel ‘verse could have easily been avoided if therapy was standard for super heroes. I just hope the fact that they didn’t show us the therapist was just artistic license and not a hint that they will turn out to be, dunno, Mr Sinister or something.

Of course, Bobby is having a time of it. During the X-Termination incident, Alt-Beast put that Death Seed into him and I don’t think it’s been taken out. His personality has gone haywire, he’s been talking to all his ex’s, and he’s causing massive cold snaps everywhere… and he realizes none of this.

Then he gets set off by over-hearing Kitty admitting that she still feels something for Peter. Bobby is basically at his lowest now, emotionally, due to the fact he just can’t seem to hold on to any girlfriend for every long. I’m actually feeling sympathy for the guy for once.

Liu’s always been a very good writer but she really knocked it out of the park on this issue, especially with the side stuff, like the kittens and the small Avengers scene. I can’t wait to see how things are going to go down and how the team is going to deal with this very vulnerable yet super-powered Iceman.

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Bryan Singer has once again tweeted us a picture, this time of Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde.

The first two things: Yes, they fixed her hair and I kinda like that jacket. It’s like Steampunk meets Game of Thrones? Not sure about it being “Kitty-ish” but it’s cool, it’s post-Apocalyptic, I can dig it.

Secondly, that’s Bobby there on the edge almost cropped out of the image. These two are doing a scene together… and the expressions on their faces could literally mean anything…

There is clearly a lot of emotion in Ellen’s eyes… but her hands are clutched in front of her and there is space between them. So the eyes say ‘love’ but the stance say ‘friend zone’.

It doesn’t help that Shawn Ashmore replied to the post with “hello:)”.

So it looks like there is going to be some substance to their appearances in the film beyond cameos as these two do get a chance to talk and obviously there is something between them, unrequited or no. This lends towards the film having some kind of conclusion to the Bobby/Rogue storyline from the first three films… or at least I hope so. Even though I’m a Romy, I would at least like to see something definitive here.

I know, Rogue got the cure and they held hands and all that in X3 but that was just begging for a lot of emotional turmoil and an easily collapsible relationship… as many fan fics have eloquently pointed out.

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Rogue Rules the News

As I was going through my usual news outlets, I noticed a trend with the news that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be returning for Days of Future Past. The trend being that Paquin and/or Rogue are pretty much always given top/first billing and is never the one to be dropped out.

Is this because Paquin is the bigger name? I wouldn’t think so, while Paquin has a popular tv show, Page has been busy and in the recent blockbuster Inception and Ashmore just got back into the news with his new tv show.

Could it be because Rogue had a bigger role in the original movies? Possibly, but then Kitty is at the heart of the original Days of Future Past story.

Could it simply be because Singer chose to write her name first, which could work as an excuse but people choose how they want to report the news and what pictures to use.

Or maybe Rogue is just that much cooler than Shadowcat and Iceman?

Take a look below and decide for yourself.


Paquin is given first billing and Rogue is the only image shown.

Paquin is given first billing and Rogue is the only image shown.


Page and Ashmore aren't even in the lead line, added like an afterthought!

Page and Ashmore aren’t even in the lead line, added like an afterthought!


No top billing but Rogue's is the only image.

No top billing but Rogue’s is the only image.


Paquin is first billing and they didn't even bother with a 'Rogue' image instead going for the actress herself.

Paquin is first billing and they didn’t even bother with a ‘Rogue’ image instead going for the actress herself. & SuperHeroHype

Paquin is top billing and first photo.

Paquin is top billing and first photo.


Paquin is given top billing and Kitty is left out.

Paquin is given top billing and Kitty is left out.

Entertainment Weekly

Kitty is again left out for Rogue and Iceman.

Kitty is again left out for Rogue and Iceman.

Yahoo! Movies

More Rogue/Iceman scenes, ugh, where's Gambit when you need him!

Paquin top billing and more Rogue/Iceman scenes, ugh, where’s Gambit when you need him!


Iceman is dropped out for Rogue and Kitty.

Iceman is dropped out for Rogue and Kitty this time.

ComicBookMovie actually shares the lime light a little.

Iceman gets top billing on the title but Rogue is the first mentioned everywhere else in the article, plus she has the most decent picture.

Iceman gets top billing on the title but Rogue is the first mentioned everywhere else in the article, plus she has the most decent picture. Seriously Kitty, that hair!

BleedingCool seems to be the only one to focus on Kitty due to her role in DOFP, but even then, they are lumping all of the casting news together.

The only picture of the three is way down in the article and same one used by Empire.

The only picture of the three is way down in the article and same one used by Empire.

Now, these are only 11 out of the thousands of websites out there that cater to movie and comic book news, but these are some of the biggest sites, three of which have their own printed magazines. I think that’s a pretty good indication of Rogue’s and/or Paquin’s popularity.

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But he should read more comics… no one stays dead for long.

Kevin Bacon #CoinInTheHead Twitter

Stolen from someone who stole it from someone who stole it off Tumblr.

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Anna Paquin as Rogue

Anna Paquin as Rogue

Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has tweeted that Paquin, Page and Ashmore will be reprising their rolls as Rogue, Shadowcat, and Iceman in the upcoming film. This is in addition to previous news that Stewart, McKellen and Jackman will be reprising their roles as well.

Odds are, these are only going to be cameo performances. I say this because they are kinda bunched together here. Then there is the fact Paquin and Ashmore have their own tv shows to work on, True Blood and The Following. Granted, that hasn’t stopped some actors from making movies but could cause scheduling issues. Paquin also just had twins which might affect how much time she wants to spend off somewhere filming.

Also, Singer went after Stewart, McKellen and Jackman first which denotes that they likely have larger, more important, roles which needed to be locked down. This goes into my theory that Wolverine will be the one doing the time traveling rather than Shadowcat because she’s much to young in the original movies to be able to go back to the 60s/70s.

Odds are, these three will be shown standing around providing exposition right before the fateful trip. There is also the possibility of a little action, maybe they’re protecting against Sentinels and what not while Xavier sends whoever back in time, but again depends on what these guys signed up for.

Some pointed out that Bryan said “thank you @BrettRatner for letting them live!” which means we’ll see no Cyclops (who was treated poorly in the movies) or Jean Grey or anyone else who died. Well, Xavier kinda died and he’s back. Jean Grey does nothing but die and come back. Also, wouldn’t that be a great way to show that the world has indeed been changed by whatever happens in DOFP? With Cyclops being alive?

In the end, I did not like what they did with Rogue in X3, she wasn’t any more Rogue than Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool at the end of X:O:W. As long as DOFP gives us that glimmer that everything has been changed, that X1-3 are now ‘alt-universe’ movies, then I’ll be happy.

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Character Spotlight: Robert “Bobby” Drake aka Iceman

Robert "Bobby" Drake aka Iceman

Robert “Bobby” Drake aka Iceman

Iceman is one of the original X-Men and I debated for a moment using him. He makes a great foil to Pyro (or Pyro makes a great foil to him?) in the whole Ice vs Fire thing. This was used in the movies and it worked, mostly, but I got annoyed at how forced it felt since they basically re-wrote Pyro to fit. That’s when I realized that I was balking on Iceman because of how much I like Pyro which is totally not fair.

The character of Bobby is that of a prankster (though he’s grown up a lot over the past few years) and he’s the one with the most sense of humor and now I realize I would have been an idiot not to include him. He brings a lightness and fun to the series that I would have found sorely lacking. Yes, this does mean that Bobby gets to be the butt of some classic slapstick, but at the same time he’s the heart of the team. He’s the one who inadvertently holds everything together.

This is how I’m running with Bobby’s characterization. He’s a bit younger than everyone else, very much still a ‘kid’ without actually being a kid, but at the same time, there is a maturity in him just waiting to come of age. He’s the jokester who when he has his moments… he has his moments.

Series Biography:
Bobby grew up in Long Island, the visual aspect of his mutation manifesting a little later than usual. Your typical class clown, his world is turned upside down as his own family doesn’t seem to know what to do with him and just dump him off with Xavier.

The first mutant he met was Scott and the two have become best friends. He’s extremely hopeless, relationship wise, most of the women within dating range at the School thinking of him more as a brother than anything else.

Still earning his degrees, Bobby is a certified Accountant and performs this job for the school. If you are going to buy anything class related, make sure you always save the receipt. If you don’t, you’ll probably find yourself the victim of his latest prank.

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