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I haven’t had time to properly digest both the new trailer and the new set picks of Wanda and Pietro… so going to let some professionals do the heavy lifting.

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Monday saw the release of another X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. While there are some notable absences, like just a quick running glimpses of Bishop, a character who may be important in this time travel story, there are plenty of things you should be watching out for.From the obvious – like the official debut of the Sentinels (even future versions like on the left) – to the not so obvious interpersonal dynamics of Xaviers young and old, here are ten important things we noticed in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer.

Despite conflicting reports of whether Storm’s role in Days of Future Past has been reduced, she sure has gotten a lot of screen time in both trailers so far. That suggests that either she is in fact a core character in the movie, or that her scene is pivotal or important.From the looks of it, Storm’s fate in the movie may be pretty similar to her fate in the Days of Future Past comic. If that’s the case, it would indeed be a major scene, allowing her to still play a big role in the film despite a lack of actual screen time.

We know that Mystique’s defection to Magneto will be a major sticking point between young Erik and Charles – Xavier specifically says as much – but where do her loyalties actually lie?From the looks of things, Jennifer Lawrence’s young Mystique could be the ‘x-factor’ (sorry) that sparks the Sentinel revolution. She certainly seems closer to her early comic portrayal as a more politically-minded agent of subterfuge in these trailers.

In one scene, it looks as though James McAvoy’s young Xavier is up and about, rather than being confined to a wheelchair as was his fate at the end of the X-Men: First Class.We know Xavier has alternated between mobility and paralysis in the comics, and at least one character – the bouncing, blue-furred Beast – has already received an “out” for the fate that befell him in the last film.

Of course, the short clip of the young Xavier up and about in the long “X-Mansion” hallways turning on lights is directly followed by him in a wheelchair. It could be simply a scene inside Xavier’s mindscape – which would also explain the Xavier-meets-Xavier scene teased in the trailer

On the other hand, it looks like Patrick Stewart is getting in on the action like never before. Several short moments in today’s trailer make it look like he’s going to go toe to toe with Sentinels at least once in the film.We’ve yet to see Xavier – especially old Xavier, at the height of his power – really cut loose in an X-Men film yet. While First Class saw him don the yellow and blue flight suit with the rest of his team, he still wasn’t exactly “hands on.”

It looks like Xavier won’t be the only one getting his moment to shine, either. Several key scenes in the trailer show Iceman at what could finally be considered “full power,” even sliding on ice trails.On top of that, we’ve got scenes of Colossus, Blink, and Sunfire all cutting loose. It may be a matter of FX catching up to ideas, or it may just be a willingness to go bigger, but Days of Future Past will likely see some of the most dazzling mutant powers yet on screen.

This trailer is really all about Xavier; how his two incarnations team up, and how his dream has evolved from his early idealism. The interaction between McAvoy and Stewart has been central to the film’s promotion so far, and is even more on display here.The important thing to note is that it seems as though old Xavier is counseling young Xavier, offering him guidance and solace. The print X-Men are no stranger to time paradoxes, but are we seeing the birth of a time-loop, or something less complex.

One of the things that really stood out about Matthew Vaughan’s X-Men: First Classwas the brighter, more lighthearted tone, especially as compared to Bryan Singer’s first two films, and even Brett Ratner’s X3.But this trailer all but disavows those bright colors and campy moments for something much bigger, darker, and altogether more troubled. That said, there may be an interesting dichotomy at play between the scenes of the X-Men’s bright past and dark future, but the costume direction alone, even in the scenes of the past, is step back towards the much grittier take on the team.

Call it an opportunity to clean house, a chance to trim down the cast, or even just a shot at showing some big, shocking events that could theoretically come undone through the magic of time travel, but it sure looks like not everyone is walking away from Days of Future Past.Even major characters are in trouble in this trailer, and while in comics, nothing is permanent (especially when it comes to the X-Men), would the films go so far as to partially reboot? X-Men: First Class took some opportunities to contradict the much-maligned X3. Could Days of Future Past be looking to settle that score?

While the last trailer was all about tone and mood, this trailer takes a big leap into the action. We’ve got mutants. We’ve got Sentinels. We’ve got soldiers, guns, lasers, powers, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is widescreen, blockbuster stuff on display.Keeping that in mind, it will be very interesting to see the interplay between the deeper, emotional moments hinted at here, especially between the two versions of Erik and Xavier, and the major, edge-of-your-seat action sequences Days of Future Past promises to deliver.

You wanted Sentinels? You got Sentinels.Thousands of Sentinels. This is the component of this film many fans have been waiting desperately to see. And while we only got a few brief glimpses at the small-scale battles between mutants and Sentinels, there’s plenty of eye candy flying around.From scenes of Xavier and Storm taking on the mutant-hunting robots, to Magneto seemingly taking control of their metal components, to scores of them pouring out of the sky, the Sentinels are absolutely central to this story, and that’s on full display in this trailer.

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Sequel Picks Up A Screenwriter image
Hugh Jackman’s just trying to set some world record for playing the same character the most amount of times, at this point, right? May’s release of X-Men: Days of Future Pastmarks the seventh time Jackman has played Wolverine on screen. And while rumors floated that he might not return for James Mangold’s planned sequel to The Wolverine, this morning, we hear the opposite.

Twentieth Century Fox recently went ahead and locked up a release date for Mangold’s untitled Wolverine film, eyeing March 3, 2017 as a window for new mutant action.Deadline follows up that news with confirmation that David James Kelly has been hired to write the screenplay, and that Jackman is “reprising his signature role” for Mangold to direct.

Of course, Mangold kind of hinted at that on his Twitter page:

But we really did wonder if Jackman would want to try on the claws – again – for the eighth time since he first created this version of the character in 2000. It goes without saying that Jackman doesn’t HAVE to keep playing Wolverine. He has earned more money that a human could spend playing Logan, the angry, razor-clawed mutant. He has pushed hard to make a dark, standalone Wolverine movie (in Mangold’s The Wolverine), finally tackling a storyline – set in Japan – that fans of the character have been clamoring for. Simply put, Jackman has climbed this mountain. There are no worlds left to conquer.

But even back when The Wolverine came out, Mangold and Jackman spoke openly about how much they enjoyed the creative collaboration, and left the door open for future Wolverine movies, if the studio would allow.

What we don’t know yet – and won’t know for a while – is the state of Wolverine on theX-Men timeline. Fox has announced that Bryan Singer will be moving from Days of Future Past to X-Men: Apocalypse, but that sequel is expected to lean on the characters from X-Men: First Class — actors like Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. Wolverine could be in a post-apocalyptic world, as he will be in Days. He could successfully reset the timeline, giving him new areas to explore. That will fall to Kelly, whose credits also Mind Mgmt for Scott Free, and Sentinel, for Appian Way and Fox.

What do you think? Are you happy that Jackman’s staying in the Wolverine role for another standalone film? Would you like to see him paired with another hero for the story? Or is it time to recast? Let us know below.

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Review: X-Men #11

X-Men #11This series just keeps stalling out.

Not only is this issue a bit dull in the ‘we have to set things up’ kind of way, which can be forgivable, but there is simply nothing unique or interesting or clever about it. Wood is dragging up the B-List dead female characters, surprise surprise the lady who started it all is having second thoughts because she’s a spoiled rich girl in over her head, and Sublime drops some cryptic thing about Shogo because of course he has to.  None of this is particularly bad, but it’s not particularly good either.

What is going on?

Is Wood this bad of a writer or is he simply afraid to push things since he’s got the only female team book at the moment? Or worse, he actually thinks this is progressive stuff?

All I want to do is shake my head and I’m left in an existential quandary. I want to stop reading the title because it’s boring and is a bit too close to the sexist borderline… but I don’t want to stop reading it because then Marvel might think that ‘oh, no one wants women lead books’ instead of the truth ‘no one wants to read boring books regardless of the characters’. I guess at the moment it’s a wait and see what Wood is setting up for… Maddie coming back can actually be pretty epic if played right, I’m just not holding my breath.

And I agree with Rachel, I’m hoping we get Rogue back too.

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agents_of_shield_yes_menShouldn’t there have been a bullet in the chamber?

Seriously, does this show not know how guns work? Also, why send Ward, a male, on his own to the back of the building containing the woman who can control men? I understand that sometimes you have to make characters do things to make the plot move forward but do you have to make it so darn obvious?

Speaking of obvious, they are already doing the ‘secretly a traitor’ thing again, this time with May, thought probably isn’t what it looks like, of course.

The only thing that keeps this show from floundering is that is’t fun. Lady Sif shows up and we get a wonderful episode full of action, humor, and some very interesting Easter Eggs, such as OdinLoki wanting Lorelei brought back alive. What plans does he have for the sorceress woman? And where is Fury, no one seems to know, and how is that gonna tie into Winter Soldier? There really is enough here to make a girl giddy.

But still the show relies on plot conveniences and really schmaltzy dialogue which holds it back from being epic. Although, they did manage to not go overboard with the gender divide commentary. It was appropriately snarky.

Lastly, is no one going to comment on the fact that Ward was essentially raped?

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Uncanny X-Men #17Did I miss Irma dying her hair red? I know she mentioned it… oh well.

This issue throws you into the story much the way these kids are thrown into Tabula Rasa to fend for themselves as a ‘training exercise’. You know, some days I’m on Scott’s side, other days, I just want to smack him across the face. I understand that these guys need to learn how to protect themselves but, really, throwing them into Tabula Rasa like that without warning? Can we say overkill? Or maybe just ‘trying to get them killed’?

Then Scott goes and be’s the biggest hypocritical douche by kicking out Bond for making a mistake? Seriously? The dude learned his lesson, just like you learned your damn lesson, Scott. You suck.

Yet another case of mucking with Scott’s characterization in order to get the desired outcome. Blech.

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Amazing X-Men #4I don’t know if it’s technically possible to burn down hell… but that sounds awesome…

Everyone is finally brought together, Beast is knocked to his senses, Wolvie and Northstar are found, then Iceman and Firestar are rescued by the Bamfs.  It was all appropriately nostalgic and fun. Now the group is ready to go do some damage on the high seas of the afterlife.

What really interests me is the backstory of the Bamfs. We discover where the Red Bamfs came from, and most of the history behind the Blue Bamfs. The biggest question though is what did Nightcrawler offer them? He treats them like family (of course he would) but there is an insurmountable sadness there. I hope this isn’t something that is going to take forever to resolve (if ever).

Until then, we’re going to have a swashbuckler of a time… can’t wait!

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WatX_42Doop killing it with the funk is the best thing about this issue, hands down.

This volume of WatX is coming to a close so it can be relaunched with a new writer and new-ish focus. The title is topped off with the graduation of many of the main characters in a predictably sappy+comical way. We also get those dreaded flash forwards that hint at stuff that may or may not come to fruition. The whole thing is nice and tidy and the definition of lack-luster.

While I am happy that we didn’t get some crazy cliffhanger or whatever it was that X-Men Legacy Vol 2 gave us… I was hoping for something with a lot more zing as Aaron has given us in the past. There is a moment or two here and there plus Doop’s great scene there towards the end, but it mostly tries to rely on nostalgia to eek out a very safe close by attempting feels. The thing is, this is comics, we’ve all learned not to get attached, at least the way Aaron is trying to manipulate.

I think we pretty much all feel like Quire on this one…

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Agents-of-SHIELD-TAHITIWell, that was disturbing…

Like all televisions shows, even the best ones still have to take a season to truly find their feet and AOS has been doing exactly that… I’m just not sure I like where they are standing.

All season there has been a push towards there being something rotten in SHIELD, little things here and there, especially with the circumstances around Coulson living and Skye’s backstory. Then you have the Winter Soldier trailer which basically flat out accuses SHIELD of becoming the bad guy. Now we have TAHITI which is an episode that holds up a neon sign that says there is something seriously corrupt inside SHIELD what with their secret facility (that was way too easy to find if you ask me) and their Leech meets Source Code blue guy floating in the tank.

(You’re telling me that all this tech going on down there, the production of chemicals and drugs and the like, and there is no scientists on duty? Just too guards? Unless the place was mothballed, which it clearly wasn’t, their should have been way more people there. This smells like either a set up or lazy writing.)

Speaking of lazy writing, I was really hoping that this show, when it finally stopped being all about Skye, would try to be clever and unique like much of Whedon’s work. Instead, we get the tried and true “we secretly work for a corrupt company/government” storyline. Yeah, it can be effective, but it’s been done so much, especially lately. If this whole backseason is going to be nothing but them ‘fighting the man’ then I will be disappoint…

But at least it won’t be ‘the Skye show’ and we can get more from everyone else. Always a plus side to everything…

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X-Men Legacy #24So apparently this title got cancelled and I didn’t notice.

That happens to me more than I’d like to admit.

But now the long drawn out nature of the last couple of issues makes a lot of sense. And this final issue wasn’t any less long winded and a bit of a let down. The way the world worm is stopped is literally by Xavier’s ghost coming and saying “I’m proud of you, Son.”


That’s what you went with?


The real question now is what is up with Legion? Did his physical body get completely destroyed and now he’s living in Ruth’s mind? What does it mean that she basically got time traveled back to just after Xavier’s death? And what of the time traveling man who claims to be a decedent of Xavier?

I don’t think we’ll ever know… that’s comics for you…

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Review: Deadpool #23

Deadpool #23Deadpool makes gore look good, and hilarious.

His ability to just frack $hit up knows no bounds and those poor shlups that got in his way had no chance, at all. The way gore and battle is presented in this issue is just brilliant in its execution. It’s more than just a joke, it’s the classic twist of Deapool’s sarcasm, wit, and playing with convention. 

But in all this, the bad guy probably got away to muck things up another day. Not terribly surprising but that’s okay.

Hopefully Preston will get a LMD next issue and get back to her family, the woman should also be given sainthood for putting up with Deadpool…

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