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All-New X-Factor #5Can all issues of this title take place in Gambit’s bedroom? Is that too much to ask?

Sexy Cajun’s aside, the existential quandary that Danger is going through is actually pretty heady. She’s got ‘knowledge’ but no experience, she no longer has the answer to ‘why’ that takes most humans 15+ years to get a basic grasp of, let alone fully understand. People are lying to her for reasons she doesn’t get.  The question now is how much of this David is going to continue to explore, or if he was only using it to justify her attacking Smaug. A.I.’s becoming Sentient story lines can be tricky and Danger is already self-aware, just not quite fully sentient… so David’s got his work cut out for him.

Other notes: Gambit’s kittens know what’s up… you see the brown one licking his face? Though probably it’s just that it decided it needed to be fed, right then.

Pietro really needs to get over his robophobia… just cause you didn’t like Wanda getting married to anyone, let alone Vision, don’t mean you have to be rude about other human/robot interactions. (I understand that robophobia probably isn’t the right term here but I honestly have no idea what is…)

Serval get’s more and more questionable every issue…

And Warlock is working with his dad?


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Review: Ms. Marvel #2

Ms Marvel #2Getting what you want is rarely all it’s cracked up to be…

Kamala gets super powers that allow her to become Ms. Marvel, in dress at least, and she discovers why sensible footwear and proper underwear is important.

She’s a little freaked out too, but this doesn’t set her back when someone is in trouble, someone who wasn’t nice to her. Instead of letting events take their course, Kamala steps up to do the right thing. Later, once she gets over the fact that this is really happening, she’s still a little freaked, but determined. There is definitely a “Steve Rogers’ or ‘Peter Parker’ vibe in there, a good person given a great power…

I have a feeling Kamala is going to be able to handle that responsibility… but maybe not so much the wedged heels.

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Uncanny X-Men #19Mystique, I know you’re the bad guy, but damn girl… that’s just cold.

Mystique’s first priority has always been herself with the exception of Irene, Rogue, and Nightcrawler, because those three give her uncomfortable feels. She’s also been loyal to the mutant cause, believing mutants to be superior to humans and the like… but to keep Dazzler in a coma, draining her blood to use to make the mutant power drug, solely for the money and a vindictive streak against Dazzler who she considers a traitor? This is a damn far low that I’m pretty sure Mystique would have never fallen to… but with Bendis writing, he doesn’t care.

And of course S.H.I.E.L.D. comes after Bond… it doesn’t take a prognostic to figure that one out. I’m hoping this is just some clever game Scott and Co are playing, otherwise this is one of the stupidest and hypocritical moves this team has ever made… which is saying a lot.

The part of this issue that I’m board with is that yes, everywhere mutants go, or superheroes in general, the place ends up wrecked. I hate to see what the insurance premiums are in 616…

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Wolverine and the X-Men #2So everyone is yelling at each other.

That’s pretty much it.

Oh, there is some fighting and sexy nuns… but a lot of yelling.

I just couldn’t get into this issue, at all.


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aos_nothing personalI’m rather annoyed at myself for not reviewing this episode sooner, especially since this was the best yet!

Now, I know I’ve not exactly been fond of Skye, I’ve found her to be a highly annoying character, but in Nothing Personal I garnered a whole new respect for the woman. It happened about the moment Skye called BS on Ward. She could have gone all “I love you, there’s still good in you, blah blah”. That kinda of reaction does have its place in storytelling but it’s often the only reaction anyone ever writes in these cases. Not only is that dull, unimaginative, and borderline sexists, it often doesn’t even fit the scene or character (looking at you Padme, you broke my heart!). So when Ward tries to pull the “i care about you’ shtick on Skye I nearly shouted for joy when she calls him out for all the people he chose to murder.

No excuses. No attempt to justify his actions. She flat out calls him a Nazi.

Damn straight girl! You tell him!

And the best part, later when she sticks to her morals and doesn’t let Ward die it’s a much more powerful scene as she’s really doing it because she’s not a murderer, not because of some romantic ideal she has in her head about Ward.

This really is the best part of the episode, but did I mention Maria Hill shows up and is basically 110% done with everyone’s shit?

Then that ending where we discover the roots behind Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and Coulson’s true involvement in it and how he should have just shut up and trusted May? Cause yeah, that happened.

Two episodes left and if this show is not renewed… I’m going to have to go Black Widow on someone’s ass.

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