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Review: Magneto #4

Magneto #4Yes, okay, we get it, Magneto is ruthless in his pursuit of killing those who would kill mutants first.

We kinda already knew that…

Unless something is going to come out of the name of the mutant he discovered, this issue was pretty much an excuse to see Magneto going around and killing people. Near-wholesale slaughter really. I guess it sets the tone of Magneto being the villain who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty… it’s a colorful exposition of his character those who don’t know him that well…

but it’s freaking Magneto… not knowing he’s a megalomaniac metal bending mutant with a ‘kill them before they kill us’ attitude is like not knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman… seriously.

I suppose I’m just really bugged by the inclusion of John Allerdyce in the list of names at the end. From the context, I take it that this list has been around for awhile and that name could have been added at any time. But Pyro is St. John Allerdyce, not John Allerdyce. And he died actually trying to do the right thing for once… so… yeah… I’m kinda confused.

And a little queasy… probably should have noted that this title was rated “Parental Advisory”.

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Wolverine and the X-Men #4I can’t believe I’m saying this… but bring back the sexy nuns?

Once again everyone is fighting each other and the Phoenix is somehow involved. Everyone is worried about Evan becoming the Big A. Quire may or may not have a conscious. Kids/teenagers are fighting to the death (sorta).

And both Wolverine and Fantomex are pretty useless.

The best part of this issue is just how much do I want to psycho-analyze Quire channeling his inner-Wolverine? To be honest… I don’t think I have enough alcohol for that right now…

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Amazing X-Men #7Right here is a perfect example of a filler issue done right.

Not only do you have two of the main characters doing banal, everyday stuff, but you also have a guest star to spice things up. Firestar and Iceman go grocery shopping and show that they are about as alike as, well, fire and ice. Spider-man is a little off, but he is a guest star and also dealing with being back from the sorta/kinda dead (okay, so I don’t read Spider-man, I’m fuzzy on the details).

Throw in the perfect amount of satire and social commentary without going overboard and you have a nice stand alone story that is fun to read and makes a point. In fact, I really like how blunt but not overbearing the commentary is in this one because it’s delivered perfectly.

In the end, people ten underestimate the importance of a good filler issue, but they keep the pace going and expand on the characters, which is why it’s so important. A+ work here.

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Review: X-Men #14

X-Men #14I’m getting really tired of this forced conflict crap, but hopefully Storm officially creating the team means that it’s over for now. Though considering that Wood seems to have an hate-on for Storm, and possibly Rachel, who knows.

Plus we also lost six pages to this all-boy story that does nothing to help carry on the main story.

I am so disappoint in this title…

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Uncanny X-Men #21And it’s all gone to hell… almost literally.

Whoever’s been pulling the strings lately, causing the Sentinel attacks and general unrest, has decided it’s time to take out the major players by hijacking two high level mutants and a S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier. Bendis may have had to OOC some characters and ignore certain previous plot points, but he finally made it to his boss battle. Let’s see if it was worth it, though probably not.

Interesting though that Magneto found Dazzler, and even more interesting is the moment he has with Blob. Chalk this up as one instance where Bendis is doing things right. I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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Nightcrawler #2Kurt, for someone so cute and lovable, you’re awfully clueless sometimes.

You just came back from the dead, of course there’s going to be some residual unresolved feelings from Amanda. Also, the girl is a witch, she can take care of herself, quit bogarting the heroics, Elf! But I can understand Kurt is having time adjusting to be alive again, especially after what he did to get that way. I’m sure we’re setting up for a breakdown.

Until then, Kurt and Amanda end up going back home to the circus they grew up in. It allows for a nice flashback to fill in people who may not be as familiar with the characters since Nightcrawler has been gone for awhile. This is the right way to do this kind of information download. It’s not overbearing and serves to help forward the plot. Chris is getting back on form from the crazy transition in the previous issue.

I just hope he deals with the whole Amanda situation correctly, so we’ll see where it goes.

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Review: Deadpool #28

Deadpool #28I think that went well.

I’ve been kinda worried about the state of Deadpool’s happiness because lord knows the man is a big punching bag for writers. His honeymoon of course didn’t go quite as planned but his wife seemed to have fun tearing it up in this Japanese art house inspired issue. She also showed herself to be much more deadly than her husband. Deadpool is a little emasculated by it but he’s man enough to just let it ride because he’s progressive like that.

In the end, it’s all about him getting money to one of the experimented on men he saved in South Korea. All to often these types of characters are forgotten about and we never know what happen to them. It’s nice to see that Deadpool still remembers these poor schmucks who suffered as he suffered. It also seems they aren’t in the best of health and maybe this isn’t the last we’ll see of them.

Again, Posehn kills it by making Deadpool the character that he should be, hilarious but deeply profound.

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