Amazing X-Men #7Right here is a perfect example of a filler issue done right.

Not only do you have two of the main characters doing banal, everyday stuff, but you also have a guest star to spice things up. Firestar and Iceman go grocery shopping and show that they are about as alike as, well, fire and ice. Spider-man is a little off, but he is a guest star and also dealing with being back from the sorta/kinda dead (okay, so I don’t read Spider-man, I’m fuzzy on the details).

Throw in the perfect amount of satire and social commentary without going overboard and you have a nice stand alone story that is fun to read and makes a point. In fact, I really like how blunt but not overbearing the commentary is in this one because it’s delivered perfectly.

In the end, people ten underestimate the importance of a good filler issue, but they keep the pace going and expand on the characters, which is why it’s so important. A+ work here.

X-Men #14I’m getting really tired of this forced conflict crap, but hopefully Storm officially creating the team means that it’s over for now. Though considering that Wood seems to have an hate-on for Storm, and possibly Rachel, who knows.

Plus we also lost six pages to this all-boy story that does nothing to help carry on the main story.

I am so disappoint in this title…

Uncanny X-Men #21And it’s all gone to hell… almost literally.

Whoever’s been pulling the strings lately, causing the Sentinel attacks and general unrest, has decided it’s time to take out the major players by hijacking two high level mutants and a S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier. Bendis may have had to OOC some characters and ignore certain previous plot points, but he finally made it to his boss battle. Let’s see if it was worth it, though probably not.

Interesting though that Magneto found Dazzler, and even more interesting is the moment he has with Blob. Chalk this up as one instance where Bendis is doing things right. I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Nightcrawler #2Kurt, for someone so cute and lovable, you’re awfully clueless sometimes.

You just came back from the dead, of course there’s going to be some residual unresolved feelings from Amanda. Also, the girl is a witch, she can take care of herself, quit bogarting the heroics, Elf! But I can understand Kurt is having time adjusting to be alive again, especially after what he did to get that way. I’m sure we’re setting up for a breakdown.

Until then, Kurt and Amanda end up going back home to the circus they grew up in. It allows for a nice flashback to fill in people who may not be as familiar with the characters since Nightcrawler has been gone for awhile. This is the right way to do this kind of information download. It’s not overbearing and serves to help forward the plot. Chris is getting back on form from the crazy transition in the previous issue.

I just hope he deals with the whole Amanda situation correctly, so we’ll see where it goes.

Deadpool #28I think that went well.

I’ve been kinda worried about the state of Deadpool’s happiness because lord knows the man is a big punching bag for writers. His honeymoon of course didn’t go quite as planned but his wife seemed to have fun tearing it up in this Japanese art house inspired issue. She also showed herself to be much more deadly than her husband. Deadpool is a little emasculated by it but he’s man enough to just let it ride because he’s progressive like that.

In the end, it’s all about him getting money to one of the experimented on men he saved in South Korea. All to often these types of characters are forgotten about and we never know what happen to them. It’s nice to see that Deadpool still remembers these poor schmucks who suffered as he suffered. It also seems they aren’t in the best of health and maybe this isn’t the last we’ll see of them.

Again, Posehn kills it by making Deadpool the character that he should be, hilarious but deeply profound.

Black Widow #6See, this is more like it.

This time, Black Widow wanted herself to get caught so she’d be brought to where the big baddy is. She takes a few punches but then kicks everyone’s butt and gets her mark. Classic spy tactics.

The only problem is that this part of the story is barely half the issue, the other half is used killing off the guy she just captured making her mission pretty moot except to say there’s an even bigger baddy out there. And the last few pages is once again hammering in the concept of the lonely life of a spy. Yes, we get it, thank you. If you’re going to tell us crap we already know, then at least you could approach it differently, like they did in Burn Notice.

Which, come to think of it, the concept they have going on here in Black Widow is pretty similar to that show. The why is different, but both are about spies who do side missions helping people and redeeming themselves while slowly investigating the main mission. They even have voiceovers giving some friendly spy-advice. But right now, Burn Notice did it better.

Great cameo from Hawkeye though, classic.

All-New X-Men #27Wait, did I read that right?

The Charles Xavier II is actually Professor X’s and Mystique’s kid?!

I hope this is not how it seems… otherwise… go home Bendis, you’re drunk.

Well, that was non sequitur. All-New X-Factor #7

The team decides they’re going to help ‘rescue’ the daughter of a mutphobic man but turns out she would rather have an autograph than be saved. And she apparently is a mutant herself and kills Doug? I’m sure that’s just a temporary problem for him though, usually is with these x-types.

What I like about David’s writing is that it’s full of little subtle things, and some not so subtle. I like how he gives the argument on both sides about separating a person’s politics from their non-political works. Considering when David was likely planning this issue, he may have taken a cue from the recent-ish Orson Scott Card thing. This is the right way to put political stuff into your writing, even if you lean it a certain way, you still need to express it rationally rather than just soap box.

Though I am unsure why Danger is physically reading a book when, you know… she could literally download it? I suppose she finds manually reading like fleshy people to be more beneficial to understanding her current state of being. Not to mention Warlock is a bit confused himself, but thankfully he has self-friend Doug to help him out.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Remy’s cats seem to have taken over? That’s totally legit.

I’m liking this series so far, but I’m not that familiar with David’s work. I really hope that it isn’t going to be just one random spin after another because that can get real old, real quick. Right now it’s just right.

Magneto #3People suck.

From the government types who punish the homeless, to the group of people who believe segregation is a good thing, humans are a piece of work. But then so too are mutants. Erik gets the message that segregation doesn’t work and isn’t the solution (a lesson he learned the hard way), but he’s still fuzzy on the idea of “wholesale slaughter others before they can wholesale slaughter you” possibly not being the best solution… to anything.

Bunn is doing a good job of keeping Magneto sympathetic as well as playing him as pretty bad ass. You do not want to go against this guy because he literally has no fucks left to give.

Right now Magneto is directed at the right enemy, though I’d say his actions are far too extreme. He’s the quintessential anti-villain and the ultimate villain. I’m very much interested to see where things go next… what paths he’s going to be taking.

Will Magneto somehow be even more redeemed as he has been before, or will perhaps he continue his march towards straight up villain?

All-New X-Men #26I’ve read fan fiction better than this.

The gang has returned from space and we’re treated to a really awkward moment of Jean hitting on older Scott. Really? Do you want to make it even more obvious that you have some questionable fetish for Jean and that this story is basically a Scott fan fic?

And while you’re at it, Laura leaves because Scott left. Really? Did Bendis even at least skim through Liu’s run on X-23?

Obviously not.

The level of sexist commentary in this title and Uncanny just keeps getting bigger and worse as time goes on. Jean and now X-23 only seem to exist as objects of affection for the male characters, one of which is way to freaking old for her. Not to mention Kitty seems to only be there to react to situations rather than to be a part of the story.

Bendis, you’re a good writer, but you need to start writing stories, not your own personal fan fiction.