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CW's ArrowTL;DR – Captain Old Spice steals the largest Ring Pop ever and Robin, erm, Speedy, makes his entrance.

Seriously, I don’t usually diss on props but that ruby looked like a Ring Pop… like it was candy. It just made me laugh.

Moving on, nice to see Captain Old Spice (or Baltar if you must) on the screen again, but much like Crichton, what a waste of the man’s talents. The Dodger must be pretty slick though because how in the world did he get that collar on Felicity without her kicking him or at least screaming, cause I’m pretty sure she could have easily just jumped back and shouted and the jig would have been up. But assuming he is that quick, how did he slip it on and not get it caught in her hair?

This episode also sees the introduction of Roy Harper Jr, aka Speedy, though they are probably going to skip the whole Robin-esqe storyline of Roy being adopted by Oliver and jump ahead to Roy being Red Arrow (especially since he was wearing that red hoodie). Not sure how it will play out but we’ll be seeing more of him in the coming episodes. I like how he was snarky with Thea, he didn’t completely win me over but there is promise there.

Overall, there was a distinct lack of Thea and whingeing in this episode, always a plus. The constant need to put Oliver into some kind of relationship… thing… has already worn its welcome. The flashback was again a pointless waste of space, okay, so Oliver made a tough choice, thank you, we get that, it’s not like we can’t infer it from the fact he spent five years on the island with a bunch of psychopaths.

Still, Felicity has shown herself to be the heart of the group and that made the first half of the episode rather enjoyable. Things are definitely looking up as that’s two episodes in a row that haven’t made me scream WTF or STFU, let’s hope this continues and the quality starts to rise. With China White back in the mix (and with better hair), things should get interesting.

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"Arrow" promo poster

“Mess with his friends and he may snap.” Who comes up with this tripe?

There was no chance Arrow wasn’t getting a second season as it has been doing great in the ratings… for CW. But it’s been confirmed via Entertainment Weekly that there will indeed be a second season for Arrow.

So what does this mean for our hero? Not a whole lot except the promise of getting better. A lot of shows tend to see an upswing of quality in their second season. Budgets tend to get a little bigger. Writers a little riskier. Actors more comfortable.

I’ve made no bones in my reviews of this show about how bad it is, the constant speechifying, whining, and complete lack of attention paid to named villains.

That being said… there is still potential in this series to really step up and become something greater. It has all the makings of not just a good super-hero tv show, but a great super-hero tv show. Let’s wait and see what mistakes the show runners have learned from this first season and what the future has in store…

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Two different articles on comment on the fact that CW President Mark Pedowitz said this:

“We’re waiting to see the script and are busy casting Diana.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need a script first? I mean, I suppose you can work off a teleplay or story treatment (if they even have one)… but we’re talking about the casting and future of a tv show here, not prep for a mid-season episode.

They must be very confident in what kind of woman they want as Diana, what type of female fighter she is going to be because there are several different kinds. They must also know what kind of tone they are going for as well, we know it will be more like Arrow in that it will be ‘very realistic’ but that still doesn’t mean it can’t be more light-hearted or darker.

Of course, I’m quite new to the idea of creating a television show so this could be a common practice (though I’ve never heard of them doing such a thing and I have always been an avid entertainment news watcher). They could mold the tv show towards the actress which could be a pretty smart move since she’ll have to carry the lead.

However this ends up playing out, so far Amazon is not inspiring me with any confidence.

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Review: Arrow (S1E08) Vendetta

CW's Arrow

CW’s Arrow

Review: Arrow (S1E08) Vendetta

Vendetta, or the ‘oh yeah, we’re on the CW’ episode.

Seriously, 80% of this episode was relationship drama. ‘Don’t hurt me cause I can’t be hurt anymore’. ‘You still love him/her’. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if the dialogue wasn’t… so bad.

Really, if you have to say this stuff bluntly and outloud then you’ve already lost the game.

Once again, the only really good stuff is the supporting characters like Digby and the computer tech. I couldn’t give a hoot-n-nanny about Oliver and his ‘I can’t open myself to anyone’ or whatshisface’s ‘I’m broke now and I want to make it on my own’ tripe.

The show almost reads like bad fanfic… yes… I went there.

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ComicBookMovie has posted more details on the auditioning that is going on for the CW’s new Wonder Woman tv series, Amazon. They are clear to mention that the scenes could just be for audition purposes, or from various scripts not the pilot, and that CW still hasn’t greenlighted this series either.

It looks like there will be a ‘fish out of water’ theme as one of the scenes is about how Diana has ice-cream for the first time and it’s “a very cute sequence”. While this can be fun, I hope that’s not going to be overused.

On a random note, if they want to make this a realistic series like Arrow… I smell crossovers!

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CW's Arrow

CW’s Arrow

Review: Arrow (S1E07)
Muse of Fire

This is quite possibly the most cliché and badly directed episode yet.

First, could Huntress be any more stereotypical goth girl? Seriously, her outfit was shameful. Then there was no chemistry between her and Oliver whatsoever.

The secondary storyline between Laurel and Tommy, which no one cares about, is pretty banal. The worst part is after Tommy is cut off and goes talks to his dad, which it became painfully obvious it was Captain Jack, he takes off his fencing helmet they actually did the ‘dun dun dun’ camera push in. Really, the ‘dun dun dun’ camera push in which should have been retired in the 80s!

Where is the comic element in this show? Beyond the names and a scant few outfits, there is nothing here to say ‘hey, we’re based on a comic book’. While granted, yes, they want Arrow to stand on its own, this doesn’t mean they can simply ignore the fact that there is already a fan base here and being part comic-book can lend some great texture to the overall show.

Even Smallville and Nolan’s Batman movies weren’t this stark in that concept.

Let’s hope they start finding their legs soon.

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I did not know this, but apparently the CW wants to compliment their Arrow not only with Booster Gold but Wonder Woman as well. They’ve already looked at casting according to ComicBookMovie.

NBC already tried this and failed, though from what we heard about it that’s a good thing. The lead actress just didn’t fit the part, the costuming department had a stroke, and the background was a bit off base.

CW seems to want to go the way of Arrow, make it ‘realistic’ with her being a warrior raised girl in the big city. Could work… but really depends on how they approach it and whether or not the audience are going to get super-human’d out.

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CW's Arrow

CW’s Arrow

Review: Arrow (1S06) Legacies

Or “Everyone Has Emotional Issues”.

On the island, Oliver is suffering PTSD and hallucinating his father. In the present, Oliver is getting an attack of conscious regarding the fact that his father was just as bad as the rest of the city.

Mom’s not taking the break up well. Sister apparently has the hots for the best friend. The Best Friend is clueless in ssssoooo many ways. The Love Interest is, well, normal for her.

Again, it’s Diggle that makes this episode with his sneaky manipulation of Oliver to get him to do some work that doesn’t involve ‘punishing rich people’ but actually helping everyone else. I am really digging Diggle. He totally went full on Alfred in this episode.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be watching this show for Diggle and Dresden from here on out, everyone else is just background noise.

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CW's Arrow

CW’s Arrow

Review: Arrow (1S04) An Innocent Man

I’m just going to start calling this tv show Plot Hole… cause that’s pretty much how everything gets done. The most glaring was how the hit man, with little to no prompting, suddenly decides to confess off camera. Say what now?

Not to mention Laurel or Dinah, whatever, flip flops so badly it’s not even character development, it’s a mental defect. Seriously?

The only saving grace in this episode is Diggle who is awesome. His dry wit really shined in this episode. Also, finding that momma had the boat brought up from the sea bed and apparently step-daddy doesn’t know anything about it… I admit, did not see that coming.

Nice cameo from Captain Jack Harkness as well, but not enough to go by really.

So far this show hasn’t gotten any worse but it hasn’t gotten any better either. Its contrived plot points which create big gaping holes is worse than any comic book. If they can tighten things up then we really got something here, but until then, Arrow is still good filler before Supernatural.

On a completely random side note, every time I see an ad for Vampire Diaries, I keep thinking how great of a Gambit Ian Somerhaulder would be…

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CW's Arrow

CW’s Arrow

Review: Arrow (1S03) Lone Gunman

We get an all new episode of Arrow in which rich guys are getting killed by someone named Deadshot who apparently likes to ink himself with his victims… and that’s a real shame, Deadshot seems like he’d be a cool character to get to know but instead he’s just there, a plot device for fan service and nothing else.

Instead of Deadshot goodness, we have to sit through more bad voice over and a sorta/kinda love triangle. And not only is Deadshot wasted in this story but he’s been killed off? Seriously? Just pick off the Rogue’s gallery one by one why don’t you? It doesn’t even leave anything that could be picked up later. I suppose they don’t want to leave everything opened ended, but there are more ways to close this up without killing off the character.

Oh, and another thing that bugs me about this series (other than its editing issues) is his face paint. Oliver runs up to the roof, gets dressed, applies all that face paint perfectly, then zip-lines over well before the police even think about getting into the building the shooter is obviously coming from? What? Seriously? The body guard gets over there faster than the cops and somehow I think he didn’t zipline but had to go all the way back downstairs then across the road and up that building. This makes no sense!

But there was some good moments. I like Dresden being a smart cop. I like the exchange between him and Oliver at the auction. I like how Oliver kinda forgot who he was talking to with the body guard, wish they would have played that out more before turning the body guard into the side kick, cause that’s basically what’s gonna happen.

Again, still listing this as ‘not a bad show’ but waiting for it to move up into ‘it’s a good show’ territory.

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