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Uncanny Avengers #4Rick Remender has lost his mind.

Maybe Red Skull stole it like he did Xavier’s, I dunno, but seriously, what the hell is going on with this title?

The last issue I complained about Scarlet Witch standing around and doing nothing, in this issue Wanda takes on a mind-bended Thor with some uber-skills… which apparently she didn’t have five minutes earlier to use on Red Skull in the first place! But she still needs to be assisted by Havok.

Then Rogue does exactly as I said she should, absorb one of the baddies… only to get taken down by a non-lethal gun shot wound to the shoulder. Um, hello, this is a) a comic were characters can get hit by a freaking bus and shrug it off, and b) this is raised-as-a-terrorist-by-Mystique Rogue… I’m pretty sure she could shake off a wound like that as easily as James Bond could to at least avoid getting the crap beat out of her by a mind-bended Havok, who, of course, had to save Rogue seconds before from getting a presumably lethal wound because Rogue apparently doesn’t know how to duck and cover while Red Skull takes the time to pull out a gun… all while warning her he has a gun?

I swear, this comic is like a bad Havok fan fic where the writer is pulling all other characters down just to highlight their favorite character… which is a major fail for fan fic writing, let alone pro-fic! The fact that Havok gets the first little ‘origin’ moment and Wolvie is completely out of sight and apparently a little (okay, a lot) slower to heal than usual only seems to prove my point.

All those issues aside… what the hell is Remender writing? A comic book or a personal soap-box? Sure, comics can hold underlying social themes which make us look at ourselves through cross sections of our own existence… but whatever Remender is doing here is literally one step below a full-blown blog-rant. He got off talking about bloody violence in #3 and now in #4 he gets off on completely degrading the United States. Now, I’m the first to admit that the USA has its problems… but what the hell? I know it’s coming out of Red Skull’s mouth so of course he’s bias… but Remender chose to take that POV and to go into that much depth and description of how crappy things are…

And then Remender goes and echo’s the famous Days of Future Past cover… oh hell no… you ain’t even f’ing close to holding a candle to Claremont.


Yes, you heard me, ARGH!

Top that off with a very hypocritical Rogue being petty towards Wanda… dur… Rogue was a freaking terrorist who turned her life around… I think she could cut Wanda some slack for something Wanda did when she went insane cause her children died…

You hear that? That’s the sound of me repeatedly banging my head against the wall…

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Uncanny Avengers #3

Uncanny Avengers #3

Review: Uncanny Avengers #3

My first thoughts upon finishing Uncanny Avengers #3 was: “What the frack was that?”

Seriously? What happened? It started off pretty decent, a nice not-too-subtle-but-workable social commentary, Red Skull using his new powers to cause mischief… then it all goes down hill very quickly.

Red Skull uses his new telepathy (which he shouldn’t be that well trained in) to literally cause average New Yorker’s to kick the living crap out of everyone they believe to be a mutant. Not a single bit of remorse in any of them, no one tries to resist as if they had only been waiting for an excuse to break into a riot (which, if I was a New Yorker, I’d be really angry about, I’m insulted and I’m a Southerner!). Only Captain America can resist and even that is suspect. Wolvie and Havok resist easy enough though.

However, the girls apparently don’t have enough willpower, they have to wait for Red Skull to get temporarily depowered before they can break free. And once they are free they stand around and do almost nothing while the boys fight and play hero. Why isn’t Rogue trying to absorb these bad mutants, or Red Skull himself? And why isn’t Wanda using her magical power to try to counter-act the spell Red Skull cast?

And again, I mention the massively violent level of the mob and the great lengths the writer goes to explain just how violent it is… and is apathetic about it at the same time. “Oh, this person was just having a day, suddenly they’re dead, huh, sucks for them.” So many thought bubbles go into describing the mob/riot as this amoralistic rampage of mindless killing machines, an instant post-apocalyptic dystopia where the blood runs red… it’s almost like the writer himself is getting off on it which is creepy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Rogue is in this title, I’d be very seriously considering cancelling it already…

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Uncanny Avengers #2

Uncanny Avengers #2

Review: Uncanny Avengers #2

The storyline of Captain America creating a new team with Havok in the lead is dragging on a bit. Yes, we understand why he’s doing this, why he picked Havok, but do you really need to drag that out so much? I suppose they do since they need these guys doing something while Red Skull and his dastardly plan is put into motion, but still…

As for Rogue and Wanda, first off, a big YES to the idea of Rogue and Gambit involved in ‘kinky bondage drinking games’ and a big NO to the idea of Rogue pleasuring Magneto, eww.

I suppose we should all be worried that Wanda considered Red Skull’s offer to destroy mutants again (after she went through the trouble of bringing them back after she went a little nuts the first time)… but she was being given a ‘whammy’ by Red Skull and his newly merged-with-Xavier’s brain. Also, what does Wanda have to live for? She lost her children (if she even technically had them) and her husband has decided he wants nothing to do with her and lots of people blame her for everything…

You know… she would make an awesome and very realistic villain…


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Uncanny Avengers #1

Uncanny Avengers #1

Review: Uncanny Avengers #1

Normally I don’t read Avengers titles (I’ve got enough on my plate trying to keep up with the X-Men) but Uncanny Avengers has Rogue and that’s all I needed to hear.

Overall, a great start to the series. We got a download on where everyone is while still leaving enough open to make things interesting. All the interactions were good. Rogue and Wanda was good, I would expect Rogue to be a little more understanding though, but it was the day of the funeral and emotions do run a bit higher.

Love Wanda’s new outfit, but mostly because I have PM’s which date to before we got any of the concept art for Uncanny Avengers which have me putting Wanda into a red leather jacket when she appears later in season one. I came up with the idea quite some time ago but I can only date it to that PM, what can I say, the idea just fits her, you know?

Not sure what’s going on with Red Skull, that ending was a bit out of left field and I’m kinda miffed at what happened to Avalanche… but like I said, nice solid opening. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

And yes, I did buy the Babies variant… might get the Deadpool one if I can manage it.

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Marvel NOW! is shaking up the Marvel universe and according to the reports, the Avengers main team has a new lineup:

Captain America, Captain Marvel, Cannonball, The Hulk, Wolverine, Black Widow, Falcon, Thor, Sunspot, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, and one mystery guest.

So Cannonball and Sunspot are getting their Avengers stripes… along with Rogue and Havok who will be joining the Avengers in Uncanny Avengers.

I need to do some checking, but I think that before NOW!, the X-Men outnumbered the Avengers… so this could be a smart move to help make the X-Men more manageable, and it’s a lot smarter plan than just turning a bunch of them into humans.

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