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Behold… Wolverine: The Musical!

Yeah… my thoughts exactly.

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Reports from ComicBookMovie show that while Hugh Jackman hasn’t officially been signed on to be in Days of Future Past, he is in talks. This makes me wonder why he’s ‘still in talks’ while McKellen and Stewart are already signed in. Could it be that this role is going to be more than a walk-on cameo and therefore they need to work out pay, schedule, etc? This would lead creadence to my thoughts that Wolverine may be the time traveler instead of the Kitty Pryde.

Apparently he ‘hasn’t read the script’ yet according to this article noting that the man is getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (go Hugh!). If it’s just a cameo, would he really need to know that much about the script? Did he bother to read all of First Class or did Vaughn just tell him “Okay, so, Xavier and Magneto are out recruiting mutants, I have an idea for a scene where they walk up to you, try to introduce themselves, you tell them to f-off, it’ll be hillarious”.

UPDATE: here is a video of him saying to MTV that he hasn’t read the script yet and he is a bit cagey which means to me that there is likely more than just a cameo going on

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Hugh Jackman joins Stewart and McKellen in reprising their roles for Days of Future Past according to CinemBlend. This was almost a given seeing as Jackman was in First Class and the immortal-ish nature of his character means he can fit anywhere.

I still think he would be a good fit for the time-traveller since, again, he’s old enough to be in both places, but at the same time I don’t want another Wolverine movie. That is what made First Class such a breath of fresh air, it wasn’t “the Wolverine” show like the first three movies.

No word yet on any of the other cast. Famke was apparently up for it in Wolverine so if they call I’m sure she’ll be right there. Paquin just had a kid and got a good thing going on TV so she may not be up for it. I don’t think anyone else of note is doing anything big right now so could see Bobby, Kitty, Beast, etc.

As much as this is cool though, I really want to see this whole thing rebooted so we can have one kick butt Rogue… yes… I do have a one track mind.

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Logan and Mariko in The Wolverine

Logan and Mariko in The Wolverine

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More images have been released for Jackson’s latested Wolvie film… The Wolverine.  Courtesy of

I just want to point out that I predicted Hiroyuki Sanada being cast as Shingen months ago when I started writing X-Men: Among Thieves… just saying… :p

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