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Review: X-Treme X-Men #3

X-Treme X-Men #3

X-Treme X-Men #3

X-Treme X-Men #3

I started reading this title because the first issue was very quirky. The second issue continued that trend. The third, not so much.There are still a few good things…

HOWLETT, Wolverine-Meets-Teddy-Roosevelt, But Still Canadian

And that’s what I liked about the first two issues, little quirky things like that. There just wasn’t a whole hell of a lot in this issue. Let’s hope that #3 was just a speed bump and not a slope.

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X-Men Legacy #273

X-Men Legacy #273

X-Men Legacy #273

Rogue is still stuck on another world in another dimension thanks to Phoenix!Illana. She’s just kicking around, helping them solve a global crisis of mass slaughter with nothing but a lot of exposition. Seriously, there isn’t much to write about this comic except for the fact that it could be the author’s attempt at a discourse on the state of our global ecology… or just a tired old trope. Honestly, can’t tell.

There are only two good things about this issue, one is a wonderful reference to Kurt, the second is the tease that in the next issue we get to wonder just how badly Romy is going to be damaged (though I’m hoping we’ll get some good news).

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Wolverine and the X-Men #16

Wolverine and the X-Men #16

Wolverine and the X-Men #16

The latest issue of WatX is all about Kade Kilgore, what the little man has been up to since the end of Schism to showing up on Wolverine’s doorstep to cause havoc.

Kade is a sociopath, I’m pretty sure. I mean, I’m not psychologist but there is something seriously wrong with him. He’s smart, yes, and clever, but lacks complete and total regard for his fellow human beings. It’s kinda fun.

Aaron has some snappy dialogue (per usual) that really punctuates Kade’s pathy, however, he gets a little overboard in the origins aspect. To be honest, I don’t know if Aaron is creating Kade’s origin or rehashing it for the viewers, but really, the middle of this comic drug and felt like it was trying to hard. But then the end came back around and Kade’s commentary made me appreciate just how mentally stable in his mental instability he is.

Good comic, but really should have taken the lesson “simple is best” to heart.

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That is exactly the question io9 has asked and seems there is a lot of rumor going around. This could be pretty cool. Viggo is a great actor but he didn’t seem to stand out like he should have after the LOTR series. Perhaps taking on a character that is very much unlike Aragon, yet is just as large as life, he can show himself to be the virsatile actor that he is. Here’s hoping!

EDIT: Nope, he won’t, sux!

Added bonus, Jamie Alexander kicking butt! And other images from Thor 2.

Jamie Alexander from Thor 2

I wonder if she has the urge to say “I’m on a horse!”….

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I was posting everything on here under the name “JayCee’s RedGold” which is my handle, but I’ve decided to shorten everything to JayCee. The reason being is that RedGold is my Jedi Council Forum’s handle where I started writing fan fiction. When I went over to I too my RvB handle which I prefer and smushed them together since I’d be re-posting some of my SW fan fic.

In the end, I prefer JayCee as my handle (not that I don’t like RedGold but it was picked out for my by a morally deviant Ewok). So JayCee is JayCee’s RedGold for any future reference.

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If there is one thing that everyone knows about Jean Grey, whether they are fans of the X-Men or only know it in passing, is that she dies… a lot… and comes back… a lot…

Would you expect anything less from a character named Phoenix?

However, a recent discussion on another forum ended up in complaints that comparatively, Jean hasn’t really died and came back a whole hell of a lot. It’s usually argued that she’s only really come back from the dead three times after only having died twice:

  1. Dies when after the Dark Phoenix Saga she commits suicide.
  2. Dies when Xorneto forces a stroke in Jean/Phoenix

Of course, she’s back for her third time in All-New X-Men as a time-traveler (which would mean she’ll eventually die a third time).

These are the two times where the character is ‘removed’. It’s not a trick, not a ‘psych’, they simply got rid of her until they decided they wanted to bring her back again.

So the question is, how many other characters can you name were ‘removed’ and brought back at a later date? Okay, now how many of them had that happen twice? Personally, all the ones who were killed off as a permanent (or as permanent as the comics can get) situation, it only happened to them once. (And really, does Kurt count since it’s his Alt who is back?)

And then you add all the times where she has died, though in full knowing that she’ll be back shortly, the ‘psych’ moment if you will.

  1. Dies on the space ship saving everyone, comes back as Phoenix.
  2. Killed by Sentinels, survived by putting her mind in Emma Frost.
  3. Mercy killed by Logan when Asteroid M is hurled at the sun but Phoenix brings her back.
  4. During that same comic there is a flash 150 years in the future where she is brought back through a Phoenix egg, time travels to after Xorneto incident and dies again…
  5. Comes back and also dies in Endsong comics

I suppose that’s not a lot either, I mean, all the X-Men were thought to be dead in Texas that one time… Kitty was thought to be dead but she was actually kidnapped by the Morlocks… and I’m sure there are a ton that I’m forgetting for the rest of the cast…

So again, why is Jean special? Why does she even say to Scott, “all I ever did was die on you”.

I think the crux of it is that Jean not only dies, but she dies with flare. I mean, she goes totally dark side in the Dark Phoenix Saga, destroys a solar system! Then has to take herself out… that’s pretty epic. Then the second time she dies it’s in the middle of a love triangle with Scott, who is kinda a douche at the time.

The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most memorable moments in X-Men history. Everyone, pretty much, has heard of it, and that pretty much is the answer, as simple as it is.

Jean is forever haunted by the ‘dies and comes back’ groan because she died first in the biggest, most epic, way possible. All deaths afterwards pale in comparison.

Oh, and she has the name Phoenix… that helps too.

Read Full Post » posted a great article called Weird Secrets of The Avengers That You’d  Never Have Guessed. Totally worth a read if you like this kind of behind the scenes info.

3. When the Hulk is smashing Loki up and down, they inserted Tom Hiddleston’s real agonized face.
This took a lot of shooting of Hiddleston looking pained, so they could paste it into the digital Loki. “We’re not inventing how he looks when he’s in pain,” says Chu. “I had to get behind [Tom Hiddleston] and shake him violently,” so they could capture his real expressions. (He mimes violent shaking.) “I did it so long, he started laughing. So we didn’t use that portion.” And for one brief shot where Loki is just hanging upside down, they still had to cut Loki’s face from somewhere else and stick it in, flipped the opposite direction.

Read Full Post » has done it again, more images from The Wolverine. This includes our first look a Mariko… who looks younger than I was expecting.

Logan and Mariko in The Wolverine

Logan and Mariko in The Wolverine

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Bleeding Cool and other outlets are reporting that another Wonder Woman live action tv series is in the works after David E. Kelly’s NBC attempt ended in a no-go pilot.

This time CW is looking into it and going the Smallville and Arrow route of going with a young character rather than adult. This has a lot of potential, actually. CW did a good job with Smallville (though yes, it’s debatable on whether or not that show was any good after the first couple of series) and the jury is out on Arrow until it actually airs, but some of it looks promising.

Considering that Wonder Woman doesn’t have a really diverse and memorable rogue’s gallery so having this be a young WW means that they can explore a lot more than just “badguy of the week” and develop new enemies. And as a bonus, they can go the Smallville route and avoid the costume, at least for a bit, because, well, as they said about the X-Men in the movies… you can drawl that stuff on a character, but you can’t put it on a person.

I don’t really know a lot about WW, never really read her, but concept wise, I think this has a lot more promise than Kelly’s. We’ll have to see where they go with it in the next few months.

Read Full Post » has new images from Thor 2 posted. I liked Thor though it’s towards the bottom of my list regarding the Phase One movies.  Though I did fall in love with Loki… hehehehe

Set from Thor 2

Is it just me or do these look like yurts?

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