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Free Loki Petition

Petition to Marvel Studios to produce a film based on the character Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston

The character Loki, as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the films “Thor,” “Thor 2,” and “The Avengers” (2012), has become one of the most recognizable and cherished film characters in recent years. Hence, we respectfully yet strongly request Marvel put into action a full-length feature film production based on the Marvel character Loki portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

The petition is trying to get 30k signatures… which isn’t a lot in movie terms. With an average movie ticket price of $8.38 US, that’s only $251,000 which isn’t even close to the $150m budget of Thor. However, it’s nothing to simply ignore either.

There is always that question: If this many people signed the petition, then how many either didn’t know it existed or don’t sign petitions regardless? Considering that Loki was introduced to the whole MCU fandom through the Avengers movie (which included people who didn’t bother watching the first Thor film), how Loki rocked at ComiCon and exploded the internet, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s likely the number is higher for those who didn’t sign than those who did.

If we look at other petitions, the petition to get Cyclops back for the X-Men movies tapered out at just over 200. Granted, his character hasn’t been around the movies since 2006 but with the character’s current central role in the comics, Singer ‘putting the band back together’, and the internet’s constant complaints about his ‘worse death ever‘, you would think that he wouldn’t be too far behind Loki, but instead it’s like he’s not even in the race.

So, it’s not hard to believe that Loki wouldn’t do at least as well as a Thor movie… in the current atmosphere. We still have Dark World coming out in November and we don’t know what state Loki will be left in. Will he be redeemed? Will he be same ol’ Loki? Will he be dead (not likely)?

Then you have the biggest issue to contend with: If they make a movie for Loki, will it be ‘evil Loki’ or a ‘redemption Loki’? Some fans love that he’s the villain and want to keep him that way. Some think he’s tragically misunderstood and just needs a hug. Since this is Disney and they love their heroes and happy endings (not that I blame them, I like those too) they will probably go with the redemption arc story.

I think that before Marvel!Disney makes any decisions, they will see how Dark World plays out and how fans react to whatever they do with Loki in it.

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Thor: The Dark World has released its first trailer which can be seen on youtube here.

Now, the big thing that I know a lot of people are talking about is Loki, specifically his hair.


Let’s look past that for a moment and take in the bigger picture. In mimic to Avengers, Loki is in a prison cell and giving a ‘how desperate are you’ speech, only this time he refers to himself rather than the Avengers. He views asking for help, any help, as a sign of weakness and a character flaw to be exploited.

Thor also says “when you betray me, I will kill you”, note the when… now, is this in response to something Loki says such as ‘You know I’ll betray you’ or he is just coming out and saying that Loki is completely irredeemable at this point and is going to betray him no matter what? I really hope it’s the former.


It also looks like Jane is being turned into a ‘damsel in distress’ in this movie which is annoying. But not nearly as annoying as the hint of a possible love triangle in this as well. When Jane is talking about ‘being from two different worlds’ which is how a lot of Dear John speeches start, Sif gets a nice glowy shot of her not looking very happy. Seriously, if these two characters are reduced to two women fighting over Thor in Dark World I’m going to be thoroughly annoyed and disappointed.


Frigga, on the other hand, looks ready to take everyone down. Rene Russo is a very underestimated actress in my opinion and I love that there is, hopefully, expansion on her character in this. Frigga is the freaking Queen of Asgard, not a title she could hold by being meek in any way. I would also like to see what her relationship with Loki is right now. She said she always saw him as a son to her… but after all he has done?

Overall, looks very on par with the first movie though a little darker to go with the title I suppose. Can’t wait to see more trailers and sneaks as we get closer to it’s November 8th release date.

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Slow news day…

CinemaBlend – Will Loki be back for Avengers 2? Probably not, which is cool, he’s a great character but A2 needs to step it up. At least this means he’s not dead at the end of Thor 2!

CinemaBlend – The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is most watched movie trailer YouTube video of 2012, Avengers doesn’t make Top Ten
How does that happen?!

ComicBookMovie – Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool/Weapon XI Make-Up FX For X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

ComicBookMovie – Star Wars Comics go back to Marvel – yeah, no one saw this one coming… at all…

and this, from Marvel…

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

Iron Man 3 promo photo from Marvel

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Okay, so I’m going to start something called the Star Wars Episode 7 Wish List. Every time I see a rumor or something comes up that I think “yes, they should totally do this in SW EP7”, I will post it.

And first up, Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, should be in there, somewhere. As a bad guy, be it a new Sith, a remnant of the Empire or some New Republican politician, he’d rock the house. But as a good guy, this could very interesting indeed, he can play emotional roles ranging from hapless to heroic so… yeah…

I wish that Tom Hiddleston was cast in Star Wars Episode VII.

Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads up on this one.

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3. When the Hulk is smashing Loki up and down, they inserted Tom Hiddleston’s real agonized face.
This took a lot of shooting of Hiddleston looking pained, so they could paste it into the digital Loki. “We’re not inventing how he looks when he’s in pain,” says Chu. “I had to get behind [Tom Hiddleston] and shake him violently,” so they could capture his real expressions. (He mimes violent shaking.) “I did it so long, he started laughing. So we didn’t use that portion.” And for one brief shot where Loki is just hanging upside down, they still had to cut Loki’s face from somewhere else and stick it in, flipped the opposite direction.

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