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Deadpool Killustrated #4As I said before, Deadpool Killustrated was a great idea but it’s been poorly executed. They only give him four issues to kill off the classics and most of the really cool deaths or concepts are just washed over.

Who were the witches of MacBeth? Who was Dorian Gray?

This kind of stuff could have been awesome to explore, even in Deadpool’s hilarious way of doing things. But instead it’s all just washed over for one big battle with the Three Musketeers and Sherlock’s gang, the latter of which was kinda an underwhelming boss battle. They build up Sherlock and he doesn’t really do anything.

Then you get the cop out that Deadpool didn’t actually kill everything, just enough of it to make it ‘mortally wounded’ and it’s left to Sherlock to remember and try to heal it. Really? Not only do they skim on the fun stuff but they cop out on the ending too. I suppose they were trying to be metaphorical or something but come on, it’s Deadpool. If you say he’s going to kill everything, let him kill everything… he’s the only one who could get away with it!

Now we’re going to get a Deadpool vs Deadpool which may be interesting… but not if handled the same way as this mini-series. The sad part is I’ll probably buy it anyway.

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Deadpool Killustrated #3The story of Deadpool going around killing famous literary characters stalls out in issue three, it’s all a bit of the same-old. I mean, you wouldn’t think seeing Deadpool killing these guys would get old but it has, already, and mostly because they are all just kinda crammed in there. You have maybe two characters given some dedication but the rest just kinda fly on by and you almost have to shrug ‘oh, another person is dead’.

Also, I’m kinda annoyed that the author doesn’t attempt to highlight or even subtly hint to the allusion of Deadpool being Frankenstein’s Monster. I mean, think about it… he’s almost a textbook example of one. Deadpool even gives the original monster some of his brain so that he now has a partner… but beyond that the author makes no other allusion to just how ironic this is. I’m not sure if this intentional or not. I guess we’ll see come later issues.

I don’t know if it’s just me… but this series just isn’t living up to its potential.

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Deadpool Killustrated #2Killustrated #2 totally makes up for Killustrated #1.

#1 suffered that major failing of spending way too much time setting up what was going on… especially when the something going on is Deadpool who really doesn’t need a reason to do anything that he does… he’s freaking Deadpool.

#2 has Deadpool going after more of the classics but instead of just simply hacking off heads, the literary archetypes seem to morph at will into the various classic Marvel characters that took inspiration from them. Such as Dracula looking a little Sinister, the Headless Horsemen becoming both Ghost Rider and Green Goblin, and my favorite, the girls of Little Women turning into Black Widow, She-Hulk, Elektra, and Mockingbird. Those Little Women beat the snot out of Deadpool… that was classy.

In all this, our favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes (the Basil Rathbone version), has discovered Deadpool is afoot and put a gang together to stop him. And it’s a pretty random group of Beowulf, Natty Bumpo, and Mulan (someone watching Once Upon a Time recently?).

The only real bad thing I have to say about this issue is that Tom Sawyer gets killed ‘off camera’, and while it’s really well done, I can’t help but think he might have morphed into Remy LeBeau… guess we’ll have to wait and see if Deadpool is going to take on Oliver Twist… then we might get a glimpse of our lovable Cajun…

and yes, sometimes I do have a one track mind…

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Deadpool Killustrated #1

Deadpool Killustrated #1

Review: Deadpool Killustrated #1

The special mini-series of Deadpool Killustrated is basically Deadpool “butchering stories from literature’s finest authors”. Sounds like fun, our favorite fourth-wall-breaking merc-with-a-mouth tearing up the classics. It’s a concept you can’t really go wrong with… but amazingly, they found a way.

I sit down to enjoy the first issue and from the cover I’m expecting some fun to be had with whale guts, but all I get instead is page after page of the writer explaining to us how it’s possible for Deadpool to be running around mucking with the classics.




Do we really need to a reason for him to do anything?

And if you did want at least a slim veil of a connecting plot to Deadpool vs the Marvel Universe then you could have knocked it out in like two pages, three tops, not spend at least half of the book trying to make this all legit when you could have had more fun with whale guts!

It looks like they are trying to somehow make this series cerebral, that Deadpool’s fourth-wall breakage has driven him a little crazy or something because he realizes he’s at the whims of writers and all that… but maybe if they had parcelled that out over the mini-series instead of the dreaded ‘info dump’ it would have been more compelling.

There were a few nice touches, two actually, and that’s it: the thing with Pinocchio (perfect match) and the introduction of a possible nemesis there at the end. Again, if they hadn’t already told us everything, the Pinocchio incident would have had more punch in a ‘wait, what does this mean?’ moment.

Hopefully the next issue will be better because it won’t have to explain everything to us, but at the moment, well, I can understand why Deadpool wants to kill the writers.

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