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All-New X-Men #10So… why isn’t everyone kicking each other’s butts? I mean, they are right there in front of you… you have home court advantage and out number Old Cyclops’ team… just… have at it.

Anyway, the Mystique and S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff was interesting but everything else just felt like filler that you could file under ‘crap we already knew’. Basically he was holding time until the reveal of who is going to end up leaving the school to join Cyclops. That said, the final ‘oh no, not you’ but don’t tell us who is going is a little tripey actually. With that much ‘gasp’ with no substance makes me think it’s not nearly as interesting and it wants us to think it will be.

Oh well, let’s see how this is going to effect things later down the line… and who actually left.

And just what does Mystique want all the money for… I have a feeling it’s not for shoes… Lady Mastermind on the other hand…

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X-Termination Part OneNow we start the mini-cross over event X-Termination which is a crossover between the Astonishing X-Men, X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse titles. The funny thing is, it all seems to stem from a plot arc in the previous Uncanny X-Force title.

Not having read Uncanny X-Force, this issue did pretty much fill me in on what was happening. The Kurt from the Age of Apcolypse timeline came to 616 to hunt the man who killed his wife. He teamed up with the X-Force and then betrayed them so he could get his revenge. This betrayal was very personal to Logan who is not taking it well.

I don’t know a lot about the AoA Kurt and I know some people don’t care for him, think of his as a shadow or mockery of the original Kurt who was killed off not too long ago, but I can’t help but feel for him in this. He obviously has some emotional issues regarding the death of his wife and seemed to welcome the idea of death when Logan has his claws at his throat. It’s just… really… sad.

Here is a guy who has lost the love of his life. Thrown into a world he doesn’t belong. Is probably constantly reminded that he doesn’t, even if Logan and co started treating him like a friend I’m sure it chaffed that they weren’t really looking at him but at their Kurt. Then he ends up betraying them. Now he’s stuck, alone, even when gets back to AoA the war is over and everyone is dead…

Poor Kurt… between this Kurt, 616 Kurt, and X-Treme Kurt… the elf just can’t catch a break.

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X-Treme X-Men #12Dazzler would make a horrible villain, but we’re okay with that.

The Multi-Verse is in danger and Dazzler wants to save everyone but as Xavier tells her, not in so many words, you can’t save everyone. This is an old moralistic dilemma. Let one world die in order to save millions. Dazzler would have tried to save that one world at risk of the others but Xavier didn’t give her the option.

But the evil Xavier’s have been dealt with, done in Indian Jones style ala the power they were craving kinda evaporated them… so all that’s left is to undo the damage that was done. I imagine this is what the X-Termination plot arc is all about.

I really hope these characters are given a decent ending, I know it’s only been a dozen issues but darn it, I like them!

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ComicBookMovie – Coulson’s Revival In AGENTS OF  S.H.I.E.L.D. Explained? – It’s not proven but it is the most logical explaination… though is that enough?

CinemaBlend – Iron Man 3 Earning More Than The Avengers Overseas

CinemaBlend – Did Joss Whedon Hint That Avengers 2 Could Include Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver? – Yes, please, what do I need to do to make this happen??

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ComicBookMovie – Jaimie Alexander Talks THOR: THE  DARK WORLD Trailer, Characters And WONDER WOMAN

CinemaBlend – Marvel’s President Hopes Guardians Looks Nothing Like Green Lantern – I think we all hope that…

Newsarama – Kevin Feige Confirms DAREDEVIL Rights at Marvel Studios

ComicBook Movie – Jim Starlin Clarifies His Thanos  In AVENGERS 2 Comments– basically, he doesn’t know for sure if Thanos will be in the films or not

CinemaBlend – Amazing Superheroes Designed By Little Girls Cosplaying

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Thor: The Dark World has released its first trailer which can be seen on youtube here.

Now, the big thing that I know a lot of people are talking about is Loki, specifically his hair.


Let’s look past that for a moment and take in the bigger picture. In mimic to Avengers, Loki is in a prison cell and giving a ‘how desperate are you’ speech, only this time he refers to himself rather than the Avengers. He views asking for help, any help, as a sign of weakness and a character flaw to be exploited.

Thor also says “when you betray me, I will kill you”, note the when… now, is this in response to something Loki says such as ‘You know I’ll betray you’ or he is just coming out and saying that Loki is completely irredeemable at this point and is going to betray him no matter what? I really hope it’s the former.


It also looks like Jane is being turned into a ‘damsel in distress’ in this movie which is annoying. But not nearly as annoying as the hint of a possible love triangle in this as well. When Jane is talking about ‘being from two different worlds’ which is how a lot of Dear John speeches start, Sif gets a nice glowy shot of her not looking very happy. Seriously, if these two characters are reduced to two women fighting over Thor in Dark World I’m going to be thoroughly annoyed and disappointed.


Frigga, on the other hand, looks ready to take everyone down. Rene Russo is a very underestimated actress in my opinion and I love that there is, hopefully, expansion on her character in this. Frigga is the freaking Queen of Asgard, not a title she could hold by being meek in any way. I would also like to see what her relationship with Loki is right now. She said she always saw him as a son to her… but after all he has done?

Overall, looks very on par with the first movie though a little darker to go with the title I suppose. Can’t wait to see more trailers and sneaks as we get closer to it’s November 8th release date.

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CW's ArrowIt’s official, Oliver is officially the worst friend… ever.

Seriously, where to begin?

  • Oliver screws over Diggle and people die.
  • Oliver almost gets it on with the girl Slade likes.
  • Oliver basically steals away Laurel without trying.
  • Oliver makes Tommy feel very emasculated.
  • Oliver encourages vigilantism.

On the Bonus side, the sister isn’t nearly as annoying as she used to be and Dresden had a really great moment as well.

But yes, Oliver is a worse friend than Bruce Wayne… which is why he’s driving everyone away from him. But you know what, I can’t feel sorry for Oliver at all. Screw him. Make Diggle the star of the show!!

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Brian Singer posted a little video on his twitter account and it shows the cast chairs, only they are listed by mutant instead of actor. His comment is : “Every mutant needs a place to sit”


They are as follows:

  • Logan
  • Xavier
  • Magneto
  • Storm
  • Bishop
  • Kitty Pride
  • Bobby “Iceman” Drake
  • Peter “Colossus” Rasputin
  • Blink
  • James “Warpath” Proudstar

What do we learn from this?

1) BISHOP!! Since Omar Sy was listed among the cast I knew he had to be playing Bishop. It only made sense considering the storylines that was being used. With him being confirmed in the cast I really want to say that Bishop is the time traveller, but it’s possible that there could be two travellers, Logan and Bishop.

2) Warpath. This character was created by Chris Claremont but never had any connection to the DOFP storyline or Apocalypse (like Blink has a tentative connection). My guess is this is who Booboo Stewart is going to be playing and I don’t think it will be that big of a role in the scheme of things.

3) Rogue. Where is Rogue? Seriously… ROGUE?!?!!? He does say “Every mutant” and every character on that list is known for sure to still hold Mutant status at the end of X3 (Mag’s cure wore off) so does this mean that Rogue’s cure didn’t wear off? Or is this a case of Bryan trolling us?

4) Mystique. Right now they seem to be filming all the future stuff by the other screen shots he’s given us so is Mystique also still cured in the future? Or is she simply not around? Unlike Rogue who can only exist in the future part of the movie, Mystique could be dead/gone in the future and it be okay because we still have her for the ‘present time’.

5) Order. Again, Logan is put before Magneto and Xavier just like on the casting board which just feeds my thought that he’s the time traveller (or one of them now that Bishop is confirmed). But everyone else is a bit out of order from that casting board except Colossus, Blink and Warpath are still at the end. The rest in the middle are a bit jumbled up. Was there purpose to this order just how the chairs got lined up? I’m inclined to think that he put at least a little thought into this.

6) Name game. Why does some of these guys go just by their Mutant name (Storm), some just by their Human name (Logan) and others by both (Bobby “Iceman” Drake)? Is this some way of separating the future and past selves between the actors or are Stewart and McAvoy going to be sharing seats since they won’t film at the same time? Or is it just how the seats got printed up?

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Brian Singer tweeted a picture of Halle Berry in her new Storm outfit for Days of Future Past.

I have to say… not a big fan.

The hair I don’t mind, as one commenter on the twitter feed said, she’s about one movie short of wearing her famous mohawk (which would be awesome) and it’s definitely better than X1 and X2 (her hair was one of the few things done well in X3).

It’s the rest of the costume that bothers me. Gone is the leather suit which we already knew was happening. Instead we get what looks like a really dusty flight suit? It’s just a bunch of layers strapped together and some weird shoulder pieces. I know, it’s apocalyptic times so style is not a high priority but could they have at least added some dash of color (even if it was just Storm’s signature white from the 80s)?

Or, you know what, it’s the cape. That’s the biggest problem with this outfit and what’s dragging it down. It literally looks like she grabbed a bed sheet and cut it at a curve. The cape is one of Storm’s most iconic pieces of wardrobe and this… it’s just horrid. Maybe if they got the cape from the previous movies and put it with this outfit that would be a lot better?

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X-Men Legacy #9For the love of all things comic-booky, please get a new artist on this title. Seriously, Ruth looks like a hag and David is just plain creepy.

Other than that, again, this title has really picked up its game.

David really has some issues… skirting somewhere between Magneto and Xavier. He wants to be pro-active, to stop things before they start, which is noble enough, I suppose, but when it starts to go to the extreme… well… we see how it worked out for Magneto. It’s nice to see the moral ambiguity not over-done or under-played though.

And Ruth isn’t so much David’s nemesis but his moral compass… which, thinking about it… maybe those are actually the same thing?

I kinda feel sad for everyone by the end of this story, David, Ruth, and the would-be killer. This… is a good thing.


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Uncanny Avengers #6Uh, okay, wait, what?

Completely ignoring the cliffhanger of issue #5, Remender decides to give us a back story on Thor, Apocalypse, a Pharoah, and an Axe.

Way to kill the momentum there Remender.

I’m sure this long piece of rambling will be important later on in the overall scheme of things… but Remender really does need a good slap.

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