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Uncanny X-Men #4This is why you don’t let a writer cross over his own books.

Instead of doing what everyone else does, which is let the one book be a full crossover (All-New X-Men #10) and other be a completely other story that kinda touches on what happened (if that’s even needed)… we’re forced to set through the same story all over again, only this time listening to Emma’s thoughts throughout the whole thing.

It’s not that Emma doesn’t have anything interesting to say, cause she does, but it’s just that with it framed by a story we already read… it makes it very blah.

The kids though do offer some refreshing change of pace, I love how they stumbled into the danger room and all that, but right now things are just really slow as he attempts to keep pace with his other title… like he’s writing one big story only every other chapter is named differently. In some ways, that’s pretty cool, in others, it’s annoying as hell… which I would think would go double for anyone not reading one of the titles.

Oh, and he spoils who left the School to join Cyclops… what ever happened to convenient editing of a conversation and characters being off panel? Geesh… that’s Writers Trolling 101.

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Astonishing X-Men #60X-Termination – Part Two takes place in the latest Astonishing X-Men. They pretty much figure out that there is no way they can take on these things in straight combat… and everyone is kinda screwed.

Although there is a lot of fighting and stuff going on, this issue really feels like a filler or set-up issue. Everyone is together now, all introductions have been made, the bad guys are established, now let’s go kick their butts.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just nothing to write home about. I mean, they tease about ‘oh, Bobby could get stuck in AoA world’ but like that will really happen? A lot of this is stuff we can see coming a mile away.

Though, there was a really nice touch with the two Kurt’s. They are both so very much damaged but they don’t see that in each other.  Yes, doesn’t matter which Kurt it is, he always brings the feels.

Oh, and the Sabretooth and Son act was kinda fun too.

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Review: Deadpool #8

Deadpool #8Amazingly, there was actually a point to the previous filler issue ‘from the 80s’.

Turns out, that demon Deadpool got one over with is back and he wants Deadpool to finish his bargain with him and kill four people who had also made deals with the demon… and if Deadpool refuses, the Necromancer will get it… and the Necromancer might be the only one who can get Preston out of Deadpool’s head. Preston, of course, misses her family, the kid who believes she’s still alive and the husband with the shotgun.

I would say ‘you can’t make this crap up’ but obviously these guys did.

And what is up with the team of kidney robbers? That’s… different… and I really do want to know more. This could be either really good… or really bad…

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All-New X-Men #10So… why isn’t everyone kicking each other’s butts? I mean, they are right there in front of you… you have home court advantage and out number Old Cyclops’ team… just… have at it.

Anyway, the Mystique and S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff was interesting but everything else just felt like filler that you could file under ‘crap we already knew’. Basically he was holding time until the reveal of who is going to end up leaving the school to join Cyclops. That said, the final ‘oh no, not you’ but don’t tell us who is going is a little tripey actually. With that much ‘gasp’ with no substance makes me think it’s not nearly as interesting and it wants us to think it will be.

Oh well, let’s see how this is going to effect things later down the line… and who actually left.

And just what does Mystique want all the money for… I have a feeling it’s not for shoes… Lady Mastermind on the other hand…

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X-Termination Part OneNow we start the mini-cross over event X-Termination which is a crossover between the Astonishing X-Men, X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse titles. The funny thing is, it all seems to stem from a plot arc in the previous Uncanny X-Force title.

Not having read Uncanny X-Force, this issue did pretty much fill me in on what was happening. The Kurt from the Age of Apcolypse timeline came to 616 to hunt the man who killed his wife. He teamed up with the X-Force and then betrayed them so he could get his revenge. This betrayal was very personal to Logan who is not taking it well.

I don’t know a lot about the AoA Kurt and I know some people don’t care for him, think of his as a shadow or mockery of the original Kurt who was killed off not too long ago, but I can’t help but feel for him in this. He obviously has some emotional issues regarding the death of his wife and seemed to welcome the idea of death when Logan has his claws at his throat. It’s just… really… sad.

Here is a guy who has lost the love of his life. Thrown into a world he doesn’t belong. Is probably constantly reminded that he doesn’t, even if Logan and co started treating him like a friend I’m sure it chaffed that they weren’t really looking at him but at their Kurt. Then he ends up betraying them. Now he’s stuck, alone, even when gets back to AoA the war is over and everyone is dead…

Poor Kurt… between this Kurt, 616 Kurt, and X-Treme Kurt… the elf just can’t catch a break.

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X-Treme X-Men #12Dazzler would make a horrible villain, but we’re okay with that.

The Multi-Verse is in danger and Dazzler wants to save everyone but as Xavier tells her, not in so many words, you can’t save everyone. This is an old moralistic dilemma. Let one world die in order to save millions. Dazzler would have tried to save that one world at risk of the others but Xavier didn’t give her the option.

But the evil Xavier’s have been dealt with, done in Indian Jones style ala the power they were craving kinda evaporated them… so all that’s left is to undo the damage that was done. I imagine this is what the X-Termination plot arc is all about.

I really hope these characters are given a decent ending, I know it’s only been a dozen issues but darn it, I like them!

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