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X-Men #1 - Skottie Young variantI’m annoyed, my retailer didn’t have the Skottie Young variant… I always buy the Skottie Young variant!

Anyway, as for the comic itself, it’s… interesting.

Instead of layering the reader with a lot of backstory, we get two pages of light poetic exposition then we’re dumped ‘in media res’. Jubilee is heading ‘home’ with a baby she ‘adopted’ but is being followed so she calls her X-Men friends to lend a hand. John Sublime shows up at the school just in time to warn everyone about five minutes too late that he has a psychotic sister who is apparently much worse than he is.

I kinda can’t help being a little disappointed that the all-female X-Men team is going to be fighting a female for their first enemy. It seems to be a trend lately that in female team books they have to go after a female villain. Such as Le Fey and the Doomaidens in Fearless Defenders. I don’t read any of the current female solo books so I don’t know if they have the same issue so it could just be the team books. In any case, I would have much rather seen the gang fight Sublime himself than creating a ‘sister’, basically the equivalent of a “Lady Sublime”, instead.

That being said, the writing is very well done. Often writers, when trying to make strong female characters or a female team, go too much out of their way to say ‘this is a strong character/team’ instead of just letting them exist organically. With the exception of Jubilee who has perfect characterization to be where she is with adopting the orphan, all the other women are were they are simply because they are. No muss and no fuss about it.

Characterizations are quiet good as well, no one is acting out of character or even worthy of a raised brow moment. I was worried that Wood might put Rogue in line with how Remender is writing her but thankfully Wood has Rogue as sassy (note: not bitchy) as always. Though the train part I didn’t quite understand, I mean, if she trashed the first three sections wouldn’t the back half still keep going towards the other train? Did she move the sections with the people off the track? I have no idea but apparently the day was saved so I’ll go with that.

This title has a lot of expectations on it being that it’s from Wood, an all female cast, and has some heavy hitters in it who carry a large fanbase. It was a good, solid opening act… we’ll see where it leads from here.

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Brian Singer tweeted a picture of Halle Berry in her new Storm outfit for Days of Future Past.

I have to say… not a big fan.

The hair I don’t mind, as one commenter on the twitter feed said, she’s about one movie short of wearing her famous mohawk (which would be awesome) and it’s definitely better than X1 and X2 (her hair was one of the few things done well in X3).

It’s the rest of the costume that bothers me. Gone is the leather suit which we already knew was happening. Instead we get what looks like a really dusty flight suit? It’s just a bunch of layers strapped together and some weird shoulder pieces. I know, it’s apocalyptic times so style is not a high priority but could they have at least added some dash of color (even if it was just Storm’s signature white from the 80s)?

Or, you know what, it’s the cape. That’s the biggest problem with this outfit and what’s dragging it down. It literally looks like she grabbed a bed sheet and cut it at a curve. The cape is one of Storm’s most iconic pieces of wardrobe and this… it’s just horrid. Maybe if they got the cape from the previous movies and put it with this outfit that would be a lot better?

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Review: A+X #3

A+X #3

A+X #3

Review: A+X #3

I read a review for this issue and found it to be so completely opposite of how I felt about A+X #3 that it was almost comical.

The first story is Storm and Black Panther. Not only does Storm act a bit petty at times (though admits to it) but she really does have classic ‘ex-girlfriend syndrome’ while BP just stands around all ‘well, I did the right thing’ even though he’s the freaking King and basically Batman meaning he can do whatever the hell he wants.

This is only less shameful than their fight in the AvX matchups where Storm declares “maybe if we had children we could have worked things out”. Iron clad proof that there needs to be more female writers on staff.

Course, I then admit to my hypocrisy when I mention the second pair up of Gambit and Hawkeye, two gentlemen who are very easy on the eyes and women just fall all over (and who are currently battling it out for sales of their launched-at-the-same-time solo titles), and just how yummy they are.

Granted, their rescue of a ‘Damsel in Distress’ is pretty cliché and worn, but then this is Gambit and Hawkeye, it’s what they do, this is partly why women love these characters so much. Gambit is the smooth talking badboy while Hawkeye is the beefcake jock. In the end, Hawkeye gets the lady’s attention but Gambit steals it away, again, this is what these guys do. Never has there ever been a more perfect defining moment for either of these guys.

I’m pretty sure the reviewer I mentioned above is a Hawkeye fan-boy and didn’t like that Gambit got one over on him… but if Gambit didn’t, then it wouldn’t be Gambit, or even Hawkeye, the guy who can’t even go out and buy some scotch tape without everything going wrong, and still not get the tape.

Now I’m waiting anxiously for the next issue which sees Captain American paired with Kid Omega… that should be… fun?

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