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Review: Deadpool #12

Deadpool #12Only Deadpool would offer the devil hot sauce while he’s eating a heart.

This issue wraps up the Vetis arc and explains why shooting Michael was the right thing to do. That’s the thing with Deadpool, he’s totally unpredictable but there is a method to his madness and gets results. If anything, his shear lack of giving two rats for his own well-being kinda ensures it. Though, he is very protective of kids, sometimes that can get him into trouble too.

As for his blank mental landscape, considering the known history of Deadpool, he’s a textbook case of someone who needs repressed memories just to be able to function. Posehn keeps scratching at that surface while throwing Deadpool around like a meat puppet, let’s hope that he pays off on this soon so it doesn’t get left as just another lost plot thread as we’ve seen a few zillion times in comics.

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X-Men Legacy #13I heart Pete Wisdom. He just doesn’t give two flying you know whats.

So when David comes to London-town on his preemptive mission, Peter gets a little preemptive on his own. Tracking David down he tells him to shove off. Then when David tries to mentally manipulate him, Pete figures it out and is more put out. One thing you don’t want on your hands is a very annoyed and grumpy Brit. This is fact. Though somehow I suspect he didn’t do nearly as much damage as that last panel would have us to believe.

It was actually a pretty fun issue, what with a who’s who of British mutants popping in for cameos. Kinda annoyed though that Psylocke and Pixie couldn’t break David’s mind control like Pete, but then Pete has been through Avalon and back so who knows… not to mention he is a very grumpy Brit.

I guess the big question is if David is going to end up going through with his plan… and just what the heck Aqiria has to do with everything… because you know… it’s important cause of course it is.

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Review: A+X #9

A+X #9Cap, Wolvie, and Quire… they seriously just keep repeating the same characters and then throwing in a new one for good measure. It’s really annoying since Marvel has a bazillion to choose from.

In any case, what is Cap and Wolvie up to? Snipping at each other while fighting off big animals/bugs, then giving a quick after-school lesson special. Other than a few nice wise-cracks at Logan’s expense, meh.

Then it’s on to Quire being Quire, which, okay, is always worth a grin. Leave it to him to try to bed Pixie into a bikini. It’s nice though to see Eye-Boy, a new and minor character, get a little plot advancement in his general personal background. As for Doctor Strange, he’s just so casual about almost getting his soul sucked out… but then all in a day’s work for him.

Still, this series has a lot of potential and it only seems to live up to a third of it recently.

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Via Newsarama

Cover from Marvel mini-series X4
CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Fox just wrapped principle photography on 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past this past weekend. So while next up on the studio’s plate will be post-production work and gearing up production for 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot by Chronicle’s Josh Trank, if their Marvel movie consultant Mark Millar has his way, those two things could be very closely related.

In an excerpt from an upcoming longer interview in SFX #239, Millar tells that “without question” he thinks crossover between the X-Men and FF universes (ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is in Fox’s future.

“I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other’s movies,” he said. “I think the most exciting thing in superhero movies, until The Avengers came along, was when Nick Fury showed up in Iron Man. Even though it was a guy with an eye patch it was really cool – and I expect we will see more of that.”

Next year’s Days of Future Past post-credit scene might be the first opportunity Fox will have to co-opt Marvel Studios’ marketing roadmap, and given The Wolverine’s post-credit baton-passing to Days, staying to the very end of next summer’s X-Men epic would be advisable for FF fans.

And even though Millar has a sentimental attachment to Fox’s first FF movie, the writer was upfront in his assessment of the film and its director, Tim Story.

“These first two movies were not very good but I’m quite sentimental towards them,” Millar responded, asked by SFX what the new film will need to get right. “I took my youngest daughter to see the first one, she was only five when it came out, and she thought it was the best film ever made. At the end, when Johnny Storm says, ‘Flame on!’ for the first time, she thanked me for taking her to see it. So even though it was a crap movie that memory makes me sort-of like it in a strange way.”

“Sam Raimi gave us a great Spider-Man. Christopher Nolan gave us a great Batman. So a brilliant director is probably the most important thing for a great Fantastic Four,” continued Millar. “Tim Story was seen as an odd choice for Fantastic Four but when you have a Josh Trank you know you are in safe hands.”

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Uncanny X-Men #8Mutants have always been seen as an analogue for various minorities around the world. Bendis makes full work of that in this issue.

First you have newly minted mutant David who is just figuring out his powers when the police come and treat him like he just murdered someone. Not to mention the woman who was previously thinking things were kinda cool, what with him controlling cars and whatnot, decides to immediately out him to save her own skin.

Then you have Fabio go home to get the typical denial and ‘you’ve been brainwashed’ reaction out of his parents who don’t want it to be true, complete with ‘we should have gone to church more’ comment.

It’s actually laid on a bit thick but the pacing being broken up by the Cuckoo’s comedic stylings and Scott and Magneto’s talk. Magneto is one of those characters that has been through it all, seen a lot of crap, so you want to listen to what he has to say, even if you don’t really agree with it, because he always has a good point. It’s nice to see that at least the two can be honest with each other, though his comment about his kids miff’s me a bit. Perhaps it’s because he’s always had a hard time being a father to them? They never needed him to be, they were strong enough on their own, and if anything Magneto needed them. Maybe he’s projecting onto Scott? Dunno, too early to tell at this point.

Lastly, the Cuckoo’s are hilarious, where they always this awesome or is this a Bendis thing?

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All-New X-Men #14Young Bobby and Young Cyclops are cutie-pies. Mystique and Lady Mastermind are friggin’ awesome. That about sums it up.

There is actually a lot more going on in this issue. First off, Jean tried to use the persona of Dark Phoenix to stop the bad guys, but that only serves to give Wolvie a dose of PTSD and he nearly gutted Jean. It’s a pretty strong reaction from the feral guy and I almost don’t blame him, but still, she held it up for a few more seconds and he would have done it.

It looks like Lady Mastermind is back in prison again, which is a shame, I like how Bendis was writing her, she could have a lot of fun in another title, or least left out to be used elsewhere.

But it looks like the Mystique plot line is wrapped up for now, which means on to a filler issue before the next arch. With the whole ‘love is in the air’ teaser stuff, all I can do is groan.

p.s. I really liked the cover, I really wished they would have actually done something along those lines for the story though…

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Wolverine and the X-Men #32If anyone was going to find a new/clever use for alcohol, it would be Wolverine.

It still kinda irks me that Quire and Idie left willingly and yet are being hunted down to be brought back, when the Avengers Academy kids were kidnapped and pretty much forgotten about. Oh well, such as it is in comics. And it gives a great reason for Lockheed to substatue teach, that’s totally awesome.

The real interesting fact here though is that the Siege Perilous rejected Quire. What does this mean? Will it really pay off? I hope so, cause Quire is just too fun/cool a character not to.

As for Paige and Mortimer, I’m really starting to hate Paige but I don’t think she’s herself, something is definitely wrong. I hope there is a good reason, like mind control or something, and not Aaron screwing up her character.

Man, I hope for a lot of things on this title, but in this case, I think it’s a good thing.

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Review: X-Men #3

X-Men #3Can this really be it for Arkea? It’s just that normally the opening gambit of a new title lasts a bit longer than three issues.

Granted, the team did good, they got to Arkea before she could  become too powerful. Then Karima made a great sacrifice to stop her. So really, everything went the way that we always think it should go when we read these kinds of things. “Why didn’t they just…?” How many movies would only be five minutes long if the good guys just did the smart thing right off the bat?

Still, it feels like there should be more to the Arkea story line, but it looks as if this is just the set up phase for a lot yet to come. The team was put together, Jubilee is back, even Sublime might be getting in on things? Who knows.

I am loving Coipel’s artwork though, I like how he draws the characteristics of the characters rather than just the characters, you can just see the sass in Rogue and the goddess in Storm.

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Elle Style Awards, London, Britain - 11 Feb 2013The latest report on Wanda for Avengers 2 is that Elizabeth Olsen is in talks for the role. Now, I have to admit, I haven’t seen her in anything. I can’t say a single thing about her acting, but I’ve heard a lot of good things. And even though she’s not of Eastern European decent, she at least looks close to right for the part. Looks good in brown curly hair and very expressive eyes. A little spray tan and it could work. But here’s the rub, Wanda is Eastern European, she’s the Marvel version of Romani, so why couldn’t they hire one of the hundreds of very capable Eastern European actresses to play her?

An argument could be made that getting an American actress to play an Eastern European isn’t any worse than getting a British person to play an American, or an Australian to play a Canadian, or a Frenchman to play a Czech. It’s not about race, it’s about culture, and as long as they stay true to the character, the actor’s own bloodline shouldn’t matter, right? It’s an argument that is fraught with difficulties with no clear cut answers.

Personally, as much as I would prefer to have a culturally Romani/Eastern European play Wanda, I will settle for an American actress as long as she and the production respects Wanda’s character as Eastern European.

But in that same report, we have comment that she won’t be speaking in a European accent but a British one, thereby clinching the earlier comments that Whedon and Co. were looking to make the twins “edgy and British”.

This… is not acceptable. When you take a character out of a country then you redefine them. Gone is their heritage and birthrights. Gone is their world view and motivations. This is especially true when the culture is something as distinct and unique as Romani. It would be like taking a character that is Texan and making them a New Yorker, or vise versa. It’s a complete disrespect for everything that made that character who they are, for better or worse.

This is especially true for Wanda who is a basically a witch. There is a very spiritual element to her magic/powers and it is highlighted by her heritage. Granted, there is the possibility of going the wrong way with it and turning the character into a racist stereotype of a ‘Gypsy’, but there is also the very real possibility to use Wanda to help rid the world of that negative stereotype. Instead, it looks like they aren’t going to risk it and are taking the safe option of making her British, after all, British is in right now and we can’t offend them no matter how hard we try because they’re just so much better at insulting people than we are.

So the last question is, if Wanda is being stripped of her spiritual heritage, and can’t be a ‘mutant’, then will her magic be dulled down into something much more sterile and cold?

I always try to wait till I have the whole picture and not jump to conclusions, especially this early in the game, after all, Olsen hasn’t been officially signed on yet nor has Wanda’s character traits been absolutely confirmed… but I having a really hard time trying to maintain that level of neutrality.

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In an announcement no one saw coming, Ben Affleck has been reported to be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie.

Granted, he’s not the first choice many would make for Batman, but I don’t think people need to panic about it.

1. Ben is actually a pretty good actor, granted, he’s has his moments, but he has talent and can bring intensity when he needs it. Speaking of intensity, Nolan’s Batman was nothing but intense. It makes sense that WB would want to distinguish the new Batman from Bale’s Batman and give us someone less broody, I’m down with that.

2. Something a lot of fanboys forget is that Bale’s Batman is not the definitive Batman, the comic book is. Affleck isn’t going to be taking Bale’s place, he’s simply going to be playing another version of a character Bale has previously played. It’s just like Bond or Sherlock, it’s no biggy when they change actors because, for the most part, everyone has been able to bring a certain something to the role. Granted, there are a few who have failed miserably, which brings me to my next point…

3. We know nothing about the new Batman. Will he have a Robin or Batgirl or any of the extended Bat-family? Will he actually be worthy of the title ‘World’s Greatest Detective”? What kind of suit is he going to have? Will any of his Rogues Gallery be in the film, and if so, are they more real or more comic? I seriously can keep going… The point is, we don’t know a single thing about the story and very little about the universe in which we’ll be seeing. You can’t really make an informed opinion if you have no information.


4. Two people: Chris Evans and Hugh Jackman. Look at all the different characters they have played, characters that are literally polar opposites of the other. There is no reason Ben can’t do the same, especially when he’s done it already.

So, as in all things, it’s a ‘wait and see’.

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