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In an announcement no one saw coming, Ben Affleck has been reported to be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie.

Granted, he’s not the first choice many would make for Batman, but I don’t think people need to panic about it.

1. Ben is actually a pretty good actor, granted, he’s has his moments, but he has talent and can bring intensity when he needs it. Speaking of intensity, Nolan’s Batman was nothing but intense. It makes sense that WB would want to distinguish the new Batman from Bale’s Batman and give us someone less broody, I’m down with that.

2. Something a lot of fanboys forget is that Bale’s Batman is not the definitive Batman, the comic book is. Affleck isn’t going to be taking Bale’s place, he’s simply going to be playing another version of a character Bale has previously played. It’s just like Bond or Sherlock, it’s no biggy when they change actors because, for the most part, everyone has been able to bring a certain something to the role. Granted, there are a few who have failed miserably, which brings me to my next point…

3. We know nothing about the new Batman. Will he have a Robin or Batgirl or any of the extended Bat-family? Will he actually be worthy of the title ‘World’s Greatest Detective”? What kind of suit is he going to have? Will any of his Rogues Gallery be in the film, and if so, are they more real or more comic? I seriously can keep going… The point is, we don’t know a single thing about the story and very little about the universe in which we’ll be seeing. You can’t really make an informed opinion if you have no information.


4. Two people: Chris Evans and Hugh Jackman. Look at all the different characters they have played, characters that are literally polar opposites of the other. There is no reason Ben can’t do the same, especially when he’s done it already.

So, as in all things, it’s a ‘wait and see’.

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