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WatX_42Doop killing it with the funk is the best thing about this issue, hands down.

This volume of WatX is coming to a close so it can be relaunched with a new writer and new-ish focus. The title is topped off with the graduation of many of the main characters in a predictably sappy+comical way. We also get those dreaded flash forwards that hint at stuff that may or may not come to fruition. The whole thing is nice and tidy and the definition of lack-luster.

While I am happy that we didn’t get some crazy cliffhanger or whatever it was that X-Men Legacy Vol 2 gave us… I was hoping for something with a lot more zing as Aaron has given us in the past. There is a moment or two here and there plus Doop’s great scene there towards the end, but it mostly tries to rely on nostalgia to eek out a very safe close by attempting feels. The thing is, this is comics, we’ve all learned not to get attached, at least the way Aaron is trying to manipulate.

I think we pretty much all feel like Quire on this one…

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Wolverine and the X-Men #39If you know someone who doesn’t understand why prejudice is a bad thing, then make them read this issue.

As hit and miss as WATX has been of late, this latest issue does hit it clearly on the nail without being too preachy. The two ‘fake-mutant’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agents seem to be of different minds. Joey is more open to seeing the mutants as people while his sister, Josephine, seemingly came into the mix believing they were nothing but doomsday weapons waiting to happen and will let nothing change her mind. Both of them interpret the situation through their own view. Where Joey sees nice, if eccentric, people, Josephine sees a blood thirsty army in training.

Is it wrong to be cautious and logical about a situation, not glossing over faults? No, but one must be reasonable when doing so. So Eye-Boy may be practicing shooting when no one is noticing, is that because he wants to be an assassin, if you got to know him then you’d realize he’s not got the disposition for such things. He’s simply trying to understand his mutation better considering he has the best hand-eye coordination ever and target practice is the best training for that.

If you have blind hatred for the ‘thing’ then you never get to know the person.

And there are so many questions that still remain going into the next issue. What are these orphans-turned-agents’ backgrounds that made them this way? Why is Dazzler aka Mystique sending them in to destroy the school? And why is S.H.I.E.L.D. stockpiling Sentinels?

Why is it everything I read right now can only end badly?

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