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Wolverine and the X-Men #1New school year, new writer, new first issue, same old problems…

Quire is a graduate now but instead of moving on (not that there’s very many places to go) he’s still at the Jean Grey School, and now he’s a teaching assistant… oh the humanity. Seriously, really? This feels like some ABC Family tv series, or an after school special of some sort… which wouldn’t’ be so bad if WATX had some kind of niche other than ‘the kids are mutants’ because otherwise there isn’t a lot of meat on the bones of this story.

And the whole Fantomex thing? It’s like a story all on its own, like somehow two comics got mixed up at the printers. I suppose if I gave two shites about Fantomex it would be different, but I don’t, and his intro into WATX doesn’t make me want to. All I can figure is that somehow this is all gonna go bad… but flash forwards can never be trusted.

The last part with the Phoenix symbol everywhere would be interesting if not for the fact that the Phoenix is very much been there, done that.

But it’s not a bad issue, it’s just not a great issue, so it’s just there and hopefully going to pick up from here rather than stay at this baseline.

Though really, these artists need to try and remember just how old these kids really are…

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Uncanny X-Men #18The alternate title for this issue is ‘let’s see how much emotional trauma to Cyclops we can pack into a single issue’.

This issue jumps all over the place both with  the storyline and the art. We have a lot of pick up, filling in the missing moments from the past in-universe days. This is what happens when you have the same writer writing two titles so intricately tied together. He’s treating Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men like one title rather than two separate. So when there is an event that effects one title, instead of just touching the other title, it actually throws a wrench in it.

There are a few gem moments, like where Scott tells his younger self to swear off all women. But mostly it’s just a mess of stuff trying to get us to feel sorry for Cyclops…

or something…

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shield-providence-11So I guess Ward really is a bad guy… awkward.

I applaud that they decided to actually make him a bad guy. At first I thought maybe he was a Hydra plant who turned once he saw things go down, but killing those guards and telling Garrett about the sub-level pretty much cinch the idea that Ward is straight up Hydra through and through. This is gonna make things really fun and interesting… just as long as we don’t suddenly get bogged down with ‘his love for Skye will turn him’ kind of  romantic tripe.

And can I also say I loved Coulson’s breakdown? I mean, that was full on ‘broken man’ syndrome going on there. It was perfectly characterized and you could really feel for him. As Skye put it, he literally died for S.H.I.E.L.D. and to learn that it was infested with Hydra and they were all branded terrorists and Fury is dead and… and… oh someone give that boy a hug!

There was also the Lady in the Flower Dress, you could see the disappointment in her eyes when she discovered The Clairvoyant wasn’t really a clairvoyant. The lady was a true believer… so I wonder how that is going to play into things in the future. What price will Garrett pay for tricking her? I mean, she seems friendly enough… for now…

As for Providence, I’m not entirely sure what that place was and I was not endeared to Patton Oswald at all… but that could just be me.

Now that AOS is under the restrictions of waiting for Cap 2 to come up… things are really starting to heat up…

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Review: Deadpool #24

Deadpool #24Deadpool just can’t catch a break…

Even when he’s about to get Preston out of his head and into a LMD, Gorman has to go muck things up and the whole operation goes south. Then it’s discovered that Deadpool can’t let her go. It’s not explicitly said, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to be alone again. He really just wants to be loved, platonic, romantic, doesn’t matter to him. But his extreme sense of self-loathing makes him push people away.

That man is such a wreck.

Then when he thinks Preston is dead, the transferred failed, he couldn’t stick around to face even more people he believe he failed.

Tell me again why Deadpool is ‘just a joke’?

But thankfully Preston does make it out alive-ish and into the LMD to be reunited with her family. Someone should tell Deadpool!

But Preston is still in Deadpool? An echo of herself? Or something in disguise? A part of himself did warn him about other parts of himself…

Like I said… can’t catch a break…

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All-New X-Factor #4Danger! Danger, Remy LeBeau!

Yeah, I say we just feed Nil to Danger before reprogramming her not to go all Terminator on everyone… but that’s just what I would do. To bad he has a thief’s honor and gets all noble long enough for Remy to defuse the situation… oh well.

But man, Remy, you kissed Danger… do you really think you’re that much of a damn fine hot sexy Cajun boy that you can just kiss people better?

Sounds legit.

Oh, and Polaris… your Magneto is showing…

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Review: Magneto #1

Magento #1To say that Magneto has issues… is a less-than-mild understatement.

Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Was he right? Was he wrong? Has he changed? Was he always the same? A lot of his development over the years has been back-in-forth between the two extremes. He’s the ultimate sympathetic villain.

Does his past and core beliefs forgive all that he has done? That depends on the person reading his story and how much is too much for them.

Magneto is Draconian at its best… and worse.

And in keeping with his forever teetering on the brink, Magneto is both lost and with purpose in this new series. Xavier is gone. The X-Men are fighting themselves, let alone any real villains. And it’s not like he’s going to be having any family reunions any time soon (regardless if Wanda is alive or dead after Remender is through with her).

But at his core is the simple unequivocal thought: “Never Again… by any means necessary”.

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Night of the Living Deadpool #3I really need to stop reading this… it’s really good, which is really bad for my horrible dislike of all things zombie…

In this issue we learn that the zombies were created by scientists doing science-y things and apparently having really lousy safety codes to ensure crap like this doesn’t happen or at least stays maintained. You think at least one of those working on the project was genre savvy?

But the real story here is Deadpool.

He’s already his own form of ‘walking dead’ but to actually become a zombie? Kill all those people? Then finally his healing factor brings him back to the living to, pun sorta intended, live with what he was and what he did…


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