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Night of the Living Deadpool #4So… wait… Deadpool’s conscious infects the Zombies so he’s consciousness becomes like a hive mind?

He essentially becomes the Zombie hoard…

I… I don’t know how to process this…

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Night of the Living Deadpool #3I really need to stop reading this… it’s really good, which is really bad for my horrible dislike of all things zombie…

In this issue we learn that the zombies were created by scientists doing science-y things and apparently having really lousy safety codes to ensure crap like this doesn’t happen or at least stays maintained. You think at least one of those working on the project was genre savvy?

But the real story here is Deadpool.

He’s already his own form of ‘walking dead’ but to actually become a zombie? Kill all those people? Then finally his healing factor brings him back to the living to, pun sorta intended, live with what he was and what he did…


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Night_of_the_Living_Deadpool_2I may have a hatred for all things Zombie, but even I can see all the references to classic and modern Zombie films and movies in this issue.

I was waiting for the fourth wall references and the issue didn’t disappoint. In fact, the way they were done was understated and actually helped to forward the plot if you can believe it. All in all, this Deadpool mini-series has been the best written of them all so far. There isn’t a lot of random exposition. There isn’t an attempt to make things logical. It’s a freaking Zombie invasion and Deadpool is in the middle of it, enough said.

But, like all Zombie flicks, you can’t trust that anyone will survive the next panel let alone the whole issue and that is one of the main reasons I hate Zombie flicks. However, this beautifully underscores Deadpool who had this problem even before Zombies attacked, and who he himself might be immune to the Zombie virus.  It’s going to be a wonderful examination in existentialism as long as the story doesn’t devolve into random dick jokes from here on in.

Would it be ironic if the best and most realistic/serious take on the Zombie Apocalypse could come out of a Deadpool comic?

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Night of the Living Deadpool #1Why am I reading this? I hate Zombies. No, I really hate them, and I pretty much straight up refuse to watch Zombie movies. Ever.

But, you know, it’s Deadpool.

I still hate Zombies, and somehow Bunn has made me hate them even more.

The eerie way that the Zombies still retain that last bit of humanity as they are eating the flesh of their victims… just creepy and haunting. And a beautiful touch to carve Deadpool’s own little niche in the Zombie fandom as apparently Deadpool is the last super hero left alive. How he is going to save the world, if that is even in the cards, is anyone’s guess.

Did I mention I hate Zombies?

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