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CinemaBlend points out that there is evidence that Singer is all over the 48 frames per second Peter Jackson used in the Hobbit and may be eyeing this for Days of Future Past. I haven’t seen a 48fps movie yet but… I do know that the US and the UK film their tv shows on two different fps which is why when you watch an older british tv show before they were better at fixing this for US dvd release it looks… well… flat. Apparently a lot of critics had the same thing to say about The Hobbit.

As the article points out there is still time for ‘the kinks’ to be worked out but I’m a bit wary of this as sometimes it takes a long time for this to happen and Singer will start filming next year.

As for the 3D, this is no surprise, everyone wants 3D right in Hollywood because of the inflated pricing. X-Men, though, could be a decent film to see in 3D due to the mutant powers and three-story tall Sentinels. Let’s just hope that he actually films in 3D and not a crappy conversion. Personally, I’ll see the 2D version anyway cause I can’t see 3D very well.

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