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Somehow I managed to reach 500 posts here on my blog. I always thought I’d get there, but being here is something else all together!

My first thanks goes to my co-producer, Chellerbelle. I’ve put a lot of work into XMTFFS and she kept me focused and was a bounty of ideas. She knows she’s awesome, but I’ll still call her awesome again.

And speaking of awesome, I wasn’t sure of the response to the series, but checking over the stats from the weekend the response was more than I had hoped. Big THANKIES to all my readers! You will always be the best.

The next episode goes ‘on air’ on Friday, and here is a little Sneaky for you!

“I don’t think we have to bother being discreet at this juncture,” Scott added, giving the man a nod, “not after the incident at M-TAM.”

“Which brings up the question you’ve been ignoring,” Wolverine eyed him carefully, “what are we going to do about Nimrod?”

Bobby raised his hand, “I vote we let Jubilee use it for target practice.”

“I gave my word to Agent Duncan that we’d return it,” Scott told him pointedly, “we’re not the Brotherhood, we’re not thieves.”

“Then why did we steal Nimrod in the first place?” Jean asked, one brow raised.

Scott frowned awkwardly, “Borrowed…”

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