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I haven’t reported too much about the Deadpool video game except in the news briefs because, well, Deadpool kinda sells himself. He’s freaking Deadpool afterall. But upon looking at the Deadpool cover art, I am just a little more excited for the game, but confused as well.

Deadpool video game front cover

Now, Psylocke, Domino, Wolvie and Cable I get… they were all members of X-Force at some point… but Rogue? Not that I’m complaining, I do love Rogue and love to see her in anything, but I can’t figure out how she fits into this as she was never an X-Force member nor really had any connection to Deadpool as far as I’ve ever seen.

Oh well, it will be an interesting twist nevertheless… and there is no way they could screw her up worse than Rick Remender has…

As for Deadpool… like I said, he sells himself.

Deadpool video game back cover

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