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You might think that since all these characters have been pre-named, I don’t have to really worry or think about that aspect of their character, if only.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, otherwise known as Aurora, is one of those cases that is troublesome. The main question being, how do you pronounce Jeanne? Is it Gene or Genie? This is a pretty important question because we already have a major character named Jean, i.e. Jean Grey.

I did a poll of my friends and their vote was pretty much unanimously “Gene”.

Now, visually, there is an obvious different in the names and under normal Fan Fiction circumstances I’d leave it at that. However, if this is played out like a tv show, then audibly we have two characters named Jean. Granted, two people with the same name working/living together is not uncommon, I’ve even worked with another woman who shared my name. And it’s because of this I know that something is going to have to give and some kind of alternate name/nickname is going to have to be used. (how do you think I earned the nickname JayCee?)

We can nix the use of Jeanne-Marie outside of specific circumstances because, well, we’re lazy. We like to shorten names and give nick names. Jeanne has one, Aurora, but that is her alternate personality so I have to reserve that name for that personality.

I considered JM but it doesn’t roll off the tongue or seem as fitting as John-Paul’s JP. I thought about turning it into Jem, but that’s way to 80s and something Jubilee would do.

My last thought, which is probably the one I’ll have to go for, is Marie. The problem with Marie is that we sorta/kinda have another Marie. Rogue’s name in the comics is Anna Marie and her name in the movies is just Marie. Thing is, no one knows her real name in the comics and it won’t be revealed for some time (if that really is her name in this series, spoilers, it’s not, one of my changes I’ll highlight in a separate post on a later date).

I still have time to think about this before I have to settle on exactly what everyone will call her, after all, the first episode doesn’t go live for another year. However, I’m looking at six months till every episode is ready to go bar last-minute grammar edits.

This is just another small little tweak that may seem insignificant but makes this series that much more than your average fan fic.

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