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A+X #15One has Blue Fur and the other is wearing Horrible Pajamas.

That’s literally all I took away from this first team up in A+X #15 which pits Science vs Magic with Beast and Dr Strange. While the story is fun and there are a few good one-liners, this is a pairing I would have loved to have seen across a whole issue rather than just half. This seems to be the biggest issue with A+X (beyond constant reuse of characters rather than always going for something new), with only half an issue to tell a story you often get something short and sweet. For some of these stories that works just fine, but for others, it really does make the story feel empty. Like they really could have done more with it.

Also, does this cover image make Dr Strange look like Wil Wheaton? Just a little…

Then we have the continuing adventures of Cap and Cyclops. Now, the only reason these two are working together is because the Skrull guy could confirm that those two are not Skrulls. Then, with their Skrull captured (cause the guy was smart enough to move his heart), they head off looking for a Skrull safe house… and call in backup. Why does this feel like it’s negating the whole reason these two enemies are working together? How can Cap or Cyclops trust that Emma, the Cuckoo’s, and Ant-Man are not Skrulls? I know they needed Emma to to conveniently use her telepathy to save the day… and I suppose you could argue that it’s the fact that they are using the powersets of said individuals are a good reason to trust they are who they are… but still, it defeats the purpose of the teamup. If all Cap needs “proof of powerset” then he could cuff Cyclops and be done with it.

Ah yes… plot holes..

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Agent M Loves Tacos – I have a series of videos about my time sneaking around the set of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. show set.

CinemaBlend – Doctor Strange, Ant-Man Confirmed As Marvel Phase Three Films

ComicBookMovie – Rose Byrne Reveals Whether She  Has Been Asked To Return For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
“As it turns out, she’s yet another cast member from X-Men: First Class  who is waiting on a call from Fox. However, while it was a little surprising  that January Jones hasn’t heard anything, the story arc of Byrne’s character was  wrapped up pretty neatly after her mind was wiped by Charles Xavier at the close  of the movie.”

ComicBookMovie – Brian Bendis Comments On  Director James Gunn’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Rewrite
“I’m not allowed to say anything specific — it’s a great script. It really  turned out great. James Gunn did a really great job. I read the last draft — “Oh  please, don’t suck, because I’ve already invested part of my life into this — and I was like, “Oh, this is great! This is going to be a lot of fun!”

io9 – Loki’s alien army could have been a hell of a lot more metal in Avengers

Agent M Loves Tacos – Below is a picture he took of a S.H.I.E.L.D. desk… they are really going high-tech, aren’t they…

Agent M Loves Taco picture of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series desk

Agent M Loves Taco picture of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series desk

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From CinemaBlend: Doctor Strange, Ant-Man Confirmed As Marvel Phase Three Films

The Marvel executive tells MTV News that a Doctor Strange movie “is definitely one” of the movies planned in [the Phase Three] stage of release, joining Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man as a Marvel movie we’ll see in theaters after The Avengers 2

“He’s a great, original character, and he checks the box off this criteria that I have,” Feige says of Doctor Strange. “He’s totally different from anything else we have, just like Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s totally different from anything we’ve done before, as is Ant-Man, which keeps us excited.”

Which begs the question, will Marvel treat him as ‘real magic’ or will they try to find a plausible scientific explanation? Also, I know she’s not really known to work with Strange, but if they don’t introduce Wanda in Phase Two, then they could easily give her a role in a Doctor Strange movie. Yes, I have a bit of a one-track mind. 😉

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ComicBookMovie – Mark Millar Talks X-MEN: DAYS OF  FUTURE PAST And Director Bryan Singer
“Everybody has a list and at first you think ‘I’m going to please everyone’ and  then you realise you’re pleasing no-one by just throwing in ten second cameos,  you know. I think that was the major problem with that first Wolverine movie and  X-Men 3.”

BleedingCool – Possible New Wonder Woman Has Experience At Torchwood, As A Misfit And Of Being Human

BleedingCool – Are We Getting A Heroes For Hire Movie From Marvel?
This is a movie that people have been wanting and talking about for longer than Thor, Guardians, etc…

ComicBookMovie – More From Jaimie Alexander On  WONDER WOMAN, THOR: THE DARK WORLD And Female Superhero Roles

CinemaBlend – Russell Crowe Talks Supersonic Superman In Man Of Steel

ComicBookMovie – Francis Ford Coppola’s Son Wanted To Make A DOCTOR STRANGE Movie
He wanted his cousin Nick Cage… that… might have actually worked…

deviantArt – Princess Avengers – Love the irony of Pocahontas being Captain America.

Princess Avengers: CAPTAIN AMERICA by *ChristopherStoll

Princess Avengers: CAPTAIN AMERICA by *ChristopherStoll

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