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Plans For The CW’s Flash Are Changing – He’s Getting His Own Pilot Instead Of Arrow Episode

The Flash

While Barry Allen will still be introduced in the upcoming eight and ninth episodes of Arrow season two, his full-on Flash-suited debut won’t now happen in episode twenty but in a standalone pilot.

“Standalone” is Deadline’s choice of word. They don’t mean that the links with Arrow will be severed – the CW and their showrunners are keeping the two series as sharing the same universe – but that the pilot won’t be an Arrow episode but the first Flash episode proper.

This seems to be a result of episodes eight and nine working very well. We’ll see for ourselves in just a couple of weeks.

I guess we’re to assume that this pilot, unless it’s a washout, will herald the beginnings of a Flash series come next Autumn.

Now back to wondering about Nightwing coming into the show too. Or… you don’t think CW could be planning a series for him too, do you? The trademarks are in place…

…nah. Those registrations were almost certainly made in preparation for Zack Snyder’s new Superman-Batman movie; that’s the reason why we’ll be getting Nightwing lunchboxes, pyjamas and ice skates, not a spin-off show on a minority channel.

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